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Criminal Law


Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers

Lluis’ law has been defending its clients in criminal matters for more than 50 years. Criminal defense lawyers Ramiro J. Lluis and David A. Lluis help in the defense of all criminal matters. Our office can represent from the beginning of the criminal investigation until the end in the reopening and annulment of a guilty plea or conviction. Our criminal defense attorneys can help you preserve your rights in matters such as Drug Convictions, DUI, Robbery Convictions, Violence Crimes, Domestic Violence, White Collar Crimes and many other matters.

Our criminal defense attorneys have experience in practice in all criminal courts in the state of California. Our goal is to do everything possible to protect the rights and interests of our customers. These are some of the reasons why our clients prefer us:

Experience and quality of service

We are certified lawyers in the criminal area with more than 50 years litigating in almost every California court, but especially in the Los Angeles courts. We are not only a law firm with many flight hours, but we offer a friendly and quality service to our clients, which you will check in the first consultation.

We are also bilingual lawyers (English and Spanish) for your convenience. All our extensive experience and knowledge of the criminal law are put at the service of the client in each case. This perfect combination of knowledge and experience is an advantage compared to other Los Angeles law firms, in which our clients check on the results we obtain.

Personalized attention

When we take a case, our lawyers do not delegate it to others but instead deal personally with aggressively fighting to win it. We are always available for our clients to answer their questions or inform them about the progress of the judicial process. We offer our clients personalized and timely attention when they need it most with real access to the lawyer who takes the case.

Respected Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers

Lluis Law is one of the most recognized law firms in Los Angeles in criminal defense, personal injury, and immigration cases. Our prestige derives from the number of cases we have gained by protecting the rights of our clients with tenacity and dedication and obtaining millions in fair compensation for our clients.

Free consultation

We offer a free first consultation so that you or your loved one will present your case. During the consultation we strive so that our clients can have a complete understanding of the criminal law. We explain step by step the criminal process and how we work each case. We also tell you honestly what the real chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

An aggressive and proactive approach

At Lluis Law, we believe that the best defense is to attack the case early and not wait to see what happens. When we attend our first court date with our client, we are prepared to go on the offensive if necessary. Therefore, our criminal defense lawyers investigate the case beforehand, without waiting until we receive the police report. Every day counts to solve a case and if we can find flaws in the judicial process to challenge the case, it is even better.

The most critical part of the judicial process may be the first days after the client’s arrest. When it is possible to find evidence that favors the client and witnesses who testify in their favor, our criminal defense attorneys obtain an advantage to avoid charges or to have the judge dismiss them.

Criminal Defense and Immigration

Lluis Law has another advantage that benefits immigrants accused of complex criminal offenses. The professional certification and experience of our lawyers working immigration cases related to criminal law and personal injury is an additional point in favor that we put at the service of the client. We focus on representing our criminal clients in an effort to avoid complications with immigration for those clients who are not citizens. To defend an immigrant accused of criminal offenses, it is not enough to know the criminal law, it is also necessary to be a specialist in Immigration laws.

Certain criminal offenses have very serious implications on the immigration status of foreigners. Therefore, if the defense lawyer is not aware of this matter, the foreign client may be able to get rid of a conviction but not be expelled from the country. Lluis Law’s lawyers are specialists in both areas of practice: criminal law and immigration.

If you or a family member decide to hire our services, you can be guaranteed that we will fully defend your rights and help you preserve your freedom or obtain certain procedural benefits, as appropriate.

Most common types of cases we defend

These are some of the types of cases in which our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers can help you. This does not mean that we cannot act in any other criminal defense case, however difficult it may be.

Criminal proceedings:

  • Accusation
  • Deposit and deposit
  • Pre-trial
  • Judgment
  • Judgment
  • Post sentence options
  • Appeals
  • Motions to vacate
  • Expungement
  • Criminal record seal
  • Search Warrants
  • Warrants

Types of crimes:

  1. Drug crimes:
    Possession of a controlled substance
    Manufacture of controlled substances
    Driving under the influence (DUI)
  2. Violence crimes
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Internet crimes
  5. Sex crimes
  6. Theft crimes
  7. Charges for weapons
  8. Cover-up
  9. Aiding and Abetting
  10. Animal abuse


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