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If you are charged with a sex crime you will need the best Los Angeles sex crime attorney for your defense.

There is no going back on a sex crime conviction in Los Angeles. Even after serving her sentence, the stigma attached to the charges will remain alive forever. Hence the importance of having a good defense attorney.

Cases that our Los Angeles sex crime attorney deals with

“Sexual offense” means any serious or minor crime of a sexual nature.

Below are some of the most popular positions many of our clients face. 

Other sex crimes in California include:

  • Marital violations.
  • Lewd conduct.
  • Exhibitionism.
  • Sexual harassment.
  • Sexual offenses in federal court.
  • Pornography.
  • Prostitution.
  • Incest.
  • Internet publication of illegal material.

There are hundreds of sex crimes for which you can be charged and convicted. The Penal Code 243.4 among other California law punishes such crimes. Whatever sex crime you have been involved in, we can help you.

Convictions for sexual crimes in California

Most sex crimes in California are considered serious crimes or “wobblers.” These wobblers can be misdemeanor or serious crimes depending on the criminal history of the accused and the facts of the case. Penalties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Fines.
  • Time in prison.
  • Restraining orders.
  • Mandatory advice.
  • Register as a sex offender.
  • Community service.

The best sex crime attorneys in Los Angeles, California

At Lluis Law we have been solving all kinds of sexual crimes for over 40 years. In today’s society, it is too common to make severe accusations in unjustified situations. The consequences can be dramatic for the accused.

In California, there are heavy penalties for sex crime convictions. Even complying with them can still challenge you by appearing on the California sex offender registry.

It is vital to you that sex crime attorneys act quickly and professionally.

What if you are falsely accused of a sex crime?

In many sexual offenses the charges are initiated by the allegations of an alleged victim. Unfortunately, the accusations are sometimes made out of rancor, hatred or revenge. In such situations, it is best to present evidence to refute the claims.

Prosecutors must demonstrate that you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt. If you hire our Los Angeles sex crime attorney, your chances of defense are much greater. Our attorneys will try to cast as many doubts on your fault as possible.

Here is what they will do for you:

  • Question the motivations that could have led to the false accusation;
  • Challenge the validity and legality of the evidence that the state may have on said false accusations.
  • Interview people and eyewitnesses and investigate with the help of experts in order to present evidence in their defense.
  • Determining your rights were violated in some way to remove evidence or remove your charges.

Is it possible to remove your name from the sex offender registry?

In many cases this is possible. For that to happen, a claim must be filed with the State Department of Justice (DOJ). For information on this aspect, do not hesitate to contact us. Our Los Angeles sex crime attorneys will assist you with all paperwork.

Federal sex crimes

The federal government must investigate and prosecute violations of federal law. These may include cases of sexual offenses that cross state lines. Examples of this would be crimes of child pornography or human trafficking.

Cases will also be included where a violation of a congressional law is suspected. Some of the most common federal crimes are as follows:

  • Sexual abuse of a child who ends up dying.
  • Aggravated sexual assault.
  • Cases where the criminal has multiple previous convictions.
  • Buying and selling a child for sexual purposes.

The government investigates these cases in secret and may not know for some time. They use visual surveillance, wiretapping, and check data from their computer to build the case. 

Therefore, many people do not discover that they are under investigation until a federal agency like the FBI contacts them. That’s where you’ll see that previous research exists.

Los Angeles sex crime attorneys for federal cases

Investigations into federal cases have serious implications. Please note that the US Department of Justice and the FBI have virtually unlimited resources to prosecute and investigate.  

Federal sexual offenses penalties

Federal sex crimes typically carry sentences where there is minimal obligation. In other words, it will be impossible to avoid staying in prison for a time.

Prison times vary according to specific crimes. They can face multiple charges of more than 10 years for federal sex crimes and even life sentences.

If you have been involved in sex crime charges in Los Angeles or the rest of California feel free to call us. Whether state or federal charges, we are here to help you.

With over 50 years of experience as Los Angeles sex crime attorneys here you will find your best defense.