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Involved in an accident at your company, local, street or you suffered a car accident? You probably need trustable and experienced Los Angeles injury lawyers.

From the office of Lluis Law, our personal injury experts are ready to help you in any type of accident you may had suffered. Our attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience representing victims. We work throughout Southern California and especially in the Los Angeles area. Our office has remained in the same location for more than 40 years.

Our accident attorneys have helped dozens of clients get millions of dollars in compensation. Whether you have suffered a car accident, an injury in your workplace, local or a slip with fall don’t hesitate to contact us. Our reputation and history of won cases make us a well-known and trusted firm.

The best injury lawyers in Los Angeles

In some jobs, workers are more susceptible to accidents at work than in others. However, nobody is safe from ever living in their own flesh one of these situations. These incidents can get us out of work for some time and even for a lifetime.

That is why it is so important to know what to do. Also where to seek medical help and how to file a lawsuit. With claims involded things can become ugly with your your employer.

A free case review and consultation with our personal injury lawyers is always the best option.

workers compensation lawyers in Los Angeles

Workers compensation lawyers in Los Angeles

Do you need to claim your compensation? You want to know the benefits to obtain. The insurer will do everything possible so that your compensation is low. We will do the opposite fighting for your fair compensation.

car accident lawyers in Los Angeles

Car accident lawyers in Los Angeles

With over 50 years of combined experience, our lawyers have won hundreds of cases. No matter in what type of auto accident you are involved, plese check our dedicated page and contact us.

Most frequent work accidents that our Los Angeles injury lawyers deal with

Statistically these are some of the most common work accidents in California:

Slips and falls: They are among the main causes of claims to employers and insurers. This accident can cause from sprains and injuries to death itself.

Machinery accidents: Being hit by heavy machinery is usually the cause of a serious work accident. The most prone to these are construction and warehouse workers. Both heavy machinery operators and other workers can be hit by one of these vehicles.

For example: forklifts, cranes, excavators, backhoe, dredgers, pavers, compactors, etc. Also for other industrial equipment: drills, cutters, saws, compressors etc.

Fire and explosions: Although less frequent, fires and even more together with explosions are the cause of serious injuries. They become really catastrophic. These accidents are usually caused by:

  • Gas leaks.
  • Defective pipes.
  • Improper storage of fuel.
  • Electrical installations in poor condition.

In our section of catastrophic injury lawyers you will find more information on the topic.

Acts of violence: Fights among company personnel are also an important injury factor. Sometimes they can get out of business control. However, the company must apply a strict discipline and safety policy.

Fall of objects: They are especially serious because the impact usually occurs in the head. In addition they occur inside the office in many cases, It is important to control shelves, boxes and other stacked products.

Falls from above: They are the cause of very serious injuries due to broken bones. They can be fatal. They can occur from roofs, stairs, scaffolding. Frequent reasons are loss of balance or defective equipment.

Crashes and collisions: This includes from traffic accidents with cars to forklifts and cranes. The most frequent injuries are: trauma to the legs, arms and face, lashes and cuts and deep wounds.

Los Angeles car crash attorneys

As car crash attorneys in Los Angeles, we deal with daily vehicle collision cases.

Benefits of workers’ compensation claim

In any of the accidents mentioned above the worker must know his rights. That is, to count on the compensation benefits of California workers. If for some reason the employer or the insurance company does not give you due attention, you should immediately contact our Los Angeles injury lawyers.

California Law establishes at least five basic benefits, through workers’ compensation insurance that a worker can count on after an accident at work:

  1. Medical care: This is the payment of medical expenses to the employee by the employer during the recovery period. Either for the injury or illness contracted at work.
  2. Temporary disability benefits: It is the compensation that the employee must receive for lost wages. When the injuries suffered keep him out of his usual job.
  3. Permanent disability compensation: It is the payment that the worker will receive if he is prevented – after the final medical evaluation – from returning to work, because he failed to recover completely from the injuries.
  4. Supplementary benefits of labor displacement: It is the check or voucher that the worker receives to help him pay the expenses in education to learn a new trade. It includes improvements in work skills in your current job, in cases where you fail to recover completely from injuries and will not return to work at the company.
  5. Compensation for death: These are the payments received by the spouse, the children or any other family member dependent on the deceased, after a work-related injury or illness that causes their death.

You can read about it in detail in our article ” Workers Compensation in California“.

Types of injuries in occupational accidents

There are a variety of injuries caused by accidents at work. However, among the most frequent we find:

Muscle strains: Occur when one or more muscles stretch too much causing a tear. It is commonly known as “muscle pull”, usually very painful.

Back pain and hernia: A worker who handles heavy objects is usually exposed. Treatment may require surgery and long periods of rest.

Injuries: These are other injuries in the workplace quite frequent. Injuries caused by blows or falling objects occupy a large percentage of claims in companies. Particularly in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, mining and warehouses.

Overexertion injuries: Cause a series of musculoskeletal disorders. They manifest through strong back and waist pains. They are expensive for the worker and the company since one causes the injury and the other losses.

By repetitive effort: Doing repetitive tasks for years can cause injuries of varying degrees. Among these:

  • Tendonitis.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Rotator cuff syndrome.
  • Tennis elbow.
  • Dupuytren contracture.
  • Writer’s cramp.

Burns: Injuries caused by fires and explosions cause severe damage. Sometimes even irreversible on the skin that require plastic surgery. Depending on their severity they will be categorized as first, second or third grade.

Cuts, lacerations and deep wounds: These are common injuries that can be caused by electric saws, knives, slicers and others.

most common workplace accidents and injuries

You can get more information in our section on the most common workplace accidents and injuries.

How can an injury lawyer help?

Work accident attorneys are especially necessary when the injured worker is not helped. The worker should receive help and support directly from the employer to treat injuries caused by an accident in the workplace. There are certain situations in which disputes arise and the intervention of experienced Los Angeles injury lawyers is necessary.

A workers’ compensation lawyer helps the client ensure that he will receive the medical care he needs to treat his injuries. In addition, it will help you better understand your rights as a worker. Also the workers compensation benefits you should receive from your employer.

Similarly, when a worker suffers a work accident caused by a third person. That is, a co-worker, supplier, contractor, manufacturer and so on, the injury lawyers in Los Angeles will help you. They will guide you to file your personal injury claim.

Car accidents

In Los Angeles, car accidents can leave very serious injuries and change a person’s life completely. While we never think this could happen to us, we must be prepared. It is important to know what to do in these dramatic situations.

car accident

We have an obligation to understand our duties as drivers but also to know our rights. Drivers who are victims of a car accident are entitled to obtain compensation from the driver responsible for the accident. This is stipulated by the California traffic laws.

With the help of our car accident lawyers in Los Angeles it is possible. Call our office today to request a free consultation.

The most frequent in Los Angeles

  • Rear accidents. They are among the most frequent car accidents in Los Angeles.
  • Rollover of vehicles. The car overturns on its side or receives a strong impact on the roof when it is completely overturned.
  • Frontal collision. Two vehicles that crash face to face.
  • Collision of lateral impact. These types of shocks or collisions are divided into perpendicular and oblique.
  • Truck accidents. Overturning or collision with other vehicles on the road.
  • Bus accidents. Crash with other vehicles or overturn.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Collision with other vehicles on the road.
  • Bicycle accidents. Cyclist winding.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian winding caused by vehicles on the road.

Benefits of the automobile accident compensation claim

Employees who are injured in a car accident can apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Of course, as long as the accident occurs while they are at work. Only in some cases, travel to and from work is included.

These benefits are: coverage of medical expenses, replacement of lost wages, temporary or permanent disability and compensation for death.

When the car accident is caused by another driver and the victim demonstrates the negligence of the other party, he has the right to recover damages through a claim or lawsuit. The benefits contemplated by the California law are:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Loss of wages.
  • Temporary or permanent disability payments.
  • Compensation to relatives for death.

The worker can file a combined claim when the car accident occurs on the workplace. If it is found that the negligence of the other driver was the cause of the car accident, the injured worker can file a civil lawsuit against the negligent driver and in parallel a claim for workers’ compensation.

This way you will get the benefits of workers’ compensation and recover damages for personal injuries. To achieve this, you will surely need the help of a good and experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer to help you identify the person responsible and prove his negligence.

You can get more information on this topic in our section “Car accident compensation in California”.

Types of frequent injuries in car accidents

Whiplash: It is an injury that affects soft tissue and bone. It is caused by the sudden movement of the neck when your car is hit by another vehicle. It can also occur when hitting a static object.

Abrasions and cuts of the skin: They are caused by broken glass and other objects that are shot at the time of the collision. Also for the impact of the shock on the body of the person.

Sprains, pulls, arms, legs and feet: After overturning or collision.

Abdominal injuries: Affecting internal organs, rupture of the diaphragm, trauma to the liver, spleen and kidneys.

Head or brain injury: Including head trauma, open wounds, bruises, concussion, facial damage.

Bone fractures and skeletal injuries: Include spinal injuries, fracture of the clavicle, legs, arms and hands, hip fracture, others.

common car accident injuries

In our common car accident injuries page you can learn much more about the topic.

How can a lawyer help?

A car accident lawyer is very helpful in cases of serious accidents with injuries or deaths. Moreover, in any traffic injury suffered or caused. To obtain compensation, the victim must prove the driver’s negligence and that is where they can help.

The California car insurance system is faulty, that means that to collect compensation it is necessary to prove the fault of the accused. In addition, the other party will try to prove that the plaintiff was guilty. The purpose they have is to decrease the amount of demand. Do not let that happen.

Lluis Law car accident lawyers in Los Angeles have over 40 years of experience representing and defending car accident victims. Contact one of our accident attorneys or call now for a free consultation.

Slip and fall with the responsibility of a establishment

Slip and fall accidents in private premises are very frequent in Los Angeles. However, many people are unaware that they can sue the owner of the establishment where the accident occurred. People often believe that it was their fault and not the negligent owner. It is possible to recover damages with the help of Los Angeles injury lawyers who are experts in this practice area.

These are some of the causes of slip and fall accidents in premises:

  • Wet floors.
  • Loose carpets.
  • Objects thrown away.
  • Bad lighting.
  • Cables running across the floor.
  • Stumbling blocks.
  • Stairs in poor condition.

The owners of the premises are responsible for accidents that occur within their facilities if they do not perform proper maintenance. Similarly if they do not make a good signaling of dangerous areas.

Benefits after accidents in premises

If you or a loved one is injured in a commercial property or government property in Los Angeles, you have the right to file a claim to recover damages. By damages we talk about the compensation you claim to the person responsible for the injuries suffered and their consequences.

Local liability lawyers are necessary in these cases to be able to put together a successful case. In this case, the negligence of the owner of the premises must be demonstrated. Doing it alone is inadvisable because the chances of winning it can be minimal.

The benefits of a successful demand for accidents in the premises are: coverage of medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering and others.

slip and fall lawyers in Los Angeles

In our section “Slip and fall lawyers in Los Angeles” you have more detailed information about this type of accident.

Types of injuries caused by slips and falls

The most frequent injuries related to slip and fall accidents include:

  • Sprains.
  • Fracture of feet, legs, arms and hands.
  • Cranial fracture and concussion
  • In the most serious cases we can talk about death.

How can the Lluis Law firm help you in these cases?

Local accident attorneys will help you understand personal injury law and obtain fair compensation. The owners of the premises will try by all means to avoid paying compensation and will hire another lawyer to prove that the fault of the slip and fall accident was yours and not of the premises.

A personal injury lawyer after reviewing the way the accident occurred, will conduct his own investigation. Sometimes it is necessary to hire experts to document the case and prove the negligence of the owner of the commercial establishment.

At your disposal to obtain compensation for any accident

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