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If you have had a car accident in Los Angeles and require assistance in filing a claim or lawsuit against the person responsible for recovering damages, do not hesitate to contact our car accident and personal injury attorneys at Lluis Law. We have over 50 years dealing with these types of events and helping victims obtain justice.

Under California law, the driver who was to blame for the car accident is responsible for injuries and damages caused to other drivers or passengers. However, the negligent fault or conduct of the responsible driver must be demonstrated in order to collect compensation. Car accidents are not always caused by other negligent drivers. Sometimes car crashes or rollovers are caused by defective parts or parts of vehicles, poor road conditions or poorly repaired vehicles.

The responsibility for the accident and injuries can then be in these cases from the vehicle manufacturer, the workshop where it was repaired or from any government agency. In all these cases of serious personal injury and property damage, it is crucial to have the support and help of an experienced car accident lawyer. Whether you decide to file a claim or pursue personal injury damage through a civil lawsuit, Lluis Law car accident lawyers have extensive experience resolving these types of cases and are personal injury specialists.

Why do you prefer for us?

Dozens of car accident victims in Los Angeles have preferred our legal services for several reasons mentioned below.

Experience and quality of service

We are certified lawyers in the areas of car accidents and personal injuries. We have more than 50 years of experience representing victims in civil claims and lawsuits for damages to the insurance companies and the courts of California, but especially in the courts of Los Angeles. Not only are we a law firm with many flight hours solving car accident cases with serious injuries, but we also offer a friendly and quality service to our clients, which you will check at the first consultation. We are also bilingual lawyers (English and Spanish) for your convenience. All our extensive experience and knowledge of personal injury law, insurance law, and California traffic rules are put at the service of the client in each case. This perfect combination of knowledge and experience is an advantage compared to other Los Angeles law firms, in which our clients check on the results we obtain.

We win more cases

We are very proud of our record of car accident cases with personal injuries won and this, after all, is what most interests our customers. The effectiveness of our services is our main letter of introduction. We have won hundreds of cases and recovered millions of dollars throughout our professional career. That is why our satisfied customers look for us more and recommend our services.

Personalized attention

When we take a case, our lawyers do not delegate it to others, but instead, deal personally with aggressively fighting to win it. We are always available for our clients to answer their questions or inform them about the progress of the claim or demand. We offer our clients personalized and timely attention when they need it most, with real access to the lawyer in the case.

Best car accident lawyers in Los Angeles

Lluis Law is one of the most recognized law firms in Los Angeles related to car accidents and personal injuries. Our well earned prestige derives from the number of cases we have won by protecting the rights of our clients with tenacity and dedication and obtaining millions in fair compensation for our clients.

No initial service charges

In addition to the free consultation we offer to our clients, you will not have to make initial payments for hiring our professional services since we work with contingency rates. This means that we will only charge professional fees when we have won the case and you receive the compensation you deserve for damages (injuries and loss of the vehicle). We honestly represent our clients, fighting aggressively with the lawyers and adjusters of the insurance companies. Also, we help you better understand your rights and real chances of obtaining compensatory benefits as appropriate.

Your immigration status does not matter

We also serve legal or undocumented workers who have been victims of car accidents and have suffered physical and material damage. Paperless foreigners also have rights in the state of California and at our firm, we are always ready to help immigrants who come to the United States in search of a better future. At Lluis Law, we are proud to be a family car accident law firm that advocates for immigrant rights. We believe that all people, regardless of their nationality, have the right to be defended and to obtain fair compensation after a car accident. In addition to being specialists in the area of ​​personal injury in car accidents, our lawyers are certified and have vast experience in resolving immigration matters.

Compensation for car accident victims

All persons who have been victims of a car accident because of a negligent driver are entitled to compensation for damages. Damages that can be recovered after a car accident with personal injury and property loss include:

  • Medical care (payment of hospital bills, medicines, special exams, surgeries, and therapies);
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Wages lost;
  • Loss of capacity to generate income.
  • Wrongful death (compensation to family members).

What our lawyers do for you

Our experience and litigation related to car accidents are very extensive. Lluis Law’s car accident lawyers are recognized for their tenacity and ability to win lawsuits that seem impossible. By taking your case we immediately begin the work that we can summarize as follows:

  • Help you get proper medical treatment.
  • Evaluate and investigate the accident to identify the person responsible for the injuries and other damages.
  • Collect all the necessary and possible evidence (witness testimony, expert opinion, videos and photographs of the accident, police reports)
  • Examine medical evidence and evaluation of injuries.
  • Calculate the losses caused by the accident.
  • Issue a claim or demand letter.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company responsible.
  • Presentation of the personal injury claim in court.

LLuis Law’s car accident attorneys also help you increase the chances of getting compensation for a higher amount for your ability and experience negotiating settlement offers. We explain the legal options that are available according to your case and guide you on the most effective way to proceed to achieve better results.

Most common types of cases we attend

Some of the most common car accident cases that arrive at our firm include:

  • Rear accidents
  • T-bond accidents
  • Rollover of vehicles
  • Truck Accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Train Accidents
  • Cyclist accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Crane accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents