Burn injuries and electrocution

Los Angeles Electrocution Injury Lawyer

At Lluis Law we are well aware of the devastating effects of burn injuries and electrocution on workers and their families. Therefore, we offer our clients a responsible legal representation, which takes into account their pain and is aware at all times that their lives can change completely and will need a lot of financial support to move forward.

If you or a loved one was injured in a burn or electrocution accident due to the negligence of an employer or responsible third party, our attorneys will pursue your personal injury claim vigorously and will be fully employed in recovering maximum compensation possible because of his injury.

In the same way, if a family member died in an accident due to electrocution, Lluis Law’s lawyers are available to help him in the process of claiming or claiming an unjust death. After the free consultation we offer our clients and analyze the case carefully, it is possible to quantify the recoverable damages in this type of accidents.

Burns from electric shock

Burns caused by electric shocks are very serious injuries because they can affect the skin and tissues and even cause death. In the United States, the death rate from burns and electrocution ranges between 3 and 5 percent. In this type of accident, an injury is considered to be due to burning when electricity is the direct cause.

During 2016, 154 electric shock deaths occurred throughout the country, according to data provided by the Occupational Injury Census (CFOI), which is applied every year by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States. Electrocutions account for the majority of deaths from electric shock, while electric burns account for a much lower number of deaths.

Other types of burns

Thousands of accidents with burn injuries that affect American workers are reported every year. These injuries could be prevented if all companies and people were more careful and assumed a less negligent behavior.

Burn injuries can occur from a variety of causes, including contact with hot objects or surfaces, exposure to gases and electric shock. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Burns with acid
  • Burns with gases
  • Thermal burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Burns due to various explosions or car accidents.

Why are injuries from electrical burns so serious?

Burn injuries are often very painful and disfiguring, because sometimes they cause irreversible damage to muscles, tissues, nerves and bones, increasing levels of pain and suffering in the victims. In addition, very serious burns can additionally affect other health, respiratory problems for example.

Almost always people suffering from electrical burns require hospitalization and then undergo extensive periods of rehabilitation. Some of these burns require skin grafts because the tissues are affected, for example in third-degree burns.

When the burns are very deep and damage sensitive body parts and tissues, the person may even die due to injuries.

Negligence in accidents by electrocution

Hundreds of accidents with burn injuries are reported each year in California; and although many of these injuries could be prevented, hospital emergency rooms receive patients with burns every day due to the negligence of companies and people in general.

The typical cases of negligence in accidents due to electrocution are due to:

  • Handling of defective equipment.
  • Overload of electrical installations due to lack of line maintenance by the electric company.
  • Manipulation of electrical networks without adequate equipment.
  • Failure to observe the company’s security rules and protocols.

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