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If you need help to claim compensation or file a lawsuit for an eye or ear injury, Lluis Law’s personal injury lawyers can help you with what you need. Whatever your compensation or injury needs, Lluis Law’s attorneys have more than 40 years of experience litigating these issues in the Los Angeles area.

There are two senses whose loss is catastrophic for any human being: one is sight and the other is hearing. Through them we can perceive the world and communicate with our peers. When a person suffers an eye injury or loses part of the hearing, their ability to work is affected and their quality of life decreases considerably.

Being able to see the world as it is and perceive its sounds, is part of the pleasure of life, but when we lack them partially or totally, we suffer emotional, physical and financial damage that can hardly be compensated. However, in these circumstances it is necessary to go ahead and explore all possible ways to recover through proper medical and psychological treatment.

In order to try to recover financial damages it is imperative to seek legal help, if there are problems with the employer’s insurance company or the person responsible for the injuries, in case of claims or civil suits for damages. A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles is vital to achieving a fair settlement or negotiation that allows the victim to obtain reasonable compensation.

It is inadmissible and unjust that for the negligence of another person, a worker or any other person lose sight or hearing and additionally not get any compensation in return. The experienced lawyer can help identify the person responsible and present a case with high probability of success for the victim.

Loss / decrease in vision

The view is one of the most complex senses of the human being. We depend on the eyes for everything and only imagine that at some point we can remain in the dark forever, or that we can barely perceive blurred figures and colors of the world due to severe damage to the eyes, it is a very traumatizing thought.

The importance of sight for life is indisputable and the value of preserving healthy eyes is directly proportional to their vulnerability. We can injure our eyesight in an accident at work, particularly in construction sites where the risks are greater, and in various fields of industry.

The risks of eye damage are also present during a traffic accident or by the use of a defective product. Eye injuries do not necessarily imply their total loss, but they can cause a severe impairment in leading a normal life. There are eye injuries that cause double or blurred vision, retinal detachment, loss of visual acuity and loss of one or both eyes.

Some of these injuries are possible to treat and get the patient to recover satisfactorily, through specialized medical treatments that, by the way, have a huge cost. Other times, the disability that causes the injury is permanent and the person must learn to live with many limitations to work and stand on their own.

Loss / decrease of hearing

Injuries to the ear can also be very traumatic, because we are disconnected from the outside world and the communication process is hindered by not being able to listen. Hearing problems are caused by injuries to the inner ear or also in the temporal lobes.

When the ear suffers damages not only the perception of the sounds of the world is affected, but also the sense of balance and mobility. Some ear injuries can affect people’s ability to work and perform simple daily activities.

More risky work for the eyes


It is one of the jobs with the highest risk of injury due to exposure to heat, sparks and toxic materials used. The welder may suffer burns to the eyes or damage to the cornea, if some particle of the weld is embedded in the eyeball and when rubbing it causes an injury.

Welding work is often the cause of diseases such as photoconjunctivitis and photokeratitis, as well as cataracts (due to excessive heat) and loss of vision. The most appropriate way to protect yourself is to permanently use the welding mask.

Use of chemicals

Most chemicals can cause serious eye injuries due to their nature and toxicity. Damage to eyes can range from a simple eye irritation to deep acid burns.

Exposure to gases / vapors

Workers who are exposed to flammable gases and vapors permanently, are very prone to damage from eye burns. The use of industrial protective goggles or masks is a way to protect yourself from these accidents.

Contact sports

Athletes who perform in boxing, wrestling, martial arts, basketball, volleyball and others where exposure to receiving blows to the eyes is greater, have a high risk of suffering an eye injury or a trauma to the eyes. A strong and direct trauma to the eyes can cause retinal detachment and strabismus. Wearing protective glasses is also the best recommendation.


Direct exposure to the sun and the use of chemical substances such as poisons (herbicides, weed killers, etc.) can affect the eyes of farmers when the sowing, care and harvesting of fruits are carried out manually. It is advisable to protect the view of the sun’s rays properly by wearing hats and glasses and to avoid that the chemicals used come in contact with the eyes.


Bricklayers and carpenters are also at serious risk of eye injuries when chips of wood and other construction materials that can get embedded in the eyes break loose. A construction worker, when hit by a tool or falling, can also suffer an eye injury.

Office work

Office workers and other workers who daily must remain in front of a computer, can suffer damage to their eyes due to excessive work and lack of rest. Some of the most common diseases that generate these types of jobs are:

Computer user syndrome (SUC). The symptoms of this disease are manifested by headaches, red eyes, tearing and sand in the eyes.

Blepharitis. The edge of the eyelid becomes inflamed and flaked by the dryness of the eyes.

Dry eye and keratitis. It is manifested by the lack of lubrication and moisture of the eye.

Toxic conjunctivitis. Due to the exposure to certain toxic agents present in the air conditioning of the office and the computer, the conjunctiva swells, inflames and reddens.

More risky work for the ear

These are some of the jobs that have a higher risk of suffering an auditory injury:

Ground control airport workers: air traffic personnel at airports are very exposed to the permanent noise of airplanes. Not only when planes take off and land, but while the aircraft are loaded with fuel and equipped and then taken to the runway or stationed.

Musicians, DJs and discotheque servers: due to daily exposure to very high sound levels above 115 dB.

Construction workers: the workers and operators of heavy machinery are permanently subjected to very dangerous noise levels that can reach 130 dB.

Gardeners: the use of lawn mowers and brush cutters can seriously affect hearing, as these machines reach more than 100 dB of noise.

Carpenters: they are other candidates to suffer ear injuries due to the noise levels they support daily due to the use of machines to cut, saw and polish wood. Noise levels can reach up to 120 dB.

Miners: the use of explosives and excavating machinery that generate loud sounds and high levels of noise is very dangerous for hearing health. In mining, noise levels can reach up to 135 dB.

Other jobs with exposure to noise are hairdressing, children’s nurseries and motorized couriers and delivery drivers.

Personal Injury Lawyer of Los Angeles

When a person suffers an injury to the sight or hearing, not only does it involve a loss or weakening of their physical senses that will affect them emotionally and physically, but their capacity to generate income will also be affected, completely altering their work, social life and family

Treating an eye or ear injury medically can be very costly, depending on the severity of the injury. In addition, the employer’s insurance is not always enough to cover the total costs of treatment and the life expenses of the victim. The alternative may be in a correct analysis of the circumstances surrounding the injuries.

No one else is better at offering lights on how to recover damages for personal injuries to a worker or any other victim, than an expert accident lawyer. When a negligent person is suspected of responsibility for eye or ear injuries, a lawyer with experience and knowledge in these types of cases is the best option.

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