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The best Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers in South California

Bicycle accidents happen every day in Los Angeles. They are usually caused by negligent drivers, road damage or even careless pedestrians. As with other traffic accidents, cyclists can suffer injuries and file claims.

The most serious cases can end with the deceased victim. In these situations, family members may claim compensation for death in a traffic accident . It will not be a comfort but it is fair to receive it and we will help you get it.

Who can my lawyer sue after a bicycle accident in Los Angeles?

After consulting with a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles we will evaluate your case. The first thing is to identify the part responsible for the bicycle accident. Subsequently we will evaluate the options of claims for damages.

You can sue a natural person or a legal person (company or government entity).

The compensation that a victim can request from these accidents can be for personal injuries, which include a series of damages mentioned below:

  • Physical injuries.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Material damage (the bicycle).
  • Loss of wages.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Loss of earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of consortium (of a spouse for example).
  • Loss of a limb.
common car accident injuries

In our blog you can read an article about common car accident injuries. There we talked about the main and most recurrent traffic injuries.

Los Angeles bicycle accident claim process

The claim and compensation will depend on the injuries caused by the bicycle accident. Do not enter directly into a negotiation process with an insurance company. We recommend that you always consult with expert bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles first.

When the health condition of the injured person is seriously affected, it is best to let the lawyer take care of everything. They will carry out the legal procedures of claim or demand. When the negotiation process begins the same lawyer will negotiate the terms with the insurer.

The lawyer’s experience, together with his ability to negotiate, are the best guarantee to recover damages.

If the accident was caused by pavement failures, potholes, gaps, irregularities or a loose dog, the person responsible should be identified. The Los Angeles injury lawyers will look for the best way for the cyclist to receive compensation for his injuries. They will also identify the culprit.

Are bicycle accidents common in Los Angeles?

In 2018 there were 857 cyclists killed in the United States. In California, the average annual number of deaths in these types of accidents is around 140. California is usually in the sad top 3 as one of states with the most deaths in bicycle accidents.

Another interesting fact to analyze is the large losses in hours and medical expenses left by these accidents. In 2010 only, losses exceeding 10,000 million dollars were quantified, an alarming figure in economic terms.

In Los Angeles the practice of cycling as a sport or recreational activity is widespread. This means that more people are exposed to a bicycle accident in urban areas with greater vehicle traffic.

Risk factors associated with bicycle accidents

When we ride a bicycle there is always a latent risk of an accident on the road. Today, road traffic regulations, traffic laws and cycle paths help. However there is a reality. The cyclist next to the biker always has less protection. This risk factor can hardly change.

Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers

In Lluis Law we are also Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers specialized in many other areas.

However, there are other factors associated with bicycle accidents that must be taken into account. In case of being ignored, they increase the risk of injuries and deaths.

Alcohol. Just over a third of all fatal bicycle accidents occur because of a drunk driver.

Age of the cyclist. There are two age groups that record the highest rates of bicycle accidents.

  • People aged between 5 and 19. It is the group with more accidents but less deaths.
  • People aged between 50 and 59. They record a greater number of accidents and deaths.

Sex. Men are 6 times more likely to suffer a fatal accident. Also 4 times more than injuring riding a bicycle than women.

These last two points seem more statistical than relevant. At Lluis Law, we believe that it doesn’t matter sex, age or any other banal factor. The responsibility lies inside the individual driving.

Time. Statistics reveal that tragic bicycle accidents usually occur between 4 pm and 8 pm.

Place. Urban areas without intersection are the ones with the highest incidence of bicycle accidents.

Helmet use. The use of the helmet is vital to avoid head injuries. Many fatal accidents involving bicycles (and motorcycles) could have been avoided with their use.

bicycle injuries and accidents

What to do after suffering a bicycle accident in Los Angeles

If you have been involved in an accident and are still capable, do the following:

Health before anything else

The first and this is not debatable is to receive medical attention, even if you think you are perfectly. Get a general check done. This will reduce complications such as scars and serious infections. Also the risk of pain that appears after the bicycle accident. It is important that you do this for your health itself, but it will also be key to your compensation.

Get basic facts about the accident

This includes:

  • Registration of the date, time and place of the accident.
  • Names of witnesses and people involved.
  • Photos of the place, injuries and property damage.

Contact the police

The police will present a police report from which you should obtain a copy. The police will review the evidence but be sure to keep your clothes and other items from the accident. Also keep receipts for repair or purchase of a bicycle. Do the same for any other accessory that you need to buy or restore after the accident.

Beware of the offender’s insurance companies

When they contact you, ask for details about who is calling you and the company to which they belong. Also ask for the claim number and information about the limits of the medical coverage of the policy. Do not discuss or sign anything with them. They are likely to try to make you sign a lower compensation agreement than you could receive.

Contact our bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles

In Lluis Law we attend thousands of cases a year with cyclists seeking justice. Also with people involved in these accidents. We know well about the tricks of insurers. We fight each case with passion to get the best for our clients.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. This does not compromise anything and is 100% confidential. Also, if we don’t win the case, we don’t charge a single dollar.

I was hit with my bike by a car in Los Angeles: what do I do?

car and bicycle crash

At first, seek medical attention by calling 911 for help. The injuries cyclists suffer are often serious. They can involve head trauma or bone fracture.

Even if there are apparently no serious injuries or no pain at the moment, go to the hospital. This is basic for 2 reasons:

  • Take care of health and avoid further damage.
  • The collection of compensation towards the insurance company.

The lawyer will ask for a medical evaluation that he will use to calculate damages. You will need these documents as evidence during the process that accompanies the claim.

Information that the injured cyclist should try to collect

After the accident you are likely to be shocked and unable to collect everything you need. Don’t worry, your lawyer comes into play. Even so, in an ideal situation these are the details for damages you should watch for:

  • Data of the vehicle that caused the accident (license plate number, frame, model, color, registration number).
  • Driver’s name and contact information.
  • Witness contact information.
  • Take photos and videos of the accident scene with your cell phone. As well as the wounds and the bicycle. This will then help the lawyer to document the case.
  • Do not argue with the responsible driver. If you do not cooperate or try to escape, call the police.
  • Do not admit guilt if you think you have it. Let your lawyer evaluate the case and determine the responsibilities. Do not say anything that can be used against you in a trial.

Who is to blame if the accident was due to poor road conditions?

Road obstacles and road failures or irregularities are one of the most frequent causes of bicycle accidents. Cracks, irregularities or potholes can cause a cyclist to fall and get injured. The responsibility for the accident could fall directly in the city of Los Angeles. Also of the owners of some road section. This is stipulated in the California Facility Responsibility Law.

As responsible for the maintenance of the roads (streets, avenues and highways), the city can be accused of negligence if an accident occurs for this cause. In 2017 only, the city of Los Angeles was forced to pay more than $ 19 million in accident claims due to lack of road maintenance.

We hope you find this article useful. In addition to offering our services we always try to inform the reader. If you have more questions, you may want to review our article with questions about car accidents.

If you need the best Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers you have us right here. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Remember that this does not compromise anything. It is 100% confidential. If you decide to hire us, remember that if we don’t win, we don’t charge anything.