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ICE Is Detaining a Woman Who Is 32 Weeks Pregnant

A pregnant woman is currently being held in a Texas detention center, a situation that appears to violate government policy. The woman arrived in the United States on July 24 of this year, along with her husband and three children, all under age 12, according to Katy Murdza, advocacy director of the Dilley Pro Bono Project, which is representing her.

The family came from Mexico seeking asylum. They were initially put in Customs and Border Protection custody. Then the father was sent to one ICE detention facility, and the mother and three children were sent to the Dilley family detention center in Texas.

After arriving at the detention center on July 27, the woman had troubling symptoms, including fatigue, insomnia, abdominal pain and serious vaginal bleeding. Her baby is due to be born on Sept. 19, putting her almost halfway through the third trimester of her pregnancy.

In March of this year, the Trump administration announced that pregnant women would not automatically be released from ICE custody. But in that announcement, the agency said that “Generally, absent extraordinary circumstances, ICE will not detain a pregnant alien during the third trimester of pregnancy.” A spokesperson for ICE, which won’t comment on specific cases, noted that the verbiage of its policy was “not absolute” and left room for exceptions.