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City Agrees to Report Immigrant Arrests to Federal Agents

Officials in a cash-poor northeast Ohio City say they’ve agreed to report the arrests of immigrants who are in the country illegally after accepting federal grant money.

According to Cleveland.com, the Justice Department awarded East Cleveland more than $425,000 this week. The Justice Department says they gave special consideration to applicants that agreed to report immigrants in custody without proper documentation, and to allow immigration agents into jails.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says 80% of law enforcement agencies receiving the grant have agreed to work with federal immigration agents.


ICE Asks Tech Companies to Help Them Track Visa Holders on Social Media

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials explained at a conference last week that they are hoping to develop algorithms that would assess potential threats posed by visa holders, and conduct social media surveillance of those deemed high risk. Microsoft, Deloitte and Motorola Solutions were among the companies in attendance.

They told tech companies last week that the department hopes to get automated notifications about any visa holders’ social media activity. ICE already monitors some social media posts, but plans to expand its operation.

President Trump has since taking office repeated calls for “extreme vetting,” ramping up those calls in the wake of terrorist attacks. The Trump administration has also sought to ban immigrants from certain countries.


Baltimore to Move Forward With Program to Provide Legal Assistance for Undocumented Immigrants

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is supporting a program that will provide legal assistance to undocumented immigrants who are at risk for deportation as part of a mayoral initiative to let undocumented immigrants know that the city stands behind them.

The City says this is a direct response to immigration arrests across the country and some of those immigrants had no attorneys. ICE says it’s prioritizing known criminals.

The City said a fraction of the money, about 15% over a period of two years, will come from tax payers, but the overwhelming majority of the $600,000 program will come from a grant. City officials say the grant will be provide by the Vera Institute of Justice and undocumented immigrants can start applying for aid sometime in the New Year.


Immigration Topic of Meriden Round Table Featuring Blumenthal 

About 50 community members gathered at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Paddock Avenue Wednesday for a roundtable discussion on immigration with U. S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and undocumented West Hartford resident Sujitno Sajuti, who has not left the church in over a month after taking sanctuary from deportation.

Blumenthal started the discussion by noting Thanksgiving is about family, giving a sense of urgency to the struggle to keep families of undocumented immigrants together. During the discussion, several people shared personal stories.

Dreamers Stage Protest During Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Four Dreamers momentarily halted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City in a demonstration they say is aimed at calling for action from Congress to replace an expiring Obama-era program that protects them from deportation.

The four protesters sat down in the parade route on Central Park West at 70th Street in Manhattan but were quickly carried off by NYPD police officers. A representative for the group that organized the demonstration, The Seed Project, said that none of the protesters were arrested or given citations.