The immigration attorneys of Lluis Law have provided immigration representation in Los Angeles as well as globally for over 40 years.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable in all aspects of immigration law. Some of the areas that we most commonly represent clients in are the following: Family Petitions: (image of family based petitions – alt image titles “Family Immigration Lawyer”) Our immigration lawyers and staff can assist you in filing petitions based on family relationships.

These petitions will allow the beneficiary an opportunity to attain legal status as a lawful permanent resident in the US. Family petitions can be based on the relationship to a US citizen or resident spouse, US Citizen child, US citizen or resident parent, and a US citizen siblng. Business Petitions and Visas: (business image – alt image title “Business Immigration Lawyer”) The immigration lawyers of Lluis Law have experience in the many methods to attain lawful permanent residence or temporary legal status in the United States through employment, investments, or through employment in multinational companies. Removal Proceedings Defense: (Image of Court – Alt “Removal Defense Attorney”) The immigration attorneys of Lluis Law represent their clients in immigration removal proceedings throughout California.

Whether in detained or a non-detained setting, the attorneys can defend your rights and defend against removal or deportation from the United States. The attorneys also work in assisting in attaining bond whether a bond hearing with an immigration judge or release on Own Recognizance with ICE Officers. Asylum (Image of something related to Asylum – Alt “Asylum Lawyers” The immigration lawyers of Lluis Law can assist on filing for asylum in the United States. Asylum can be filed affirmatively or defensively (if in immigration removal proceedings).

Asylum can be filed based on persecution on account of a protected gound (race, religion, political opinion, nationality, and a particular social group. Besides the major areas of immigration law, the immigration attorneys of Lluis Law can assist in representation in these manners, if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule a free consultation, please call Lluis Law at (213) 687-4412 or use the email and appointment scheduler online.

How can I be a citizen of the United States?

How can I be a citizen of the United States? If you need assistance or help with an immigration process, Lluis Law immigration lawyers can help you with whatever you need. We can assist you with requests for family immigration, asylum applications, visas and...

Can I apply for asylum if I was convicted of a crime?

Can I apply for asylum if I was convicted of a crime? If you need help filing an asylum application, Lluis Law's asylum lawyers can help you file your asylum affirmatively with USCIS or defensively before the court. Our asylum attorneys have more than 40 years of...


Lluis Law is pleased to announce the 2019 scholarship for students in college who were recently granted asylum.  Our goal is to provide assistance to students that were granted asylum in the United States and have strived to further their education. Background Lluis...