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If you are looking for the best deportation immigration lawyers specializing in deportation our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles can help you.

They strive to resolve the most complex cases for their clients before the different judicial instances: Immigration Court, Board of Immigration Appeals and the Federal Court.

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We have been defending immigrants in deportation and removal proceedings for over 50 years.

  • We will defend you against deportation and removal charges.
  • If this is not possible, we will help you obtain the assistance available to achieve legal status and remain in the USA.
  • We represent detained and non-detained matters from Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Adelanto Detention Center, Orange County Correctional Facility, and San Diego Correctional Facility.

Services as specialized lawyers in deportation cases

Below we show you some of the immigration reliefs that may be useful for your case. There are other options that we will discuss with you when we learn about your specific case.

Withholding of removal

Withholding of Removal

This is an immigration relief similar to Asylum. Although you can remain and work indefinitely in the USA, you cannot apply for a green card.

cancellation of removal

Cancellation of removal

This form of immigration relief can be used by both lawful permanent residents and non-residents to avoid removal from the United States.

immigration appeal process

Immigration appeal process

Deportation orders can be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Our attorneys will help you throughout the process.

I-601 waiver

I-601 immigration waiver

There are different types of waivers or pardons that our attorneys can use to avoid deportation. 

public charge rule

Public charge rule

Qualifying as a public charge does not automatically make you deportable, but it is important to know the law and its consequences.

asylum in the USA

Asylum in the USA

If you fear returning to your country due to having suffered damage in the past or due to its condition, you can choose the immigration route of asylum in the United States.

adjustment of status

Adjustment of status

Adjusting status can give you the free rein to obtain your legal permanent resident status. Check our section to see if you qualify.

what is a u visa

U visa

Victims of violent crimes who have been in the country for more than 3 years are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

immigration bail bonds

Immigration bail bonds

If you are in custody detained by ICE we can ask the immigration judge to release you. Contact us for more information.

If you do not qualify for any form of relief and the Court decides that you are expellable without having any other recourse to remain an option is voluntary departure from the US. Please review the article dedicated to the subject on our website for more information.

Defense and help for non-detainees

In the non-detained matter, attorneys provide you with full representation in the Los Angeles Immigration Court located at 606 S. Olive St. Los Angeles, California 90014.

Representation may consist of defense of deportation charges for lawful permanent residents, removal proceedings for inadmissible aliens, and judicial review of credible fear interviews or USCIS decisions.

Deportation defense attorneys assist and provide in all matters dealt with in immigration court.

Defense and help for detainees

In detainee matters, deportation defense attorneys provide bail hearing representation to complete the defense of deportation and removal charges.

Representation in the Los Angeles Detention File at 300 North Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, California 90012, as well as at the Adelanto Detention Center and the Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego. Additionally, our immigration lawyers provide representation at the Mesa Verde ICE Processing Facility in Bakersfield, California.

The immigration attorneys at Lluis Law can help not only defend and dispute the charges presented, but also identify and request the assistance available to their clients. Compensations and assistance such as Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents, 212 (c) Relief, Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents, NACARA , TPS , Withholding of Removal, US Residence by Family Petition , Asylum in the United States, Withholding of Removal, and Convention against Torture, as well as adjustment and readjustment of status.

Deportation lawyers specialized in more matters

In addition to experience in immigration matters, the deportation defense attorneys at Lluis Law have experience as criminal lawyers in Los Angeles and are knowledgeable in the cross-subject matter of criminal law and immigration law.

For those who have a prior criminal record that affects them or may affect them in the future, the attorneys at Lluis Law can help you identify complications or even solve those convictions.

how to clean a criminal record

Any matter of a criminal nature or a negative immigration history, can lead to the activation of an immigration judicial procedure against you or a relative of yours. Find out how to clear your criminal record in the section dedicated exclusively to the subject.

If you have sensitive immigration status and are facing criminal charges, the Lluis Llaw Law Firm can represent you or provide professional guidance on how to handle the matter.

We also have extensive experience as a Los Angeles personal injury lawyers and as a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. You can book your free consultation with our firm right now.

Los Angeles immigration lawyers specializing in defense against deportation

lawyers specialized in immigration

Lluis Law’s immigration law firm knows in detail the operation of the Los Angeles Immigration Courts, where we have served the Hispanic community and those of other nationalities. The testimonies of our clients attest to the efficient work of this family law firm.

Immigration detention and bond hearings

When an alien is detained or released, state and county prisons immediately inform immigration officials to be detained again if they do not have legal status.

On the other hand, many of these foreigners who remain in the custody of ICE’s Office of Detention and Deportation are sent to detention facilities located in remote areas of the country, very distant from family and home. When the immigrant has adequate legal representation in these cases, it is not only possible to avoid prolonged detention but to prevent these costly relocations.

You may be interested in how to behave if ICE agents show at your door.

Immigration judges are generally reluctant to set bonds and allow the release of aliens without first submitting an application. There are even cases in which the detainee cannot opt ​​for release on bail because federal law establishes mandatory detention.

The immigration attorneys at Lluis Law know which legal path to take to achieve the best results. The client can be sure of having all the options allowed by law to protect their rights and a defense based on a successful strategy.

Deferred immigration inspections

In these cases, foreigners who decide to return to the United States are subjected to an inspection process by Customs and Border Protection officials as a preliminary step to being admitted to the country again. When the person has a serious criminal record, officials can deny him entry to the United States and even detain him to be subjected to a judicial process before an immigration judge. In these cases, the alien is not eligible to opt for release on bail.

However, the inspectors could allow a deferred inspection for which it is essential that the foreigner return and present the appropriate criminal court provisions. In certain circumstances, an available remedy for these cases would be parole.

If you would like more information or personalized help for your case, do not hesitate to call our immigration attorneys specializing in deportations. Book your consultation now. Our lawyers will accompany you and assist you throughout the judicial process.