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If you were bitten by a dog, Lluis Law’s Los Angeles dog bite attorneys can help you get file a claim to get a compensation. Children and adults can suffer very serious injuries after living a painful experience like these anywhere.

Often pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are victims of dog bites in the streets of Los Angeles. Dog attacks constitute a public health problem in the city generated by various causes.

Knowing what to do in these cases, how to demand compensation from the owner of the animal or any other responsible, is convenient. Dog bites are among the most frequent common workplace accidents and injuries.

A dog bite not treated properly can cause a serious infection and even death. In this article we explain everything you need to know about this interesting topic.

The best dog bite attorneys in Los Angeles near you

We have over 40 years experience helping victims of dog bites get fair compensation and medical treatment. We have dealed with hundreds of cases of workers and other people bitten by dogs with very good results.

As the testimonies of our satisfied customers confirm, we are a family-run law firm that offers solutions. When we take a case we are dedicated to winning it quickly and efficiently. So do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles injury lawyers, if you need to recover damages.

Determining responsibility for accidents caused by dog ​​bites is a crucial issue for fair compensation. This is only possible with an expert and capable personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to winning the case.

Dog bite statistics in Los Angeles

About 4.7 million people on average are bitten each year in the United States, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Out of these people, about 800,000 require medical care to treat the wounds caused by dogs.

Many of these cases are so severe that they require expensive surgeries and some time to recover from injuries. Even certain dog attacks are so dangerous and fierce that they can cause death.

In 2015 only, more than 28,000 surgeries were performed due to dog bite injuries in the country. Statistics reveal that about two thirds of victims are bitten in or near a property.

In Los Angeles every year, around 20,000 people are bitten by dogs, according to official statistics. The majority of victims are usually children and workers.

It is thought that the most aggressive dog races are Rottweilers, Pitbulls and Doberman. But there are a lot of dog breeds that can attack and bite people for various reasons. Among them are the German Shepherd, the Husky and various mixed races.

What to do when a dog bites you?

Sometimes staying calm helps the dog to be less aggressive or to prevent its attack. However, when the person is attacked, he must try to defend himself with any object or garment to avoid the bite. Sometimes wearing a jacket or an umbrella helps prevent the bite from becoming more serious.

If you have already been bitten, seek to escape and protect yourself, but do not continue walking injured as the injury may get worse. The sooner you call the emergency service, if the wound is deep and bleeding.

Otherwise, seek to reach the emergency room. There they can clean, suture wounds and administer the necessary medications. This is valid even to treat minor injuries, because the dog may be infected and transmit rabies or another disease.

what to do when a dog bites you

First aid in case of a dog bite

  • Wash the wound well with enough soap and water for at least 5 minutes. You can also apply isopropyl alcohol.
  • Apply pressure for a few minutes with a clean towel on the wound to stop bleeding.
  • Wrap the wound with a sterile bandage.
  • If you were bitten on one arm, keep the wound elevated (above the heart) to prevent infections and swelling.

In addition, if you plan a claim, you will need medical records to document the claim for compensation.

After you have received the necessary medical treatment, then you should call your dog bite attorneys in Los Angeles. It is important to get the help of the personal injury lawyer to file a dog bite complaint.

The complaint for dog bites is filed with the county police and health authorities. When they arrive at the place, the authorities carry out a cram-full by dog ​​attack, which collects the details of the fact.

On the other hand, the authorities could identify the owner of the dog and help establish its responsibility. This evidence will be extremely important to submit any future claim.

How much time do I have to file a dog bite case in California?

As for workplace and car accidents, the time limit is 2 years. This is established by the California Statute of Limitations for personal injuries caused by dogs or people.

The submission of the claim must be made long before that time. We always recommend doing it in the following 72 hours to the attack. If you let a lot of time go by, the case can get complicated.

What can a dog bite cause?

Dog bites can cause infections if not treated in time. The most frequent reactions and consequences are:

  • Multiple microbial infections caused by the ‘Pasteurella multocida’ bacteria, which can cause other complications:
  • Pus secretion.
  • Adenopathies in the injured area.
  • Meningitis.
  • Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.
  • Fever.
  • Septic arthritis.
  • Bone infection (osteomyelitis).
  • Bacteria in the blood (bacteremia).
  • Rage.

Dog bite injuries

Among the most frequent injuries caused by dogs we find:

  • Tearing and cuts in the skin, with or without bleeding.
  • Deep wounds.
  • Injury of tissues, tendons and joints.
  • Limb dismemberment.
  • Bruising.

Compensation for attack and dog bite in California

Recoverable damages in a dog bite claim in California may include the following:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Emotional stress
  • Wages lost.
  • Profit lost or diminished.
  • Loss of consortium and company.
  • Physical, vocational and psychological therapy.
  • Defacing / Scars.
  • Amputation of members.
  • Punitive damages (when it is proven that the dog’s master acted in bad faith and offered no protection to the victim).

If the victim dies as a result of the injuries, surviving family members may have the right to claim damages. Through a claim for wrongful death, it is possible to demand compensation on behalf of the deceased.

compensation for dog attack

Who is responsible for a dog bite in Los Angeles?

The determination of responsibility in a dog bite case can be complex. A person who has been bitten by a dog may be entitled to compensation, if he alleges two basic theories. These are strict responsibility and negligence.

In California, being a state of strict responsibility, the owner of the dog is strictly responsible for the actions of the animal. Whether the dog attacks a person or another dog.

Regardless of the action of the owner of the animal, whether or not he protected the victim, the law considers him responsible. And even when he claims to ignore that his dog was dangerous, he cannot avoid his responsibility.

The only way that the owner can be found not guilty is that the victim has invaded his property or provoked the dog. And yet, he could still be held responsible for the injuries.

Apart from the owner other people could be responsible for the injuries:

  • Dog sitter (person, kennel or animal shelter).
  • Owner of a property that allows the dog to enter.
  • Property owner that allows a tenant to have a dangerous dog.

California dog bite laws

Section 3342 of the California Civil Code establishes the responsibility of a dog owner when:

  • The injuries were caused directly by a dog bite and not by other dog behavior. For example, while playing with a person and causing a slight scratch or accidental fall. *
  • The person was bitten on private property or in a public place where he was legally.

* In this case, the dog bite statute does not apply, but California negligence law does. To claim damages you must prove the negligence of the dog owner as the main cause of the injuries suffered.

The statute does not apply to people suffering from dog bites while the animal does police or military work.

First bite rule and exceptional cases

In the state of California, the ‘first bite rule’ is not followed. This law does not sanction the owner of the dog if is the first time the animal bites a person. The victim does not have to prove that the animal is aggressive or has a history of previous attacks. Not even that the dog’s owner acted negligently.

Instead, the penalty can be increased if it is shown that the dog’s owner previously knew that his dog was violent. It is based on the criterion that the owner of the animal should take reasonable measures to prevent attacks on people.

The only cases in which the owner of the dog is not sanctioned is if:

  • The person was invading private or public property.
  • The dog was deliberately provoked.
  • The dog was protecting its owner or any other person, according to California personal defense laws.

What does a dog bite lawyer do for you?

The benefits of hiring an experienced lawyer in these cases are many. After determining the damages, the dog lawyer can advise you on what are the options available in your case. He is responsible for managing the payment of compensation with the insurance company.

In addition, he will help to hold the negligent party accountable and will calculate the value of the claim. There is a 2022 dog bite compensation scale managed by insurance companies and our accident attorneys.

In the scale or table of compensation for dog bite, the approximate amount of the claim is established. But the indemnifiable amount varies with the results of the investigation.

Compensation, for example, increases if the victim was disfigured on his face due to the attack. Likewise, if the scars of the dog bite are too visible or if an amputation occurred. Also, when the victim is a child or the injury requires prolonged or lifelong medical treatment.

Lluis Law attorneys can even handle the complaint of a dog bite to another dog. Getting compensation when a dog bites another dog can be a complex matter. However, our dog bite lawyers always achieve good results in these cases.

Our lawyers know how to build a successful case that leads to a good settlement or demand. We fully understand the pet ownership law and apply its benefits in favor of the victims.

Compensation for damage to dog owners that we have handled in our practice for more than four decades includes:

  • Cases of dogs that bite other dogs in which expenses of the veterinarian and medicines are claimed.
  • Dogs that cause injury to other dogs or people by taking them down or tearing them with their teeth instead of biting them.
  • Dogs that damage private property: fences, gates, gardens, sports equipment, etc.

What can Lluis Law dog bite attorneys from Los Angeles do for you?

Our legal practice is focused exclusively on protecting the right of victims. We work with contingency fees so you do not incur out-of-pocket expenses before or during the process. We only charge our fees when we win your case. In other words, no win no fee.

We provide you with quality legal representation to guarantee that you will receive the compensation you deserve. We know how insurance companies act in these cases and how to recover damages from injuries caused by dogs.

Call us right now for a free case review with our Los Angeles dog bite attorneys. If you prefer, you can also visit our offices located in downtown Los Angeles and we will answer all your questions.

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