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Accident lawyers

Lluis Law’s car and work accident lawyers in Los Angeles can help you, if you are in one of those dramatic times of life because you have been the victim of a road collision or an injury at your workplace.

Many times if the victim is an undocumented immigrant or is a single person, the culprit of the accident could try to violate their rights to not assume the legal obligation to grant workers’ compensation or compensation for injuries you deserve. Fortunately, Lluis Law’s accident attorneys can provide the care, guidance and legal representation you need to win a case.

This often happens with members of the Hispanic or Asian communities, who are subject to discrimination due to the language barrier and its origin. The risk that their fundamental rights are unknown due to lack of accurate legal information and injustices are committed is very high.

Hence, in case of suffering an accident at work or a car accident, you should go as soon as possible to an expert accident lawyer to channel your problem with the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident or the employer, so that it immediately begins the process of requesting compensation and compensation.

Car accidents are extremely frustrating and dangerous unpredictable events that can cripple a person for life, especially when the victim is faced with irresponsible drivers without insurance or companies and government agencies that refuse to acknowledge their guilt.

The same applies to work accidents, where often the undocumented worker is the victim of discriminatory treatment by his employers and instead of helping him with the process of recovering his injuries, he is dismissed.

Although Section 132a of the California Labor Code expressly prohibits employers from executing any discriminatory act against employees who are injured. Employers can not fire their workers either because of a work injury or because of an occupational disease.

Insurance companies also do not always have the best disposition to pay the worker fair compensation. To achieve this, almost always the victim must request the help of accident lawyers or car accident lawyers.

If you need help for yourself or a family member in a workers’ compensation and auto accident compensation case or want a free consultation to evaluate the benefits you can get, contact Lluís Law’s attorneys. Our telephone number is (213) 320-0777.

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