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If you need good electric scooter accident lawyers, at the Lluis Law firm we can provide immediate help. Although these modern transport vehicles seem harmless, they can cause serious injuries when not driving safely.

As the number of electric scooters and electric bicycles has increased, accidents in Los Angeles have also increased. The problem is that due to its novelty, in some states there are no specific laws that regulate its operation.

This can be an inconvenience when demanding compensation from the party responsible for the injuries. After a e-scooter accident, the intervention of an expert injury lawyer will help facilitate the claim.

Are these vehicles really legal, useful and safe as they are sold? Is it possible to claim compensation after an accident with electric scooters?

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electric scooter accidents

The increase in e-scooters on city streets means a risk to the safety of people. It is not surprising then that the frequency of e-scooter accidents due to falls and abuses has also increased.

If you suffered a e-scooter accident and were injured because of a negligent driver, you need a competent lawyer. The lack of jurisprudence and the novelty of these types of accidents can be a problem to attempt a claim.

Insurance companies can be uncompromising and even try to blame you for the accident. Meanwhile, you must cover medical expenses and compensate in some way for lost wages and other damages.

The Los Angeles car accident lawyers of Lluis Law can and want to help you solve your case. Call now for a free case review and without obligation we will evaluate the facts and look for the best solution.

California law for electric scooters

There is some confusion about the rules that regulate the use of e-scooters, because it depends on where and how they are used. In most states of the United States, they can be used without a driver’s license. E-scooters are regulated by general laws, where state and local regulations converge.

These vehicles are considered as bicycles, therefore they do not require additional or special legal regulations. So they can be used on streets, bike paths and parks (except on sidewalks), without the need for a driver’s license. Nor do they require a vehicle registration or insurance.

However, in California there are laws that regulate its operation. The electric scooter laws are taxative and recently approved, due to the increasing popularity of these vehicles.

In February 2018, a bill was introduced to the State Assembly to introduce certain reforms to the current law. The current legislation that allows the use of e-scooters also offers a referential framework to local legislators. Thus they can develop their own ordinances based on state law.

electric scooter laws in California

California Vehicle Code Restrictions

The California Vehicle Code establishes some restrictions for its use. Let’s see:

  • Have a valid driver’s license or a learner’s permit.
  • Wear a safety helmet while driving (underage only).
  • Do not carry passengers or packages that prevent you from driving.
  • The maximum speed to drive an electric scooter is 15 mph.
  • The use of electric scooters on sidewalks is prohibited.
  • The maximum speed of street use is 25 mph, unless you are driving on a cycle path.
  • While driving on the street, the driver must remain on the right side. Always try to drive on the sidewalk for safety reasons.
  • Do not leave the e-scooters lying on their side.

Common accidents with e-scooters

It is true that e-scooters are ecological vehicles and do not generate pollution of any kind. It is also true that they can be dangerous and cause serious injuries to other drivers from e-scooters to cyclists or pedestrians.

E-Scooter accidents can occur anytime, anywhere. While you drive or walk in the street or park. Some of the most frequent electric scooter accidents are these:

  • Winding / hitting a e-scooter driver by a car.
  • E-scooter fall due to bad road conditions or defective repairs.
  • Collisions between e-scooters and cyclists.
  • Crash between e-scooter and pedestrian.
  • Trip and falls of pedestrians and cyclists.

E-scooter drivers are at greater risk of being overwhelmed by other drivers, since e-scooters are less visible. A e-scooter is smaller than a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle, therefore it is more insecure.

Especially for trucks and buses, e-scooters are left in blind spots and their drivers can be overwhelmed. Other times electric scooters are left on thrown sidewalks representing a danger to other drivers and pedestrians.

Most frequent causes of electric scooter accidents

  • Obstacles in the road (holes or potholes, stones, unevenness of the road, landslides on wet floors or with oil).
  • E-scooter instability due to vehicle failures or being taken off the road by other vehicles.
  • Lack of driver experience. Some of the people who rent Bird, Lyft, Lime and Jump e-scooters are inexperienced. They simply download the application to start working with them.
  • Sudden braking causing the front wheel to lock and the driver to get out.
  • Imprudence of the e-scooter driver when driving on sidewalks, without a helmet and on dangerous surfaces.
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol.
  • Vandalization of e-scooters damaging their brakes.
who to blame on an e-scooter accident

Common injuries in e-scooter accidents

Like cyclists and motorcyclists, e-scooter drivers are exposed to many dangers. Not having the same protection as a motorist makes them very vulnerable to certain injuries.

Although also, pedestrians are at great risk when they walk down the street or cross bicycle lanes. Some of the injuries in traffic accidents involving e-scooters are:

  • Head injuries.
  • Spinal injury.
  • Broken bones.
  • Scrapes and lacerations.
  • Death.

To claim compensation for death in a traffic accident, surviving family members must file a claim.

Responsible for a e-scooter accident

The responsibility for an electric scooter accident may be of natural or legal persons. Some of these people may be subject to a lawsuit for injuries and property damage:

  • Electric scooter driver.
  • Reckless pedestrians.
  • Car, bus or truck drivers.
  • Manufacturing companies and businesses.
  • Electric scooters companies.
  • City.

Whose fault is the employee or a company?

It is true that the company may not be responsible for accidents caused by a rented e-scooter driver. If the accident occurs in normal conditions. But what happens when the vehicle is in bad shape and that causes the accident?

E-scooter rental companies such as Lime and Bird, take care not to assume any responsibility in case of an accident. In the clauses of the contracts they sign, they are separated from any responsibility in case of accidents.

Even so, in 2018 a class action lawsuit was filed against these two companies for being considered dangerous.

guilty in e-scooter accident

If the accident was due to a failure of the electric scooter as such, the company can be sued. Any failure of the brakes, rubbers or the electric system of the e-scooter can lead to a demand.

However, getting the evidence can be difficult for the victim of one of these accidents. To demand compensation in a e-scooter accident, it is also necessary to prove the negligence of the driver or the company.

The latter is the strategy that has been applied to win claims for improper use and damage caused by electric scooters.

A collective action seeks to ensure that victims are compensated for the damage caused and obliges companies to take security measures. They also serve as a retaining wall to prevent them from continuing to expand in the country and in California.

If you need to claim other types of accidents, we also act as truck accident attorneys and motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Contact us and we will answer all your questions related to car accidents.

How to claim compensation for an electric scooter accident?

The most complicated problem to solve in these cases is the lack of insurance from the owners of the vehicles. To operate an electric scooter, no liability insurance is required, as is the case with cars or motorcycles.

Driving without insurance and having an accident is a very risky situation. For both the driver and the other party. If the e-scooter driver is to blame and does not have liability insurance, he will not cover the damages.

Likewise, if the injured party is the driver of the e-scooter and the other party does not have insurance, he will also not receive compensation for running over.

Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to recover damages through a claim to an insurance company. In this regard, to claim compensation, certain requirements must be met and the following steps must be followed.

  • Identify the person responsible for the accident (e-scooter driver, motorist or motorcyclist).
  • Find out if the culprit has a contracted insurance policy, either car or motorcycle. In both cases a claim can be submitted to the insurance company of the responsible.
  • Obtain and preserve all possible information about the accident related to the accident. For example, driver involved, witnesses, photos, videos, etc.
  • Call the police to report the case and then report it to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Take the data of the vehicle that caused the accident: license plates, brand, model, year, color, registration, driver’s license, etc.
  • Call specialized electric scooter accident lawyers. They will help identify the person responsible and obtain the evidence of guilt required to win the case.

What damages can be claimed after the e-scooter accident?

The main damages that can be recovered after an e-scooter accident are:

  • Payment of medical bills related to injuries, including hospitalization costs, medicines, exams and therapies.
  • Loss of wages and disability to work.
  • Material damage (e-scooter, victim’s clothing).
  • Pain and suffering.

If you want us to fight with you to claim fair compensation, we can resolve it in the shortest possible time. Lluis Law’s car crash and electric scooter accident lawyers are competent professionals.