Concerns in Elkhart County About Proposed Immigration Detention Facility

The site for a regional ICE facility, that will house detainees who are waiting to be deported, would be on property on County Road 7, across from the Elkhart County Jail and county landfill.

It would be built by a private firm, CoreCivic, out of Nashville. The detention complex as envisioned would hold anywhere from 800 to 1,200 beds.

“The knowledge that we have right now is pretty limited,” said Mike Yoder, county commissioner. “What I understand the facility is to be is a minimum security facility that is used to temporarily hold people in transition. So that would be people after their court hearing and apparently awaiting deportation.”


Dallas Lawyer Joins Immigration Lawsuit Against President Trump

A Dallas attorney and former member of the Texas House of Representatives is among several individuals and groups who filed a lawsuit against President Trump this week to halt the most recent immigration ban enacted by the Trump Administration.

Allen Vaught, a former Army Captain who served in Iraq, worked with several Iraqi interpreters. He has been able to bring two of those interpreters to the United States. For the last two years, he has been trying to bring a third. Vaught and his wife have been proceeding through all the necessary legal challenges to bring the interpreter, and eventually his family, to the United States.

But the rules continue to change as the Trump Administration put bans in place, halting immigration from mostly majority Muslim countries, including Iraq by suspending the United States Refugee Admissions Program. The bans have been challenged all the way to the Supreme Court.


DACA Negotiations Stall as Trump Demands More Than Democrats Will Give

The legislative impasse persists more than two months after Trump ordered a gradual end to an Obama administration program known as  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), to give Congress time to act on an alternative. Failure to reach agreement by December could jeopardize action on a separate government-funding bill, threatening a shutdown.

Trump, at the time of his order, called on Congress to devise a law providing some protections, a reflection of the popularity of Dreamers, most of whom have hardly known any home but the United States, and now work, serve in the military or go to college. Later, however, he outlined conditions, which Democratic leaders criticized as violating their tentative agreement with him.

Asylum Denied in Most Las Vegas Immigration Court Cases

Las Vegas immigration judges are among the nation’s toughest when it comes to granting asylum, a new report from Syracuse University shows.

About 91% of asylum requests processed through the Las Vegas immigration court were denied in the last six years. That’s compared with about 53% of cases nationwide, according to the report released this week by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC), the university’s nonprofit data research arm.

“This is a famously inconsistent area of adjudication,” said Michael Kagan, immigration lawyer and director of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Immigration Clinic.

Generation SB1070: These Latino Millennials Grew Up Under Controversial Immigration Law

On April 22nd, 2010 the streets of Phoenix flowed with the marching bodies of hundreds of high school students who chanted against and protested the nation’s most controversial Immigration bill of its time, SB 1070. Part of the bill allowed officers to ask for proof of citizenship provided they had “reasonable suspicion” that someone was in the country illegally.

This eventually lead to a form of racial profiling that often manifested itself in a series of traffic stops based on nothing else than the assumption that the driver in question was undocumented because they looked Latino.

Salvador Macías, who recently became an attorney and is a DACA recipient, remembers how it affected his family and community, despite immigration status. While state officials who supported the law described it as an immigration enforcement issue. But for Macías, there was a “racist tone underneath it.”

“From looking at someone you can’t tell if they’re undocumented or not,” said Macias. “My friends who were citizens, my brother who’s a citizen, they felt attacked over the way they looked. And that’s what I guess most people didn’t get about this bill.”

Democrats Press Homeland Security Pick On Immigration Issues

A group of Senate Democrats is pressing President Donald Trump’s choice to lead the Homeland Security Department to endorse bipartisan legislation to shield from deportation thousands of young immigrants brought to the U.S. as young children and living here illegally.

In a letter sent Friday to Kirstjen Nielsen, the 20 lawmakers said she agreed during her confirmation hearing earlier this month on the need for legislation that would put so-called “Dreamers” on a path to U.S. citizenship.

But White House spokesman Raj Shah said Nielsen did not express support for any specific legislation during her confirmation hearing. “The Trump administration has laid out its priorities for responsible immigration reform we hope Congress will adopt,” Shah said