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Determining how much do car accident lawyers charge depends on many intrinsic factors in the fact. But, even if it seems a contradiction, this is not the most important thing when hiring Los Angeles injury lawyers. Especially if we think about the results and that the fees will not come out of the client’s pocket.

If you need help, Lluis Law car accident lawyers in Los Angeles are experts in the area. They can guide you in these cases and help you get compensation for a car accident in California. Both in filing a claim and in a claim for damages before a court.

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Who pays the lawyer in a traffic accident?

Although you pay the accident attorney’s fees, the money goes out of the compensation check you charge.

As we will explain later, and even if it seems a contradiction, in the end is cheaper to hire a lawyer.

After a car accident, the most practical and sensible thing is to hire a personal injury lawyer. Facing only one case of serious injuries or seeking compensation for death in a traffic car accident can be very expensive.

Most likely, you have difficulty covering medical expenses and property damage. In addition to the anguish generated by the cessation of income, due to the inability to work.

What percentage does a lawyer charge for a traffic accident?

After a car accident, the question that follows is:

How much does a lawyer cost me for a car accident? 

Before hiring one, you should find out what the payment methodology is for your case, so you can avoid surprises.

At the Lluis Law firm, during the free consultation we guide you sufficiently in this regard. Thus you have the guarantee of an honest, efficient and professional legal representation.

Types of fees

The three most common types of personal injury lawyer fees are: contingency, advance and hourly. The most important part of this story for victims is that they generally don’t have to pay anything directly.

Car crash attorneys mostly charge a contingency fee in cases of accidents involving injuries. Instead of the hourly rate, which could be very expensive and is charged in other cases.

The contingency fee indicates that the lawyer will not receive a payment if he does not recover the compensation money. In a claim or lawsuit, the lawyer only charges if he wins the case. That is, if you reach a satisfactory agreement with the insurance company or the court rules in favor of the client.

If the lawyer fails to resolve the case, the client is not obliged to pay any fees. The contingency fee is based on the percentage of money received after the agreement or verdict on the case.

how much do car crash accident lawyers earn from an accident

Contingency fees

Contingency rates usually range from 25% to 45% of the total amount of the agreement or the adjudicated judgment. It all depends on the lawyer that is hired or the terms agreed between the client and the lawyer.

This rate generally varies if the case is resolved before coming to trial. If the case ends with the verdict of a jury in a court it may be greater. Of course, legal rates are regulated by state laws as well.

However, the most common percentage of the fees the lawyer receives is a third of the benefits. That is, 33.33% of the total. So, for example, if the insurance company pays $ 60,000 to the client, then the lawyer will receive $ 20,000.

If you’re wondering how much do car accident lawyers from Lluis Law charge for a traffic accident, it’s simple. No win no fee.

We have been solving cases successfully for more than 40 years and we are sure we can help you. So you can hire the best lawyers at no initial cost.

Additional costs

In addition to contingency fees there are other expenses for representation fees in court. As with the request for medical records and police reports. If the case goes to trial, the procedural costs will surely increase. That refers to expert witness fees and reporters covering court trials.

Sometimes attorneys include all these fees and additional costs in the agreed contingency fee. Other times, the lawyers ask the client to pay these procedural costs directly during the process.

Advantages and disadvantages

The fact that the client does not have to pay anything, forces the lawyer to have to win the case in order to get some money. The client does not need to have high financial means to pay for his defense, no matter how expensive it may be. Nor to cover the additional costs of the administrative or judicial process.

The only disadvantage with the contingency fee is when the case is resolved in less time or more easily. The client may believe that it would have been better to hire the lawyer for hours or for a flat rate.

Contingency fee with a retainer

Another modality is the contingency rate with a retainer to initiate legal representation of the client. This means that the lawyer will receive a fee in advance to start the case.

When the case is resolved, the withholding fee is deducted from the compensation payment the client receives. Although there are cases in which client and lawyer agree that the money given in advance will not be returned.

An advantage of this type of legal fee is that the client has the guarantee that the lawyer will always be available. The lawyer must do his best to win the case in order to earn money.

Hourly fees and flat rate

These types of fees are less frequent than the two mentioned above. Its main differences or particularities are the following:

Hourly rate

Generally charged for cases of defense of a person responsible for a car accident with injuries or deaths. It is not as common as the contingency rate or the retention fee. The client must pay the car accident lawyer for each hour of work. Regardless of whether the case is resolved or not.

Flat rate

The use of the flat rate is rare in cases of car accidents. Because it is very difficult to determine the time, the amount of work, the derived costs and the outcome of the case. It could work when the case can be resolved very quickly.

Similarly, when it comes to a specific case, it involves a very simple administrative procedure for the lawyer. For example, making a notification and so on.

Under any of these modalities of payment of fees, the benefits of hiring an accident lawyer are multiple. Statistics show that victims of common car accident injuries receive three times more car accident compensation benefits. In comparison with people who decide not to have legal representation.

Whether as a driver of a car, as a pedestrian or due to a bicycle accident in Los Angeles, Lluis Law can help you. We represent victims or their families in various accident actions, including cases of pedestrians hit by cars.

Now you know how much do car accident lawyers charge and why we are different. Our lawyers have over 40 years of experience working and successfully solving cases for our clients. We help manage and obtain fair compensation for injuries and pain caused.