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If you have been involved in an accident you may require the help of a Los Angeles hit-and-run attorney, you can call us now. We are specialists with over 40 years of experience in car accidents in California.

Fleeing the scene of the accident without helping victims or exchanging contact details is legally punished. In this article we tell you everything you need to know to claim compensation as a pedestrian hit by car. In the worst case, also compensation for death in car accident.

If it was you who caused it, we are also experienced criminal lawyers in Los Angeles ready to defend your case.

The best hit and run attorney in Los Angeles, California

Our Los Angeles hit and run attorney offers aggressive defenses to drivers involved in these auto accidents. People can even face criminal charges, depending on the circumstances of these types of accidents.

Sometimes people run away from the place because they suffer a nervous shock or a panic attack. Other times they don’t know how to act and innocently leave the area. When they are charged by the affected party, they must face the law and perhaps go to prison. 

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In such a situation, it is imperative to contact the best los angeles law firm. Feel free to call us if you or a family member has been arrested in a hit-and-run accident. 

We will ensure that you have the best legal representation to protect your rights. After reviewing the details of the case, we will be able to offer you the available options and build a strong defense for you.

What is a hit-and-run accident?

Hit-and-run accidents are those in which an involved driver flees from the scene of the accident. It may be after colliding with another parked vehicle, on the road, or against someone else’s property.

California law states that all drivers involved in the accident are required to stop. Regardless of whether the accident was his fault or not. 

In addition to providing first aid to other injured drivers, they must exchange information to compensate for physical and property damage.

If the damage is against a parked vehicle without its owner present, an attempt should be made to locate the owner. If you cannot locate it, then you must leave a note or card with your details (name, email and phone). 

You must also report to the California Highway Patrol or to the county police. Also make a report to the California Division of Motor Vehicles . Only if the accident causes damage greater than $ 1000 or involves injured people.

What to do after a car accident in Los Angeles?

The California Vehicle Code states that every driver after a car accident must:

  • Immediately stop the vehicle in a safe place off the road.
  • Check for injured or dead people and call the police, the Highway Patrol or 911 for help.
  • Give first aid to injured people if you are able to do so.
  • Exchange contact information (names, phone, mail, addresses) with other drivers. If you are a pedestrian or cyclist seek medical help.
  • Provide the vehicle registration number, the name of the insurance company and the policy number to those involved. 
  • Provide information to traffic or police officers at the scene of the accident.

In what situations can a driver be charged with hit and run?

The crime of hitting and running away is of two types in California: misdemeanor and serious crime. Under the 20002 VC Vehicle Code a driver can be charged with committing a misdemeanor in California by:

  • Leaving the scene of the accident.
  • Not idenfitying himself with the other parties involved before leaving.
  • Causing damages to the property of others, whether private or public. For example, houses, fences, lamp posts, or telephones.

The difference in the classification of the crime lies basically in the 3 previous circumstances that surround the fact itself. The felony is more related to the type of physical common car accident injury the other party suffers during the accident. 

If he hits a pedestrian and runs away or injures another driver, the person can be charged with a felony. Particularly when someone is injured or killed. Often it happens in bicycle accidents and motorcycle accident.

If the victim dies, he could be charged with wrongful death. In addition you will have to compensate the surviving relatives.

Other charges after a hit and run accident in California 

angry driver

Drivers who leave the scene of the accident often do so to avoid being arrested for another crime. Such additional charges may be for: 

How does the hit and run law apply?

Under California law, the crime of hit and run applies to any car accident, regardless of:

  • Who was to blame. 
  • The severity of the damage caused.
  • The severity of physical or psychological injuries.

As you can see, the application of these rules can affect anyone. Many of the drivers involved in these types of cases do not even have a criminal record. The consequences can be dire from all points of view.

Nevertheless, with the help of an expert criminal defense attorney, you can negotiate a deal with victims. If this is not possible, then some procedural benefits are sought. 

Consequences of being charged with a felony or misdemeanor

The hit and run in Los Angeles, as well as any other major or minor crime, can have collateral consequences. Some of these consequences can be:

  • Having difficulty getting certain jobs.
  • Get a study grant. 
  • Get a bank loan or mortgage.
  • Buy or rent a property.
  • Obtain or renew a driver’s license. 

So it is very important that, before or after a verdict, you talk our Los Angeles hit and run attorney about the options available. After a case like these, it is very important to find out if you qualify to clean your criminal record.

Everyone who is accused and prosecuted for a crime has the right to a second chance. Especially if she is found not guilty or innocent by a court.

Possible defenses in hit-and-run accidents 

A person can be arrested after a hit-and-run accident even without being responsible. This could happen only by leaving the scene of the accident without complying with the protocol established by the law.

The other party should be prevented from filing charges at all costs and try to find a satisfactory settlement. With the help of a good car accident lawyer is possible to increase the chances of finding a favorable solution.

When this is not possible and you go to court, you have to build a case with a solid defense strategy. Our hit an run attorney in Los Angeles from the office of Lluis Law always shift the burden of proof in favor of the client. 

Some of the arguments with which we assume the defense of charges of hit and run are:

  • The client was the only one who was injured in the accident.
  • Another person was driving the car.
  • Leaving the scene was not “intentional” or the person did not know that they had to identify themselves after the accident.
  • The client was not aware that an accident occurred.
  • It was unknown that someone else was injured in the accident.
  • The driver suffered a nervous breakdown after the accident.

In-depth knowledge of the California Vehicle Code and the experience of our attorneys is an asset to you. We know perfectly well how the California criminal justice system works and we know how to act in each case. 

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What to do if I am arrested after a hit and run accident?

The main advice from our expert criminal defense attorneys is:

  • Don’t talk to the police.
  • Claim your right to speak with your attorney.
  • Do not negotiate with the other party’s insurance company or attorney without first contacting us.

The timely intervention of a good criminal law auto accident attorney can make a difference. It is always possible to avoid filing charges when you hire an attorney who works for your benefit.

What kind of penalty can I receive for a hit and run crime?

As indicated above, both the classification of the crime (minor or serious) will depend on the circumstances and the damage inflicted. If there are wounded or dead the penalty can be high. 

Some people who plead guilty may face penalties of up to $ 1,000. Suspension or 2 points less on DUI driving license and school. Even imprisonment in a county jail of up to 6 months.

On the other hand, if a person is injured or killed in the accident, the accused could be charged with a serious crime. Whether or not it was his fault too. 

If the person is convicted of a felony offense of hit-and-run, they could face a maximum fine of up to $ 10,000. In addition to 2 to 4 years in prison in a state prison and 2 points less on the driver’s license.

If the person was driving drunk or under the influence of drugs, the charges and the sentence increase. The driver’s license could also be revoked.

No matter in what situation you find yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us. Give use a call and tell us your case. Our Los Angeles hit-and-run attorneys can help. We always have a solution for our clients.