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Arm injuries – Attorneys

If you need help to claim compensation or file a lawsuit for arm injuries, Lluis Law’s accident attorneys can help you with what you need. Whatever your compensation or accident needs, Lluis Law’s accident attorneys have more than 40 years of experience litigating these issues in the Los Angeles area.

Injuries to the arms are among the most frequent after a car accident or an accident in the workplace. From a bone fracture to an amputation or a simple inflammation of the elbow, are injuries that at any time a person can suffer and require for their medical treatment of compensation benefits or a reasonable compensation.

There are different causes for which a worker can injure his arms. Often those who work with heavy machinery in construction or manufacturing factories can suffer arm accidents. It suffices with an oversight, a slip and fall or an equipment that works improperly for a worker to be injured.

But also the injuries in the arms are very frequent in the drivers and passengers at the moment of an auto accident, when receiving a very strong blow against the steering wheel, the seats or the board of the vehicle. In both cases, the injuries left in the arms these accidents cause a partial or temporary disability to the person and this means present and future expenses that must be addressed intelligently.

A worker who injures an arm will no longer be able to lift objects with the same dexterity as before, nor could write well or drive, much less perform crafts and comfortably grasp any object. These limitations, of course, diminish people’s ability to work.

When the arm injury causes a temporary disability in the worker, must rest and undergo rehabilitation therapies, but when it is permanent, must learn to perform other tasks if he / she is offered a job reassignment or change of employment.

At the law firm of Lluis Law we have handled many cases related to arm injuries for decades. That’s why we know that when an arm injury brings an amputation, for example, it will be a very bitter and catastrophic moment for the worker and the family.

That person’s life will change in many ways as of that moment and a lawyer with experience in injury in the arms of Los Angeles will be needed to help you make crucial decisions from a legal point of view. With your help you can see the available options and carefully observe the panorama presented to you from then on.

Types of arm injuries

Arm injuries that a person can suffer during an accident at work or in a car accident, are of several types as indicated below:

Arm fracture

The fracture of the arm bones such as the humerus, the ulna or the radius, are fairly common injuries caused by bumps, sprains or falls. When we fall and support ourselves, one of the bones of the arm that most often breaks is the humerus. While in children, fractures of the forearm bones (ulna and radius) are quite common.

Injuries due to broken bones of the arm are also common in car accidents. When this occurs in addition to the crack that the fractured bone emits, the arm swells and deforms. The pain produced by a broken bone is very acute and increases when the person tries to move the arm.

Elbow fractures

Another sensitive area of ​​the arm that is exposed to injury during an accident is the elbow. This joint can fracture in several areas depending on the blow it receives. For example, fractures of the distal humerus, which is located at the end of the bone where the elbow forms, are very common.

The injury to the elbow is very serious, because it causes damage to the joint and cartilage. This type of injury can cause permanent problems for the injured person to move the arm correctly.

Another very serious injury is the fracture of olecranon, which is the end of the elbow itself, whose function is to allow the arm to bend and straighten at the level of the elbow.


It is without a doubt the most traumatic and painful arm injury. During an accident, you may lose your entire arm or part of it due to a violent cut. Amputations are injuries that cause the person a lifetime disability, because they will have an impediment to work and perform usual tasks. Faced with a catastrophic event like these, the worker will need to change their habits and surely their way of earning a living.


They are very common injuries that are produced by pushing or stretching the bones causing them to get out of the joint. The bone is out of place and must again fit into the joint for the member to function properly again. Arm dislocations usually require prolonged therapy.

Sprains and sprains

Injuries to the tendons and other hard fibers that connect bones and muscles to one another can cause strains and distensions. Although they are not incapacitating injuries, if they are not treated in time they can cause major damages and even death when necrosis occurs in the injured area.

As with dislocations, recovering from sprains and strains may require rehabilitation and long-term treatment.


Arm bruises occur when a tear or rupture of the blood vessels occurs due to a blow or fall. The blood is filtered through the tissues that are located under the skin. The area where the contusion occurs becomes different colors: black and blue or purple, red, green or yellow.

Damage to the nerves

When the injury to the arm causes damage to the nerves, not only generates a very intense pain in the person but also long-term disability. Throughout the arm extends a set of nerves that start from the spinal cord and are responsible for dictating the orders sent by the brain to each of the parts of the arm.

When damage to the nerves of the arm occurs from a fracture or cut, the person may experience a series of symptoms ranging from very watery pain to loss of sensation and movement.


This disease is commonly known as tennis elbow. It is characterized by causing a very acute pain in the external part of the elbow, just in the epicondyle, which is the bony protuberance that is located on the external and lateral part of the lower epiphysis of the humerus.

Popeye syndrome

This injury occurs in the kneecaps of the biceps, which, when broken, retracts the muscle and causes a large bulge. Although it is not very frequent, a person can break the biceps tendon by stressing and exerting a very large force in this area.

Causes of arm injuries

Some of the most common causes of arm injuries are:

Traffic accidents. Due to bumps and bruises, especially when the collisions are lateral and the driver or passengers are hit against the doors or are trapped.

Slip and fall accidents. When people try to cushion the fall and instinctively extend their arms to support themselves, a broken bone or twisting of the arm occurs.

Accidents in the job. In addition to slips, construction workers are very prone to suffer these accidents and injuries when falling down stairs or being hit by machines and other heavy equipment. Also exposed to these injuries are other workers such as: carpenters, painters, electricians, window cleaners, plumbers and in general who perform repetitive movements with their arms.

Assaults on the street. Acts of violence are another cause of arm injuries from falls, sprains, or shots.

Dog bites. People who are attacked by dogs generally when trying to protect themselves with their arms receive bites that cause skin rips, deep wounds, injuries to nerves and tendons and even amputations.

Looking for a responsible

If the victim of an arm injury has a presumption that a negligent third party is involved in his injury, may be entitled to claim compensation for personal injury. An accident attorney with personal injury experience can help determine who was responsible for the injury.

This is especially important because, in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits (if it is an accident at the workplace), the victim can file a claim or lawsuit in court to recover damages. Everything will depend on the circumstances in which the accident occurred.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be used to cover medical expenses, medicines, prosthetics, examinations and therapies, while compensation for personal injuries will help compensate for pain and suffering, loss of wages, loss of ability to generate income and others.

If you or a family member has suffered an arm injury, Lluis Law’s personal injury lawyers can help you with everything you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our telephone number is (213) 320-0777.

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