H-2B visa

In this article we explain how to obtain the H-2B visa, as well as the conditions and eligibility requirements. Also the process to apply for this category of visas for the USA and…

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EB-4 visa

The fourth preference category of the EB-4 visa is reserved for those considered special immigrants. This does not require a job offer or labor certification. In this article, we bring you up-to-date information…

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EB-5 visa

In this article you will find up-to-date information for 2020 on the EB-5 visa. This visa is administered by USCIS. On November 21, 2019, changes applied by the Trump administration came into…

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H-3 Visas

Foreigners traveling to the United States who are holders of H-3 visas require a prior invitation. Either to receive training as apprentices or as special visitors in a special education exchange…

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O visa

For those individuals with extraordinary talent or ability, the O visa and specifically the O-1 category for the US are an excellent option. This skill must be demonstrated in the field…

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K-1 fiancé visa

In this article we explain in detail what a k-1 fiancé visa is. The benefits, requirements, procedures and how long it takes to get a fiancé visa for the USA. The K-1…

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