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Motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles and

need medical treatment and recover damages, do not hesitate to contact our expert traffic accident attorneys at Lluis Law. We have been dealing with this type of events for more than 50 years and helping victims obtain justice.

The lawyer expert in motorcycle accidents, is an ally with whom you can count in case of suffering a motorcycle accident because of a negligent driver found on the road. Motorcycle accidents are very frequent and dramatic events in Los Angeles, where victims are almost always injured or killed.

In fact, the rate of serious or fatal accidents of motorcycle accidents is higher than that of any other automobile accident. This high incidence of accidents with injuries forces victims to have legal help to recover damages and, of course, with adequate medical treatment to recover from injuries.

It is essential that the lawyer who takes the case has a broad knowledge of the law and experience in the treatment of this type of accident. After evaluating the case, your personal injury lawyer will tell you the chances of success you have and the possible compensation you could claim.

Before collecting compensation, however, the lawyer must work on the investigation of the facts, on the identification of the responsible driver and make sure to present a claim or solid demand before the insurance company of the other party involved.

Why is it important to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer?

It seems redundant to explain why it is necessary to have a lawyer specialized in motorcycle accidents, due to the sensitivity of these cases. A motorcycle accident with injured or dead people is a very serious case that must be very well worked and treated carefully.

It is true that the damages to recover are probably high due to the type of injuries that these accidents cause, however, obtaining compensation is not a simple matter. Because the insurance companies have hired personnel, whose task is to reduce the amount of the claim to the minimum.

The insurance adjusters and the insurance company’s attorneys will look for any failure in the claim or demand or an indication of the plaintiff’s liability to pay less. It is there where the motorcycle accident lawyer’s role is highlighted to defend the client’s legitimate rights so that he can collect fair compensation.

What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles?

There are many factors involved in a motorcycle accident. Here we will try to expose the most frequent, according to the cases that our law firm has handled for more than 40 years and what the studies show in the United States:

– Carelessness of motorists. This is the most frequent cause of road accidents. That’s why motorcyclists should be very open when they are driving down the street.

– The turn in front of the motorcyclist is the biggest mistake that causes car accidents.

– Bad road conditions (obstacles, wet pavement due to rain, snow or ice).

– Drunk drivers. When a driver drives under the influence of alcohol, he can run over a motorized vehicle that drives through the opposite channel, as it usually does in a zigzag.

– Motorcyclists who remain in blind spots, behind or next to the motorist and when turning or changing the channel the other driver takes it out of the way.

– Open the door of a parked vehicle without checking traffic, while a motorcyclist passes.

– Sudden braking of a vehicle behind a motorcyclist or excessive braking of a motorcyclist that causes him to fly forward.

– To overtake another vehicle in a curve or to leave the channel to overtake, without calculating well the proximity of the vehicles that march in the opposite direction.

The difficulty of drivers in general to calculate the speed and proximity of motorcyclists further increases the chances of an accident of this type occurring. This is because the human brain finds it difficult to perceive with greater precision the distance of the smaller objects that are closer, than that of the larger objects that are farther away.

Most common injuries of motorcycle accidents

About one third of all injuries suffered by motorcycles are registered in legs and feet, while a little more than 20 percent of injuries are in the head and neck (these are the most fatal). To minimize the impact of serious head injuries, motorists should wear a good quality safety helmet that covers the face.

Cranioencephalic traumas are other of the most frequent injuries in motorcycle accidents. This injury is the main cause of death of motorcyclists and approximately 10 percent of the people who suffer these traumatic injuries, cannot return to live an independent life.

Motorcycle accident statistics in California

The number of fatalities from motorcycle accidents has increased significantly in California in recent years, from 2,320 accidents in 1994 to 5,286 in 2016. According to data provided by the Lethality Analysis Report System (FARS), only between 2015 and 2016 the number of people killed in these accidents increased 6 percent.

California integrates the unprofitable top 15 of the 50 states with the most deaths in motorcyclist accidents. It is that the tragic accidents of motorcycles in California represented in 2016 15.1 percent of all deaths recorded in motor vehicles.

The number of fatalities was 566 motorcyclists, 11 percent more than in 2015 when 494 deaths occurred. In addition, another 14,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents. In 2017 there was a slight decrease in these accidents. A report by the Road Safety Association of Governors indicates that it went from 566 2016 to 406 in 2017 (28.3% less).

What to do after a motorcycle accident?

After suffering an accident, you have to take good care of yourself if you are in the middle of the public thoroughfare, because there is always the risk that other vehicles may impact those who are involved and scattered on the road. You have to find out as soon as possible of the scene of the accident, standing on the side of the road.

Once it is out of danger and there is no risk of being affected by a possible explosion caused by fuel leaks that remain or by a new collision with approaching vehicles, then you must call to report the accident and ask for help from the police.

Then you have to seek medical attention, if the injuries are serious with greater reason. Have them take you to an emergency room to treat the wounds and do a medical evaluation. This part is very important because the collection of compensation depends to a large extent on it. The police report is the proof of the accident along with the medical report.

If the victim received a head injury or a neck or chest injury, sudden movements should be avoided because they can aggravate the injury. These types of injuries require immediate medical attention and diagnostic tests with images (X-rays, MRIs) to check their location and severity.

Then, and not least, contact a good personal injury lawyer experienced in motorcyclist accidents who represents you well, if the injuries were caused by a negligent driver. The lawyer will fight to get you enough compensation. Remember that your lawyer’s fees will depend on your work. If he wins the case, he charges

Damages that can be recovered after a motorcycle accident

As explained above, due to the seriousness of the injuries left by motorcycle accidents, the damages that can be pursued can be considerably greater than those of any other type of motor vehicle accident.

These are some of the expenses and damages after an accident that a motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help recover:

Medical expenses. For the recovery treatment (medical fees, medicines, hospitalization, medical supplies and equipment, rehabilitation therapies, surgeries, etc.). If there are future problems with the injuries, you can also claim more medical treatment.

Pain and suffering. These are the so-called non-economic damages involved in the accident with injuries. Depending on the injury and its severity will be paid for this type of damage. Although its calculation does not have a fixed formula there are a series of values and criteria to determine the amount to be paid. To assess the claim and obtain compensation for these damages, the help of the personal injury lawyer is essential.

Loss of wages. When the injuries left by the accident prevent the person from returning to work temporarily or from a permanent disability, the lost wages will be included in the claim as well.

Punitive damages. When the accident was generated by the deliberate conduct of another driver (anger, recklessness) it is possible to include punitive damages in the claim. Although they are not frequent, in some cases they may proceed.

If you or a family member were injured in a motorcycle accident, call our expert injury and auto accident lawyers at Lluís Law. They can help you with your claim or claim for damages and help you get medical care. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our telephone number is (213) 320-0777.

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