Compensation of workers

If you need assistance or help in a matter of workers’ compensation, the lawyers of Lluis Law can help you in whatever you need. Whatever your needs in workers’ compensation, Lluis Law’s expert lawyers have more than 40 years of experience representing workers in the Los Angeles area.

The labor compensation system of the United States is not only based on federal labor laws but also strongly influences state laws. In general, workers’ compensation covers the benefits and other bonuses that workers receive for their work and which are guaranteed in the law and in the contracts signed with the company.

Such benefits or compensations are translated into salaries, medical insurance, life insurance, vacations and pensions, among others. Within the compensations include the compensation that the worker must receive from his employer, the insurer or third parties for work accidents causing different types of injuries.

The worker with the help of a Los Angeles injury lawyer can file a claim with the employer, the insurance company or in a court, and qualify to receive different types of compensation benefits, depending on the severity of the injury suffered.

According to California labor law, workers’ compensation rights are not limited to legal workers in the state, because state laws also provide protection and compensation for undocumented workers in Los Angeles.

It is very important for the worker or his family to know what to do in case of a work accident or to have a clear answer for questions such as:

When should I contact a workers’ compensation lawyer?

What is the compensation reform and how does it affect my case?

Who chooses the treating doctor?

Why am I not receiving money?

Why does it take so long to get to court?

Because this will depend on fair workers’ compensation for medical treatment, payment of medicines, cover rehabilitation costs, compensation for lost wages due to personal injuries suffered and in extreme cases that the worker’s family be compensated for worker’s death

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Why should not you handle your claim yourself?

The clearer and better advised you are as a worker about your rights and the compensations you can receive in case of suffering an accident at work or before the violation of the law by your employer, the more chances of success you will have in your claims.

Dealing with difficult employers or insurers who disregard cases to take the worker to negotiate a disadvantage is part of the daily stories of workers in Los Angeles. You must hire a competent lawyer to fight for your case before things go from gray to dark.

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