E1 and E2 visas

Looking for up-to-date information on the E1 and E2 visas? You are in the right place. These visas are essential for investors and treaty traders from countries which maintain treaty of commerce…

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EB-1 visa

In this article, we thoroughly describe the EB-1 visa that belongs to the first preference of the employment based immigration. This is one of types of american visas that you can get…

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E-3 visas

Among the US visas of category non-immigrant we find the E-3 visa for Australian workers. Here we explain in detail everything related to this visa, its requirements, costs and how it works. Our…

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H-1B visa

To apply for an H-1B work visa for non-immigrant aliens it is necessary to meet a series of requirements. In this article we explain who qualifies, the procedures, documentation, processing time,…

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EB-2 visa

This article has extensive information about the EB-2 visa for the second preference category and its three subcategories.  In addition to the information in the article, our expert immigration lawyers in…

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EB-3 visa

In this article you will find 2021 information for the EB-3 visa category. This US immigrant visa is just one of the ones you will find in our complete guide with the…

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