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Bone fractures

If you need help claiming compensation or filing a personal injury claim due to a broken bone, Lluis Law’s accident attorneys can help you with what you need. Whatever your compensation needs, Lluis Law’s accident attorneys have more than 40 years of experience litigating these issues in the Los Angeles area.

Bone fractures are very common in our daily lives due to falls and slips and severe blows. As we get older the risks of suffering an injury due to broken bones increase due to the process of bone decalcification. Even more so while we are driving or at work if the work activities we do involve any risk of injury.

When a person suffers an injury of this type, either in a car accident or in an accident in the workplace, may be entitled to receive compensation for damages. The problem is that sometimes what seems like a simple claim to third parties for personal injuries, can turn into a sour lawsuit that requires a civil lawsuit.

Victims are not always justly compensated after suffering an accident, even less if they do not have any kind of legal support to increase the chances of recovering damages reasonably. Fortunately, at the law firm of Lluis Law we have been fighting with this type of case for more than 40 years and we always look for our clients to obtain what they deserve.

Most common bone fractures in accidents

Specialized studies on injuries in traffic accidents, have revealed that more than 50 percent of victims have broken bones, with the parts of the body most affected:

Lower extremities

Fractures from injuries to the lower extremities are particularly common in automobile and truck accidents, motorcycles and bicycles. The bones that are most affected in these accidents are: hip, femur, knee, tibia and fibula.

Fractures are caused by the blows received by the lower extremities at the moment of impact or by contact with some hard part of the vehicle: board, seats, doors, etc.

Medical treatment and patient recovery will depend on the type of fracture suffered by the driver or passenger and the severity of the injury. Sometimes a few weeks are enough to recover from the fracture, others can take several months and up to a year.

When the fracture is opened and the bone splinters, it is usually necessary to perform surgery to reconstruct the bone and align it by using plates, screws or any other device that the attending physician deems most appropriate to achieve the patient’s fastest recovery.

However, there are certain cases that are very serious in which the fracture of a lower limb may even require amputation. Recovery from a broken bone can take from a few weeks to a year, depending on the treatment.

Superior limbs

In automobile accidents but also in accidents due to slips and falls, very often fractures occur in the arms, hands, shoulders, elbows and wrist. When the airbag deploys after the car receives the violent impact in a crash, the upper limbs can be seriously injured.

Likewise, when the arm or hand is hit against some part of the car, an injury may be generated. In the same way as with lower extremity fractures, both the treatment and the recovery of the person will depend on the type of injury and its severity.

Fractures in the face and jaw

These are very serious and dangerous fractures because of the aesthetic consequences and the trauma they can leave. The face and jaw can fracture with the deployment of the airbag or when hitting against any part of the vehicle (steering wheel, windshield glass, dashboard).

People who injure themselves in the face and jaw generally need to undergo costly reconstructive facial surgeries. Recovering from a fracture of this type will also depend on the area where the fracture is located and the severity of the injury.

Skull fractures

Bone fractures also involve the skull, which is why they are especially serious due to the consequences they can have for the person. A head injury can lead to head trauma (TBI), stroke, bleeding, seizures, paralysis and even death.

For a worker or any other person, a skull fracture is a very serious type of injury because it almost always generates side effects. Skull fracture can cause temporary or permanent disability and seriously affect the personality.

Cervical fractures

Cervical fractures are also common in automobile accidents. By fracturing the neck bones, they can cause an injury to the spinal cord and lead to paralysis or death of the person. These fractures are extremely dangerous and incapacitating.

The treatment and recovery of the patient can be expensive and prolonged, depending on the injury and its severity, but also on the age of the person, their health and the type of care received. Apart from the surgery that the patient requires to treat the injury, the recovery process usually involves many sessions of physiotherapy.

If you or a family member has suffered a broken bone in your workplace or in a car accident, Lluis Law’s personal injury lawyers can help you with everything you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our telephone number is (213) 320-0777.

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