Most frequent injuries in automobile accidents

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Car accidents always leave a series of damages to the people involved in them. Victims always bear the brunt because, apart from the physical injuries they may suffer, there are the emotional and material damages generated. Then comes the process of recovery from damage, which is a very complex issue and can become a real headache for people.

These are some of the most common types of automobile accident and claims injuries that occur in California:


This injury is among the most common in auto accidents in California and is caused by the sudden movement of the neck during a car crash. The impact of the blow sometimes causes soft tissue injuries without fracturing the vertebrae, as well as stress trauma to the muscles or small fissures in the bone.

Whiplash or whiplash causes a lot of pain to the person suffering from it and may take some time to heal completely, several days, weeks or months. Apart from the pain, other symptoms that occur with this injury are: difficulty turning the neck and tingling in the hands. This type of injury is quite frequent in accidents or rear-end collisions.

Cranioencephalic trauma

A strong blow received by the driver or passengers after a vehicle collision can cause a traumatic brain injury and cause severe brain damage. The first injury that causes an accident of this type is in the skull (fracture or contusion), then the secondary injury can cause a hemorrhage or an edema. This type of injury must be treated immediately due to its severity and consequences.

The brain comprises several parts: brain, cerebellum and medulla oblongata and is protected by the skull. Together with the spinal cord it composes the central nervous system, so that by damaging it affects the person’s movement, perceptions, sensations, behavior and emotions.

Broken bones

Various bones of the body can fracture during a car accident. The bones of the arm, the forearm and the hand are quite susceptible to break along with the bones of the trunk (ribs, spine and back). Also the bones of the lower limbs: legs (femur, tibia and fibula, knee) and feet.

Spine fracture and damage to the spinal cord

Spinal injuries can damage not only the vertebrae but also the nerves, when the injury extends to the spinal cord and nerve roots. The vertebral column is made up of 33 vertebrae: the cervical vertebrae (7), the thoracic vertebrae (12), the lumbar vertebrae (5), the sacral vertebrae (5) and the coccygeal which are 4 and usually are fused.

Any of these vertebrae can fracture during a car accident, although the ones that most frequently suffer damage are the cervical and the thoracic. According to state and national records kept in the United States, 42% of all traumatic spinal cord injuries are caused by automobile accidents.

Internal injury

Internal hemorrhages are very dangerous because the person does not have an open wound but the injury is hidden. For this reason it is recommended to people who suffer a car accident to seek immediate medical help to treat their ailments or injuries, but if there are no injuries or fractures, you can discard some internal bleeding that can be very serious.

How can an injury lawyer help after a car accident?

People involved in a car accident can benefit in many ways with the help of an expert personal injury lawyer. Working with a capable professional, specialist in the field, experienced and committed to the case, assures the client of obtaining a greater compensation compared to those who try to defend themselves.

California traffic laws can be complex to handle by anyone without legal training, but knowing how the insurance system and state courts operate in these cases, it is a matter that requires very specific knowledge that only they obtain with the daily legal practice.

The personal injury lawyer helps the victims to prepare the case, documents it with expert opinions and particular investigations of the accident to properly establish the responsibility of the accident. It also helps to obtain the necessary medical treatment and protects the interests of the client in the negotiation process with the insured company.

Another benefit of working with an auto accident lawyer is that you will only charge the victim a fee for professional fees after winning the case and as part of the settlement. This means that, in real terms, the money you will pay will not come from your pocket but from the negotiation made with the insurance company.

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