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Lluis Law has been serving the state of Los Angeles for over fifty years. The firm specializes in civil, immigration and criminal law. The company’s offices have been in the same place for over forty years. Lluis Law is focused on protecting the rights of its clients by the law and offers the best defense possible. Additionally, the attorneys of the firm serve the best interest of the clients anytime one needs them. Lluis Law provides two main services which include the criminal and immigration. In the criminal section, the firm represents and defends the clients in the court of law. The main clients, mostly South Carolina residents are shielded from all types of crimes such as violence, drug charges, theft, and fraud. Lluis Law represents all the immigrants in the USA. The firm defends immigrant clients both detained and non-detained against removal and deportation. Additionally, Lluis Law assists who hold visas (family, business, and investment) to acquire permanent residence and citizenship.

In the event one is approached by an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent, one is not obligated to answer the question asked by the officer such as whether one is an immigrant or not. Additionally, one can politely decline to show their form of identification such as passport to the agent to prove their citizenship or show an immigration status. One is not eligible to answer personal questions, and if need be, then there must be a lawyer. An alien can refuse a warrantless such from ICE officers. The agents have the right to pat down an alien for any weapons, but they are not allowed to search personal belongings such as bags or purses. Additionally, one refuses to open the trunk of their vehicle when an ICE agent approaches one’s car; the officer can only search the interior of the vehicle. The alien has the right to speak to an attorney in case the officer insists on detaining the immigrant.

American Immigration Lawyers Association advocates for the refusal of ICE officers to access the homes of aliens without a valid search warrant. The immigrant can only use the window or peep through the door; if the ICE agents have the search warrant, then it can be slid under the door. The employer of an immigrant is eligible to deny ICE officers access to the employee’s workplace. In the event the name in the document of a search warrant or deportation document does not match with the alien’s name then one is not obligated to accompany the officers.

The scam attempts on immigrants have been on the rise since the president promised to deport the illegal aliens. The reported cases of such incidents occurred in areas such as South Carolina, Illinois, and Massachusetts. The legal immigrants have reported receiving phone calls and text messages accusing them being in the country illegally; the fraudsters, in turn, asked for money to make one stay. Additionally, the aliens have been asked to send money so that the ICE officers will not raid their homes. The scammers posed ICE agents or lawyers who asked the aliens for cash in exchange for visas. The reason for the rise of these cases is due to the fear of the aliens to report to the police.  The expedited removal involves the deportation of an immigrant outside the courtroom without a trial. Obama allowed this to happen in the event undocumented immigrant crossed the border and was caught; this was enforced when the reports were brought into the administration within two weeks of one’s arrival. Trump’s government ensures that the illegal immigrants all over the USA are expedited.