Joint injury

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The joint is what unites the different bones of the human body, such as the shoulder, the arms, the hip, the elbow, the ankle and the knee. When they are damaged by some type of injury or illness, the person feels a lot of pain and their motor function or movement in the area where the damage is located is impaired.

The human body is composed of 360 joints, 86 of which are located in the skull, 76 distributed between the spine and the pelvis, 66 in the thorax, 6 in the throat, 31 in each of the lower extremities and 32 in each of the superiors.

Joints are often injured in construction accidents, in automobile accidents, slips and falls or due to a simple stumble. Other times the joints are damaged by degenerative diseases or due to uncured traumatisms that damage the joint over time.

Causes of joint damage

The most common causes are:


As people get older, problems appear in the joints that become less flexible and more rigid. This is due to the loss of synovial fluid, a transparent and viscous fluid contained in the joints to help lubricate and reduce friction between tissues and cartilage and thus prevent wear.

It is also due to the calcification of the joints by the accumulation of minerals in and around them, for example, in the shoulder. Likewise, other joints of the body such as the hip, fingers or knees and fingers, as the cartilage is worn out, degenerate.


The joints become inflamed, causing a lot of pain and stiffness in the affected limb or area. As time passes, inflammation progressively damages the joint.


It is the inflammation of the bags called bursas that provide support and avoid the friction of bones, tendons and muscles in the joint.


When the bones are removed from their place by blows or trauma, they damage the joints.

Synovial sarcomas

They are malignant tumors that are generated very frequently in soft tissues. This type of cancer usually appears in the knees and other large joints.

Rheumatic fever

It is a disease that produces inflammation in the joints and affects the bones, nervous system, cardiovascular and skin.

Aseptic necrosis

It can be caused by severe trauma (fracture / dislocation) or illness when the person does not receive medical treatment on time. The necrosis progresses because the blood does not reach the bone and ends up affecting also the healthy bone part.

Neurogenic arthropathy

It is a very destructive disease of the central nervous system, whose symptoms are the instability and deformation of the joint with manifestations of fatigue, cramps and fibrillation. This disease is due to a lesion in the nerves, which prevents the person from perceiving joint pain.

Most common bodily injuries

The joints that are most commonly injured are the shoulders, knees and ankles:

Acromioclavicular dislocation (shoulder)

It is a very common injury in the shoulder due to direct trauma in this area, whose symptoms are intense pain and shoulder deformity. In most of the times the treatment is applied without needing to resort to surgery but only with the help of the sling.

Knee injury

The knee joins the femur (thigh bone) with the tibia, which is the large bone of the shin. It allows to bend the leg and maintain its flexibility and stability, while the kneecap is what protects the knee joint. The meniscus, on the other hand, is the point at which the femur and the tibia converge. It consists of a cartilage that has the function of cushioning the movements of the body and keeps the bones of the leg separated.

The knee is also composed of a series of ligaments responsible for keeping the femur and tibia together, called collateral ligaments. When the knee is injured by a twist or pull, there is a tear or rupture of the ligaments that affects the entire joint and prevents movement of the legs.

Ankle sprain

It consists of the extreme displacement of the ankle toward the internal or external part of the foot, which causes a tear or rupture of the ligaments of the ankle joint, which are responsible for maintaining stability. The immediate symptoms are inflammation, edema and pain in that area.

Treatment of joint injuries

Joint injuries are treated medically according to their cause. When they are caused by injuries (work, sports, etc.) the most frequent method that is applied is the RICE, known by its acronym in English (rest, ice, compression and elevation) that basically seeks to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and accelerate the cure of the patient.

Sometimes it is also necessary, depending on the severity of the injury, to provide analgesics to calm the pain, immobilize the injured limb, apply rehabilitation therapy and sometimes surgery. When the injury is due to diseases such as arthritis, in addition to medication treatment and rest, surgery may be necessary to replace the entire joint.

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