If you need help to claim compensation or file a personal injury claim due to amputation of a limb, Lluis Law accident attorneys can help you with what you need. Whatever your compensation needs, Lluis Law’s accident attorneys have more than 40 years of experience litigating these issues in the Los Angeles area.

An amputation is an extremely traumatic event that anyone can suffer while driving a vehicle or performing a task at their place of work. Amputation consists of a cut or separation of an arm, leg, hand or phalanx due to severe trauma and sometimes surgery due to gangrene, a malignant tumor or to control pain.

When a worker suffers an amputation in some part of his body and suspects that the accident was due to the conduct or negligence of another person, he may have the right to file a claim or a personal injury claim. Also in cases where the amputation of a limb is due to other negligent or negligent drivers in Los Angeles.

In any case, Lluis Law’s personal injury lawyers can help you recover damages with a high probability of receiving a fair compensation for the injuries suffered, many of which can sometimes become disabling, leaving the person and to his family in the middle of a distressing and painful situation.

When the amputation occurs partially, that is, the limb is still connected to the soft tissues, doctors may be able to reattach the limb to the rest of the body. If the amputation is total and the limb is severed, it is usually not possible to reconnect it. In these cases, the most important thing is to stop the hemorrhage, stabilize the victim and prevent an infection.

Of the medical first aid and the opportune response to the emergency, the recovery and the long term results that the victim has in these cases will depend. Sometimes with the help of a prosthesis and a correct therapy of rehabilitation, the person can get back to a good extent their normal life and continue working in their current job or in a new one.

What to do after suffering an amputation?

If it is a worker who suffers the amputation of a limb in its workplace, its colleagues or relatives should seek immediate medical help by taking him to an emergency room. Then they must notify the employer of the accident as quickly as possible so that the compensation benefits of California workers are activated.

When the amputation is the result of a car accident, the victim (driver, cyclist, motorized or pedestrian) must seek to be transferred to receive emergency medical care and, if possible, call the police to make the police record of the accident .

This, together with the medical records (reports, evaluations, exams, records, etc.) will help the worker document its case, if he later had to seek to recover additional damages to workers’ compensation benefits.

Risks of amputations

After a car accident, for example, the greatest health risks occur in older people, because they have a greater propensity to suffer from pre-existing diseases such as diabetes, morbid obesity, atherosclerosis and cancer. This can reduce the chances of the person saving the affected limb.

The confluence of the illnesses with the trauma, increases the probabilities of the person of undergoing the amputation when being operated surgically after an accident. People who suffer amputations are left with symptoms known as “phantom limb pain” and recovery is slower.

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