Post-sentencing options

What other alternatives are there to imprisonment?

There are alternatives to a jail term. There are more creative ways to punish people for having committed crimes in California. Felons can serve a split sentence or a work release, home detention, electronic monitoring, earned discharge or medical release.

They can be placed on probation or supervision in lieu of being in custody. They can be ordered to provide hours of community service. They can be placed in treatment facilities or ordered to be placed in half-way or sober-living houses.

If I am sentenced to a jail term, what options are open to me?

If you have been convicted of a low-level crime or a non-violent crime, you may apply for a job as a firefighter in California. California is at high-risk of forest fires and inmates are offered a job as a firefighter. Firefighters are offered a salary and they undergo training. They are also housed in a camp and not in a prison. This is an option under the work-release program. The prison sentence of the convicted felon is reduced by one day for every eight hours of work he or she performs.

You can enter probation. Under probation, the judge suspends the prison sentence provided the convicted felon reports regularly for supervision by a probation officer. Probation is more likely offered if the convicted felon agrees to attend therapy or counseling, finish high school, or enter vocational training, or perform community service. If these conditions of probation are violated by the felon, the judge will revoke the probation and order the imprisonment of the felon.

You can serve your sentence at home. You may be fitted with an electronic monitoring device. You may also be ordered to stay at a facility or group home instead of in jail.

Why are there alternatives to imprisonment?

Three main factors have influenced the state of California to explore alternatives to imprisonment. First, there is the persistent and critical overpopulation and overcrowding in the existing jails. Second, the budget to run these jails is ever increasing, and yet, funding is increasingly unavailable. Third, and most importantly, increasing evidence shows that imprisonment does more harm than good to the outcomes of persons who are sentenced to imprisonment. Incarceration does not deter or reduce crime or criminality, it does not deter convicted felons from repeat offending.

How can a lawyer help me obtain these alternative sentences?

Your lawyer is your best source of information for alternative sentences that you can propose either during the pre-sentencing report or during the sentencing hearing. Your lawyer can help you present arguments and evidence how alternative sentences can help keep you from re-offending. Your lawyer can also help you convince the court that you will faithfully abide by the conditions set by the court.

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