Curbelo Won’t Support Any Spending Bill Unless ‘DACA Issue is Resolved’

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) said Tuesday he won’t vote for any appropriations bill to fund the government past Dec. 31 unless Congress legislates to permanently protect recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“I am announcing today that I will not support any appropriations bill that funds the government beyond December 31st unless we get this DACA issue resolved,” he said.

The announcement set off a flurry of legislative activity to find a solution. While Democrats have found an ideological partner on immigration in Curbelo, but the fact thet he hasn’t signed on to the DREAM Act is of concern. Still, Curbelo has been adamant that he’ll support any bill that has a chance of putting DACA protections into law.


A Bipartisan Commission Led by A Black Civil Rights Icon Inspired the GOP’s ‘Extreme’ Immigration Proposals

Immigration policy is back on the table as Congress returns from the Thanksgiving holiday break.

At issue is whether lawmakers will include a legislative amnesty for the recipients of the now-cancelled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in a must-pass spending bill for Fiscal Year 2018.

Some Democrats are insisting that a budget deal include the amnesty provisions of the so-called Dream Act, or they will force a government shutdown. In return for including DACA amnesty in the omnibus bill, Democrats say they will agree to unspecified “border security” enhancements.


Maryland Sheriff Touts Illegal Immigration Crackdown

Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler in Harford County, Maryland, says his department’s participation in a federal program, called 287 (g), to identify people in the United States illegally has been “hugely successful.” Since the program began in the county, 44 people who were arrested have been identified as being in this country illegally and a priority for deportation.

Harford is one of three counties in Maryland taking part in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. According to Gahler, everyone arrested and processed is screened to determine if that person qualifies for civil immigration enforcement and processing for deportation.


Trump’s Immigration Enforcement Wins Higher Wages for Chicago Employees

The forced departure of the illegal-immigrant workers at the Chicago-based Cloverhill bakery was a financial shock to the Swiss company which bought the bakery from a U.S. investment group in 2014. The illegals comprised one-third of the bakery’s employees, so U.S. sales fell by 7% when the enforcement forced the company to rebuild its workforce by hiring Americans. The increase in employment costs will eventually lead to higher consumer prices.

The loss of illegal immigrants can be very expensive for a company because the new American hires can demand higher wages — and most of the prior employers will then demand similar pay levels.


Immigration Raids Cause Metro Atlanta Businesses to Lose Money

The threat of immigration raids is hitting some metro Atlanta businesses right in the wallet. Those businesses are in communities targeted by federal immigration agents. It’s even affecting immigrants who are here legally.

“The business it used to be so good. But the economy has been down,” said Anna Hernadez, a member of the community. Hernandez is speaking on behalf of her mother, who owns the store and speaks little English, and is referring to the economy of local Hispanics.

“They’re scared if they’re going to get pulled over, they might get arrested for not having their license, so they don’t come out anymore.” The constant worry of not knowing causes El Rosario to go from days of $2,000 sales, sometimes down to just $300 per day.


Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Longtime Advocte for Immigration Reform, Set to Retire

A longtime advocate for comprehensive immigration reform and strident critic of the Trump administration, announced Tuesday that he will not seek reelection. The congressman said he will complete his current term in Congress, which expires in early 2019.

Gutierrez made the announcement in Chicago a day after he held an event there alongside Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Gutierrez’s decision gives potential successors just one week to collect signatures and get on the ballot. Two potential candidates include Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia and Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa.


GOP Shoves Tax Overhaul Ahead, Shutdown Still a Threat

Republicans held together and shoved their signature tax overhaul a crucial step ahead Tuesday as wavering GOP senators showed a growing openness. But its fate remained uncertain, and a planned White House summit aimed at averting a government shutdown was derailed when President Donald Trump savaged top Democrats and declared on Twitter, “I don’t see a deal!”

Tuesday’s developments also emphasized the leverage Democrats have as Congress faces a deadline a week from Friday for passing legislation to keep federal agencies open while leaders seek a longer-term budget deal. Some epublicans lack the votes to pass the short-term legislation without Democratic support, while others are wary of backing legislation that would hold the hammer of potential future tax increases over voters’ heads.

Trump said Democrats would be to blame for any shutdown, despite GOP domination of government. But Democrats won’t give in as they are pressing for legislative protections for immigrants known as “Dreamers.”


How Police in Trump-Supporting Towns Are Aiding Immigration Officials’ Crackdown

Since Trump took office in January, 29 departments have joined a special program, known as 287(g), under which they are deputized to perform some tasks of immigration agents, doubling its size in 10 months, according to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request show that the administration has also had contact with scores of additional jurisdictions about the program, and 38 of those told Reuters in interviews they have submitted applications for the program or are potentially interested in joining.

The Department of Homeland Security has said in the past that police forces taking part in the program have flagged tens of thousands of people for deportation.