Crane accidents in Los Angeles

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The majority of crane accidents are fatal due to the type of injuries they cause. These are very dangerous and complex equipment to operate, which can cause very serious damage. They are not only dangerous for the workers but for all the other workers who are employed in the construction sector and for any passer-by who passes by a place close to these moles of iron.

When a victim survives an accident of such magnitude, it is usually left with some kind of disability for life, so injuries caused by crane accidents in Los Angeles can involve very high amounts of compensation. The severity of the injuries they leave or if the person dies makes the claims or judgments for negligence long and controversial.

An experienced Los Angeles crane injury personal injury lawyer is the best professional to help victims or their families fight such a difficult case. The emotional and financial devastation caused by these accidents must be compensated appropriately in a claim process or in a negligence trial.

Injuries in crane accidents

The serious injuries caused by these accidents can be of different types:

  • Limb amputation (arms, legs)
  • Fracture of upper or lower limbs
  • Partial or total paralysis (hemiplegia / quadriplegia)
  • Electrocution or head injuries due to falling cables / objects
  • Crushing / Death

Victims of crane accidents are very hurt physically and emotionally, as they often have to face some type of disability for life, so medical treatment will surely require psychological therapies. On the other hand, the disability resulting from the accident can lead to the impossibility of continuing to work in any other type of employment.

In the best case, if the injured worker recovers and is left with some type of permanent partial disability, which at least allows him to work in any other job, the worker must receive retraining courses or workshops to change employment. This will be part of the compensation benefits you receive after a claim / trial.

Crane accident statistics

Crane accidents are not among the leading causes of injury or death in the United States, because they are not frequent accidents. In fact, the number of accidents that occur each year is relatively low.

Statistics from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicate that in 2008, there were 58 deaths from crane accidents throughout the country. However, other people were also seriously injured in surviving these accidents.

This does not reduce the risk of crane accidents, because any construction worker could be exposed to an injury in an accident of this type. Operating a crane is a very demanding job, since the slightest error or lack of maintenance of these machines can cause a real tragedy.

Frequent causes of crane accidents

Among the most common causes of accidents with cranes are:

  • Collapse of cranes due to excess weight or mechanical failures.
  • Badly placed bolts.
  • Shock of cranes against nearby buildings or other objects.
  • Contact of cranes with high voltage power lines.
  • Overhang of cranes.
  • Fall of heavy objects or debris on the crane in full operation.
  • Equipment failure during hook lifting.
  • Bad weather and unsafe work environments.

Looking for the responsible in a crane accident?

The majority of crane accidents are due to operator errors, so in these accidents the negligence could be attributed to the company that used the operator or the company responsible for their training and training. So in a crane accident you can find several responsible.

The responsibility of the accident and the injuries can be found in the operator, in the lack of maintenance of the machine, in poor supervision and in the breach of the industrial safety regulations. Other factors may also conspire for a crane accident, such as: poorly securing the load, operating the equipment in bad weather (hurricane winds, torrential rain), not clearing the obstacle area.

Likewise, mechanical failures are an important factor in these accidents. For this reason it is essential that the mechanics who maintain these machines are aware of the danger of leaving a poorly repaired or faulty equipment.

In addition to the construction company, victims of crane accidents can present claims or claims against other possible responsible parties:

  • Manufacturer of the crane (if the accident involves a mechanical failure and the equipment is under warranty.
  • Owner of the crane.
  • The subcontractor.
  • The inspector general engineer of the work.

Recoverable damages in crane accidents in California

Certain compensation benefits are available for crane accident injuries in California, while others must be recovered through lawsuits against responsible third parties. LLuis Law construction accident lawyers receive the case, and together with the client decide which is the best way to pursue damages, a claim or a demand, or both actions as the case may be.

The compensation that can be obtained in these accidents through a claim or demand can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income and
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of company
  • Punitive damages
  • Benefits for permanent disability.

If the crane accident caused the death of the worker, the survivors of the deceased can sue the parties responsible for wrongful death against the parties responsible for the accident. When filing a lawsuit for wrongful death. Other damages are available in an unjust death claim in addition to the funeral expenses.

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