Expedited Removal – deportation in 24 hours

An expedited removal is an administrative deportation proceeding that takes place without a trial, outside of a courtroom and without the presence of a judge. Under the Obama administration, this was applied only to those undocumented immigrants who were caught crossing the border and this was applied if the deportation proceedings were brought within two weeks of their arrival.

The Trump administration seeks to apply the expedited removal in all areas of the United States wherever the illegal immigrants and undocumented aliens are found. It is also sought to be applied to all undocumented aliens who have been unlawfully present in the US for at least two years. Under this new proposed scheme, immigration agents stand as both prosecutor and judges in these expedited removal proceedings. Rights advocates fear that immigration agents in the field may exceed their authority without being checked because there will be no opportunity for the undocumented aliens to present evidence or secure legal representation.

The Trump administration has projected that the stricter and wider implementation of expedited removal proceedings will cause a sharp drop in illegal border crossings. However, it is also feared that it will make it more difficult for refugees and asylum seekers who may be unable to prove that they have been in the US more than two years.

Source: http://www.thedenverchannel.com/newsy/how-trump-wants-to-make-it-easier-to-deport-people-quickly