Acting DHS Chief Denies White House Pressured Her to Rescind Immigration Protections

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke on Friday denied reports that John Kelly, the White House Chief of Staff, pressured her to end protections for tens of thousands of immigrants, and said she plans to remain in the Trump administration.

“The recent media reports regarding the TPS decision-making process are seriously flawed,” said Duke. “At no time did he pressure me to terminate TPS for Nicaragua, Honduras or El Salvador: any reports otherwise are false,” she added.

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Commitment to the Trump Immigration Agenda Remains Questionable

Recent comments by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary nominee Kirstjen Nielsen have raised serious questions about her commitment to key positions on immigration policy articulated by President Trump.

Moreover, at her Senate confirmation hearing last week, Nielsen seemingly endorsed unconditional amnesty for illegal aliens who are currently protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an unconstitutional Obama era program opposed by candidate Trump. Nielsen supports a legislative amnesty for DACA recipients, stating, “We must and we owe it to them.”

Boulder Preschool to Close Over Immigration Policy Concerns

A private preschool in Boulder will close as a result of an immigration controversy, according to school leadership. The preschool is located inside a church that will soon become a sanctuary site for an undocumented immigrant facing deportation.

The congregation voted to allow the church to house one immigrant facing deportation. Rev. Kelly Dignan said the church is making room for someone without a violent history.

“[Parents are] concerned that this is a controversial issue,” said Active Boulder Kids Preschool director Tina Davis. “It’s really interrupting a lot of lives– our kids’ lives,” she said stating that the school didn’t have a choice.


Security Guard Questions Woman’s Immigration Status in Target Parking Lot

A video of a security guard questioning the immigration status of a Target shopper has gone viral.

            The video was shot by Sonia Serrano Zavala, who posted it on Facebook. The woman in question is shown holding a baby while standing in the parking lot. She was reportedly asking shoppers for money when the security guard rushed over shouting, “it’s a scam.”

            He alleges in the clip that the woman has a car and a condo. “You’re illegally here and you’re having babies and you’re probably on welfare,” the unidentified guard says in the video. It’s unclear whether the guard has been punished for his actions

CSU Stanislaus Students, Supporters March Nearly 50 Miles for Immigration Reform

Several CSU Stanislaus students and supporters of DACA marched from Turlock to Modesto on Sunday, hoping to let Congress know that they want an immediate resolution to the uncertainty surrounding the Dreamers Act.

“We want to get awareness from different towns, Merced to Livingston, Turlock, Delhi, Keyes, Modesto, Ceres to let people know there will be immigration reform,” organizer Alejandro Garcia said. Overall, nearly 50 miles were marched over the three day period.

Immigrant and Civil Rights Groups Around the Country File Lawsuit After ICE Denies Access to Information About Recent Mass Raids

Organizations around the country are highlighting local ICE enforcement tactics and filing a federal lawsuit against it, along with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for refusing to release information regarding the recent announcement of what was supposed to be “the largest raid in U.S. history.”

At the same time as the lawsuit is filed, community groups around the country will highlight local conditions, community fights, and local ICE enforcement tactics.

ICE Busts 24 Illegal Immigrants with DUI Convictions in Sanctuary New York

Removal Operations officers arrested one other person for an immigration violation. The illegal aliens arrested during the six-day “Operation Secure Streets” sweep are being detained pending the finalization of immigration removal proceedings. The criminal illegal aliens who are already subject to outstanding deportation orders, or who re-entered after being deported, can be removed from the country immediately.

24 were convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. One of those is an MS-13 member. Besides DWI and aggravated DWI, the criminal histories also include convictions for assault in the second degree and criminal trespass in the second degree. These foreign nationals are from Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and the Ukraine.


Burlington Temple Raises Funds for Immigrant Cause

Temple Shalom Emeth’s Social Justice Committee raised $2,400 recently to benefit three organizations that provide support to immigrants and their families.

The Sanctuary Program at the First Parish Bedford Unitarian Universalist Church, the American Civil Liberties Union Massachusetts and the family of Francisco Rodriguez will be the recipients of the funds. Each will receive $800. The money was raised at an Interfaith Coffeehouse for Conscience attended by more than 100 people Nov. 4 at the temple. The Social Justice Committee planned the event in connection with its goal to raise awareness about various social issues facing Jews and all Americans today.

Massachusetts Needs Extension of Temporary Protected Status for Immigrants

Massachusetts is home to 7,800 TPS holders from El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti who, according to a new report from the Center for American Progress, contribute more than $645 million to Massachusetts’ annual GDP. These are law-abiding immigrants who pass criminal background checks every 18 months and are productively working, paying off mortgages, and paying taxes.

There is wide agreement that restricting immigration would restrain growth and that steady immigration is key to a diverse and healthy economy. And for states like Massachusetts — where innovation and talent are the economy’s central assets — any proposal that impacts immigrants is cause for concern.

More Jurisdictions to Provide Legal Defense for Immigrants at Risk of Deportation

11 cities and counties will be joining the list of jurisdictions providing legal defense for undocumented immigrants at risk of deportation.

The Vera Institute of Justice, a nonprofit that researches and advocates changes in the criminal justice system, launched the Safety and Fairness for Everyone (SAFE) Cities Network this past week. The cities and counties making up the network will be providing legal counsel for immigrants facing deportation proceedings.


Students Are Asking Immigration Officials to Release Detained Student

University of Washington Faculty students launched an online petition last Friday, asking immigration officials to release Bangally Fatty, an undergraduate student and father from the Gambia who was reportedly picked up by immigration officials on September 18. Since the petition was sent, 2,500 students and faculty at the University of Washington have signed their names onto the request.

Faculty members say he’s the first UW student who, to their knowledge, has faced deportation proceedings under the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.