Bus Accidents in Los Angeles

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The buses along with the trucks, are two types of vehicles whose driving supposes a greater degree of responsibility on the part of the driver in comparison with any other automotive vehicle. Both the drivers and the companies that own the trucks are obliged to offer safety measures to passengers, other drivers (motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists) and pedestrians on the road.

But due to the increasing number of cars that occupy the streets and avenues of Los Angeles, it is impossible to prevent a bus from causing a traffic accident for any reason. The bus also, like the train, the Metro, the minibuses and the vans, is a mass transport vehicle that many people use. This means that, in case of suffering a traffic accident, the number of victims is greater.

Bus Accident Statistics

Data revealed by the US Department of Health on bus accidents show really alarming figures, especially on school buses. According to the study, about 17,000 children who attend school by bus each year suffer injuries within these units and almost half were due to these accidents.

Nearly a third of the injured children were injured when getting on or off buses and 43% of the injured corresponded to children between 11 and 14 years of age, but the youngest ones (5-9 years) were the ones who were injured the most. Half of the injured had suffered head injuries.

It is considered that it is necessary to introduce changes in the design of the buses to make them safer, as the passenger does not even have a safety belt that helps protect him / her and withstand the blow in the event of a collision. Also establish traffic laws and stricter fines for bus drivers.

Driver’s responsibility

Today when we board a bus we rely on the driver’s good judgment and driving skills. The California Civil Code states that drivers have a duty to care for passengers more than any other driver. Therefore, any error or negligence of the driver can be considered as evidence of negligent conduct towards passengers and other drivers.

This does not mean that the bus driver can be charged with the car accident with any argument.

Indirect responsibility

In the case of automobile accidents in California where a bus appears to be involved, as is the case with truck accidents, the lawyer invokes the principle of indirect or subsidiary liability to argue negligence. Consequently, the companies or the entities that own the buses must pay the damages and losses caused by the negligent drivers during the provision of the transport service.

What is the difference between an accident on a public bus and an accident on a private bus?

The most notable difference between the accidents that occur with buses of private companies and buses of public entities (schools, government agencies, etc.) for purposes of a claim or claim, is established by the California Statute of limitations. The plaintiff has a period of up to two years to file any of these actions against the company of the negligent driver, while for an action against a government entity the period is only 6 months.

The California Torts Claim Act also establishes the guidelines that the complainant must follow to file a civil action. Whether the person has been injured or killed in a private or public bus accident, it is advisable to submit the claim in the shortest possible time to avoid complications with the responsible driver’s insurance and let the case cool down.

With the help of an expert car accident lawyer, you can prepare the case by collecting documents and evidence to prove the responsibility of the negligent driver. Then the necessary administrative procedures inherent to the compensation claim process must be carried out, after a car accident.

Types of bus accidents

There are different types of bus accidents as well as different services that these units provide. In California, in addition to public transport buses, there are school buses, buses from private companies that transport their staff, army buses and tour buses.

There are different types of bus accidents as well as different services that these units provide. In California, in addition to public transport buses, there are school buses, buses from private companies that transport their staff, army buses and tour buses.

So the type of bus accident depends on the service provided by the transport unit and the owner. Likewise, the claim or demand will also depend on the type of bus that caused the traffic accident.

The subsidiary legal responsibility

Not all bus accidents occur due to driver negligence but are caused by mechanical failures and lack of maintenance of these units. In this case the negligence is not of the driver but of the owner directly, who did not worry about keeping the bus in good condition of transit.

When it is suspected that there was negligence of the driver or the company that owns the bus, legal help should be sought immediately. An expert lawyer in personal injuries in traffic accidents, after reviewing the case, will establish the responsibilities and draw up a strategy to proceed with the claim or claim based on the legal argument considered most appropriate.

In a bus accident with injured people it is not enough to identify those responsible, it is also necessary to analyze the additional or subsidiary responsibilities that may arise and that are related to the accident. As for example, if the accident was caused by a defective part or part or if it was recently repaired and left with some fault.

If it was for a defective part or part you can sue the manufacturer or the distributor. Likewise, the lawyer must investigate the driving record of the driver, just in case he was involved in some other accident due to negligence or neglect.

Several claimants in the same accident

When in a bus accident, as is common, several people are injured it is convenient to hire an independent lawyer to attend the case individually to ensure that the personal interests of the victim will be truly defended. In this way, a situation of conflicting interests between the injured passengers is avoided. Apart from that the lawyer for professional ethics can not accept a case where there are conflicting interests among his clients.

Damages available in bus accident claims

Passengers or other drivers or pedestrians who are injured in a bus accident due to the manifest negligence of the driver or the company that owns the transportation unit may be entitled to claim compensation for various types of damages. The basic damages to recover will be fundamentally, the payment of past and future medical bills.

It is also possible to recover lost wages and even estimated future income, after the doctor determines some type of disability resulting from the accident. The compensation to be paid by the insurance of the responsible driver, includes non-economic damages such as physical pain and emotional suffering caused by the accident. This includes the decrease in the quality of life of the injured person, damages due to disfigurement due to burns, scars and others.

What to do after a bus accident?

The most important thing is to seek immediate medical attention to obtain pain relief and treat wounds, so that the life of the person is out of danger. During the recovery process or in parallel, seek the assistance of a good personal injury lawyer experienced in bus accidents.

The lawyer will conduct his own investigation of the accident by looking for police reports, security videos and witness testimonies to better judge the event and identify those responsible. If deemed appropriate, it will use investigators and experts in accident reconstruction, as well as expert doctors to determine the severity of the injuries.

After the accident you must take note of the details of the accident such as the driver’s name, bus owner (private company or public entity), vehicle details, place and date of the accident, description of the events and recording of witness testimony. Taking pictures and videos of the accident and the injuries is always a good idea.

When the police do not show up at the scene of the accident, it is convenient to telephone and report the accident so that there is an official record and the police report serves as evidence for the claim or demand that is attempted.

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