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When people suffer common car accident injuries they must face different costs. Not only physical, emotional and material damage, but also heavy clinical expenses. When this happens is important to get the support of car accident lawyers in Los Angeles. They will help you get fair compensation.

Lluis Law’s car accident lawyers help you achieve proper medical treatment. This way you can recover your health. They will fight for you so you can cover all your treatment and recovery expenses. Not forgetting household expenses.

The damage recovery process is complex and can become a headache for victims. Obtaining compensation as a pedestrian hit by car or otherwise depends largely on the bargaining ability of the lawyer.

Common car accident injuries in 2024

Here are some of the most common car accident injuries that happen in 2024. Unfortunately there are many more. We never want anyone to suffer one of these injuries. Sadly this happens and if this is your case, do not hesitate to contact us to get the compensation you deserver. In Lluis Law we have been dealing with these types of cases with a high success rate for more than 40 years.

Head injury

head injury

Being hit hard can cause head trauma and severe damage to the brain. One of the areas most affected by a car accident is usually the head.

Head injuries (fracture or bruise) can also affect the brain and become a serious injury. Then a secondary injury caused by the blow can in turn cause bleeding or edema.

The brain comprises several parts: brain, cerebellum and medulla and is protected by the skull. Together with the spinal cord, it composes the central nervous system. When it is damaged, it severely affects the movement, perceptions, sensations, behavior and emotions of the person.

los angeles brain injury attorneys

These types of common car accident injuries should be treated by a specialist immediately. Its severity and consequences should be evaluated. Please check our “Los Angeles brain injury attorneys” page for more information.

Broken bones

broken bones in common car accident injuries

Bone fractures are injuries are caused in common traffic accidents. Various bones in the body can fracture during a car accident. The bones of the arm, forearm and hand are quite susceptible to breaking.

Also, the bones of the trunk (ribs, spine and back). As well as the bones of the lower limbs: legs (femur, tibia and fibula, knee) and feet.

Spinal fracture and spinal cord damage

spinal fracture

Injuries to the spine can damage not only the vertebrae but also the nerves. Especially when the lesion extends to the spinal cord and nerve roots. The spine is composed of 33 vertebrae:

  • Cervical (7).
  • Thoracic (12).
  • Lumbar (5).
  • Sacras (5)
  • Cook.

The latter are 4 and are usually merged.

Any of these vertebrae can fracture during a car accident. Although the most frequently affected are cervical and thoracic.

42% of all traumatic spinal cord injuries in the United States are caused by traffic accidents.

Internal injury

internal traffic accident injuries

Internal hemorrhages are very dangerous, because the person does not present an open wound but the injury is hidden. For this reason, it is recommended that people suffering from a car accident immediately seek medical help. Treating ailments or injuries on time prevents further complications.

Sometimes when no injuries or fractures are evident, it is convenient to have an examination to rule out possible internal bleeding.

Whiplash or cervical sprain


This injury is among the most common in car accidents in California. It is caused by sudden movement of the neck during rear car crashes and front or side collisions.

The impact of the blow sometimes causes soft tissue injuries without fracturing the vertebrae. It also causes trauma due to tension in the muscles or small fissures in the bone.

Whiplash causes a lot of pain and may take a long time to heal completely, several days, weeks or months. Apart from pain, other symptoms that occur with this injury are:

  • Difficulty turning the neck.
  • Tingling in the hands.

Whiplash compensation is determined according to the insurance companies’ scales, according to the type and severity of the injury. Perhaps because these are frequent injuries in car accidents, insurers rate them with a very low value.

However, they can be deceptive injuries, since in most cases they leave sequels. To demonstrate the severity of the injury, an early diagnosis of the lesion is required. Also prove it through medical reports.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

post traumatic stress disorder

Often after living such a terrible episode, people get to develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Car accident injuries are not always physical and visible at the moment. Over time they can appear and manifest.

Mental and emotional injuries are as harmful and dangerous as a physical injury, since they incapacitate a person. PTSD is a mental illness that manifests itself through recurrent and involuntary memories of the accident.

These images and memories cause a lot of anguish in the person. They also manifest themselves through disturbing dreams of the fact. The person relives it again and again as if it happened again.

Cuts, lacerations and scrapes

accidental cuts

Sometimes traffic accidents cause lacerations, cuts and scrapes. These are caused by parts of the vehicle or objects against which they are struck. Scratches are very common in motorcycle accidents, when riders get shot and roll on the pavement. These wounds can be very painful and become infected if they are not treated in time.

Any of these injuries require that the people who suffer them treat them immediately. At the time of the accident, some victims are stunned and confused and do not realize that they have been injured.

Even some damage or symptoms may appear days or weeks after the accident. Therefore, finding time to go to the doctor after an accident is really important. Both for your health and compensation.

These are just some of the most common car accident injuries. If you or a loved one have suffered one of these or any other type of accident, do not hesitate to contact us. We have attended all types of cases in our more than 40 years of profession.

What happens if you get injured in a car accident?

People who suffer injuries in a car accident in Los Angeles have the right to file a claim. This lawsuit is filed with the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident. 

California law requires every driver to own a car accident insurance policy but it is not always the case. Sometimes those responsible for car accidents are precisely drivers without insurance or money to compensate victims.

For these eventualities, we must ensure that we have an accident insurance policy to cover medical expenses. However, our personal injury attorneys, when they take a case, make sure that the client receives the necessary medical attention.

Compensation for accident

If you suffer a traffic accident and the responsibility lies with the other party, you have the right to request compensation for damages. Such damages may be material or economic and personal or non-economic. This also applies to claim compensation for pedestrian abuse or public transport accident claims.

Compensation for economic damages

These damages are those that result after the accident and have an economic value. That is, they cause a direct financial loss to the person. For example, the payment of medical bills, damage to the vehicle, loss of wages and other income.

The value of the economic damages is evaluated according to the damages and other losses suffered by the victim. When the claim is compensation for death in a traffic accident the surviving family members have the right to claim and collect benefits.

Compensation for non-economic damages

These are damages that lack economic value properly, although nevertheless, they are calculated and assigned to a monetary value. An example of non-economic damage is the emotional trauma suffered by the victim after the accident. The loss of consortium or company when the victim is unable to return to a normal life.

Punitive compensation

These are damages referred to overtly deliberate, intentional or reckless behaviors that jeopardize the safety of other people. Those who attempt to cause harm to others intentionally may be punished with the payment of punitive damages. This type of damage is punishable by exemplary measures for the rest of society so that they are not repeated.

In cases of compensation for wrongful death in a car accident, the next of kin of the victim can claim damages. The losses would be due to emotional support and company as well as pain and suffering.

How long does it take to get compensation for a traffic accident?

There are claims and litigation that can be resolved in a short time and others that take months and even years. Disputes regarding the type of injury and the amount of compensation required, delay the resolution of claims or lawsuits.

The collection of compensation depends largely on the time it takes for the person filing the claim to recover. The more serious the injury, the greater the amount of compensation required for serious or catastrophic injuries.

For example, a broken leg (tibia and fibula fracture) is not the same as a spinal cord injury. An injury of this magnitude can paralyze a person. Lluis Law Los Angeles car crash attorneys can better explain the process. So you can get compensation for a car accident in California.

We are also truck accident lawyers and bus accident lawyers, among other areas of practice.

How much is paid per day of leave due to a traffic accident?

Car accident victims have the right to claim payment of lost wages while recovering from injuries. Within the civil liability insurance policies that every California driver is required to purchase, this type of payment is included.

Such policies must have a minimum amount of $ 15,000 to cover bodily injury for each person. The amount of the policy covers medical bills and lost wages of both the policyholder and other people.

Wages lost usually include the victim’s regular income, overtime payments and commissions and bonuses. Also according to the employment contract of the person payments for sickness, vacations and self-employment wages. Even employment opportunities while the recovery lasted.

All this helps the traffic accident lawyer calculate the amount of lost wages. To calculate the payment per day of leave due to a traffic accident, the amount of the regular hourly wage is taken. It is then multiplied by the amount of hours lost due to the car accident.

For example, if the person’s salary is $ 15 an hour and he lost 5 days of work it would be: $ 15 x (8 hours x 5 days) = $ 600 the total lost salary.

If you have more questions about car accidents or common car accident injuries, contact the Lluis Law Los Angeles injury lawyers.