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When filing a claim or lawsuit, the benefits of hiring an experienced lawyer are many. To obtain compensation in difficult cases of accidents with personal injuries or catastrophic injuries, the help of the lawyer is key to success.

Los Angeles injury lawyers from the office of Lluis Law are professionals focused on helping victims of accidents of all kinds. For over 40 years we have won hundreds of cases of compensation for workers in California. We also work in numerous cases of car accidents with personal and catastrophic injuries with excellent results.

When we represent victims of work and car accidents, the client’s pocket is never affected. If you suffered an accident with injuries and need to pursue compensatory damages, then you are in the right place.

What benefits do I get from hiring a lawyer from the Lluis Law firm?

hiring the best lawyers from Los Angeles
  • We have more than 50 years of combined experience.
  • We specialize in immigration, work injuries and compensation, car accidents and criminal defense.
  • Our office has been in the same location in Los Angeles for over 40 years and we are one of the most recognized and respected law firms.
  • Despite the previous point, this is a family-run law firm where personal and personalized treatment is a priority. Here you will speak directly with the lawyers.
  • The consultation is free and in accidents if we do not win your case we do not charge you a single dollar. So you lose absolutely nothing by contacting us.
  • We will not ask for anything in advance so you can forget about loans to hire us.
  • We are Latino and we speak Spanish and English.

Why should I hire a lawyer if I can represent myself?

A person can represent himself in any case, however but having a lawyer makes a difference. There are issues that anyone with basic legal studies can resolve without hiring a lawyer.

Processing a claim for a minor injury or paying a fine for speeding are clear examples. Although there are cases where the representation or defense of a lawyer is crucial due to his experience and legal knowledge.

Of course a responsible and qualified legal representation isn’t cheap. Rates usually vary from one lawyer to another depending on their effectiveness. But the big question that most clients ask before hiring a legal professional is: How will I pay the fee to my lawyer?

person who represents himself

You can defend and represent yourself but a cool suit and a challenging look is not enough to win. Without the appropriate knowledge, all you will waste is time and money. You will always have more options to success with a lawyer and it will be cheaper for you.

You could also ask yourself many valid questions such as: What do I gain from hiring a lawyer? If I hire a lawyer, do my chances of winning a case increase?

By increasing the chances of your case having a happy ending, you are earning a lot. Payment of the lawyer fees come out of the same compensation check that you will charge. It means that there will be no out-of-pocket expenses at any stage of the process for personal injury cases.

In what situations is it necessary to hire a lawyer?

Always, the chances of winning a case with the help of a lawyer will be greater than without it. The benefits of hiring a lawyer are obvious when someone has to defend our rights.

Now we will describe some hypothetical situations in which it is advisable to have a good lawyer on your side:

  1. You have been seriously injured at work and the employer refuses to provide medical attention.
  2. You suffered a work accident that requires you to be operated surgically and the chances of recovery are low.
  3. The injury suffered prevents you from continuing to work as you have been doing until now. Therefore, you must learn new job skills in your current job, or change jobs in order to maintain your family.
  4. The insurance company refuses to acknowledge your current claim. On the best case they will be willing to compensate only a small part for the injuries and other damages suffered.
  5. The insurance company has completely denied your claim.
  6. The insurance company accepted the claim, but the compensation they want to pay you is really low.
  7. The insurance company or its employer decided to suspend workers’ compensation benefits.
  8. Family members of the victim of a catastrophic accident need to file a claim for wrongful death.
  9. Consider that the compensation you will receive is miscalculated.
  10. You are unemployed and need a lawyer for unfair dismissals to protect the violation of your labor rights.

What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer in 2024?

These are some of the benefits of hiring one of Lluis Law’s personal injury lawyers:

  • We analyze your current situation after the accident. That means, personal injury, loss of income due to disability, pain and suffering, medical expenses, damage or loss of property.
  • We investigate the case and present a successful claim / demand strategy that we discuss with the client. That way you can better understand your case and decide what is best for you.
  • We explain your legal rights but also the limitations of the case so you can better understand your situation.
  • We accompany the client during all phases of the claim process facing the insurance company or the court.
  • We are expert negotiators, we guarantee claims and compensation for fair and complete accidents.
  • We provide a respectful and cordial treatment. We keep the client informed about the progress of the case.
  • We work with contingency rates, so you will not have to pay fees in advance. We charge you only after we win the case and you receive the check.

The benefits of hiring a lawyer are proportional to the severity of the injuries. The basic rule is that the more serious the injuries are, the greater the benefit of hiring a lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer with a good reputation, who handles the case directly, has many benefits and no disadvantages. It is true that in certain occupational accidents there are irreparable losses. But it is better to obtain material benefits than to give them up for not hiring a successful lawyer.

In Lluis Law we are from construction accident lawyers to accident lawyers in amusement parks. We specialize in many areas of immigration, accidents and criminal defense. Call today for a free case review.

Reasons that justify hiring a lawyer

  1. The lawyer understands the law and uses it to protect the rights of victims. Unless you have studied laws, the ability to represent yourself is limited. A case can fade away in minutes for the lack of a trained lawyer who knows how to do his job.
  2. Lacking proper legal help is more expensive. Think about the consequences of losing a case due to lack of evidence, legal knowledge, legal arguments and negotiation skills. It is more expensive isn’t it?
  3. Use of evidence and handling of the law. There is evidence that is discarded only by the way it were obtained. If you don’t know it, this can ruin the case.
  4. Prevents procedural mistakes. Filling out a form incorrectly, lack of evidence or following a procedure incorrectly, is another way to lose a case.
  5. Manage the correct times to present certain key documents.
  6. Know that experts and witnesses promote to give their opinion in favor of my claim.
  7. Refute the arguments of the other party, which will always look for failures and flanks in my case.
  8. If you don’t win my case, you don’t charge your work.

How do you find a good lawyer?

Seeking legal help can be a very sensitive matter, taking into account the scams and scams that occur daily. Certain offices that offer low-cost legal services become a headache for clients. Especially for immigrant workers who attend notary offices and some paralegals.

Matters such as immigration, criminal defense, workers’ compensation and labor problems cannot be left to inexperienced and unscrupulous hands. It is better to go to known, established and reliable law firms that show their faces at all times.

So do not take the risk and try to always seek professional help. A paralegal can cost the same as a lawyer, except that the professional is the only one who guarantees results.

To find a good workers compensation lawyers from Los Angeles. just do what you do. Review websites of prestigious law firms and listen to testimonials from satisfied clients.

How do I find a lawyer capable, honest and efficient for my case?

Finding the best Los Angeles lawyer for your case will depend on yourself. You just have to research and compare a little to know who is who. You should ensure that the lawyer you hire completes the following premises or questions:

  • Are you certified to work in the legal area you practice?
  • Do you have experience in handling cases similar to mine?
  • Have you won sufficient litigation and claims in the practice areas (workers compensation, work-related accidents)?
  • How many cases like mine have you handled recently?
  • How do you usually solve cases? Does it go to trial or reach agreements between the parties?
  • What is your record of cases won?

Something that usually does not fail is the impression left by the lawyer after the initial free consultation. The interest his case arouses in the lawyer, the chances of success that he sees. The advice it provides, its human quality and knowledge of the subject matter.

There are lawyers who work directly on the cases and others who delegate their case to associated lawyers. It is convenient to know what time will be spent fighting for you to get the benefits you are looking for.

If you have any questions about the lawyer you are dealing with, simply look for more information about him. To confirm that you are really a lawyer and licensed, visit the site of the California bar.

Types of fees charged by lawyers

There are different types of professional fees that lawyers charge for their work. Next we mention the most common:

Fixed or standard fees. They are charged for cases involving routine legal matters: wills, divorces, debt collection, etc.

Fees per hour. This type of fee applies for legal advice to companies and individuals.

Advance Fees. This modality of fees is usually charged in criminal defense cases and are not refundable.

Contingency fees. They are the most frequent in the lawyer-client agreements in cases of personal injury and workers’ compensation. It also applies to other cases where compensation payments are demanded.

Fees with contingency fees are only charged when the lawyer wins the case or reaches an out-of-court settlement. The agreement may include the payment of procedural costs. The percentage is usually around 30% of what is charged as compensation.

Statutory fees. They are those that govern some legal matters and are set by law (statute). They are fixed fees and sometimes must be approved by the court.

how much do car accident lawyers charge

In our article “How much do car accident lawyers charge” you can read the specific case for car accidents.

As an advice, when you reach an agreement with your lawyer about professional fees remember:

  1. Any agreement must always be in writing.
  2. Ask for the costs and time it might take to resolve the case.

If you need to get workers’ compensation in California or file a personal injury claim against third parties, call us now.

Lluis Law accident attorneys serve you without any commitment. Ask a question and ask about the benefits you can get when you hire one of our lawyers.