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The damage to the lungs is caused by various diseases, injuries and inhalation of dust and toxic substances at work or in the environment where we live. These injuries can be very serious and even deadly if they are not attended to on time or precautions are taken to avoid them.

The most advisable thing is that people who are exposed to these toxic gases and dust that damage the lungs, wear appropriate respiratory protection equipment and avoid prolonged exposure to them.

Lung injuries can also be caused by blows or trauma to the back, neck or chest. Especially when fractures occur in the ribs or the person feels pain in this area, since such injuries and lung injuries are usually associated.

Main injuries and diseases of the lungs

These are some of the most common injuries and diseases of the lungs:

Acute lung injuries (ALI / ARDS)

There are two types of acute lung injuries. One is traumatic pulmonary injury (ALI) caused mainly by diseases such as pneumonia, a traumatism closed or even an indirect injury to the lung such as pancreatitis.

Permanent exposure to toxic and irritating substances, dust, asbestos and dangerous chemicals can generate this type of injury.

The other acute lung injury is called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which is much more severe and collapses the airways, reducing the function of the lungs.


This disease is caused by prolonged inhalation and lodging of dust in the lungs. When trapped in the lungs, the toxic particles cause some diseases known as “miner’s lung” or “black lung”, which prevent the person from breathing normally.

Cystic fibrosis

It is a disease that affects the lungs and the digestive system and is of a hereditary nature. It is characterized by the abundant production of secretions, a thick mucus that causes scarring (fibrosis) in the lungs making medical treatment very difficult.

Emphysema (EPOC)

It is also known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The two forms of COPD are chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema. Almost always people with this disease suffer from both conditions.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease progressively destroys the air sacs that contain the lungs and the respiratory membrane that serves to exchange oxygen. The people most likely to suffer from this disease are smokers.

However there are cases of non-smokers who develop this disease due to the lack of alpha-1 protein. Other risk factors associated with COPD are:

  • Exposure to toxic gases in the workplace.
  • Exposure to polluting gases or cigarette smoke in considerable quantities.
  • Breathe the smoke from the kitchen in very enclosed environments or without adequate ventilation.


It is a type of lung collapse caused by the obstruction of the bronchi and bronchioles or also by pressure exerted on the outside of the lung. It differs from pneumothorax, which is another type of lung collapse caused by the escape of air from the lungs.

Most common causes of lung injuries

Certain substances produce irritation and inflammation of the lungs by direct exposure for a long time. These include metal powders such as cobalt and aluminum, asbestos fibers, grain powders, sugar cane, ammonia and chlorine, and bacteria in hot tubs.

Also, due to the inhalation of dust from sawdust, mold, hay, bird droppings and other animals and to continuously breathe the air from places enclosed with moisture problems such as libraries or basements. Also lung injuries occur during car accidents, accidents at work or while playing sports.

Some lesions of the lungs are also generated by blood transfusions and even by prolonged inhalation of baby powder (talcosis). It has been discovered that certain beauty products could also cause long-term lung diseases.

Treatment of lung injuries

When lung injuries or diseases are very advanced or severe, surgery is often required for treatment. The pulmonologist diagnoses the lesions in the lungs based on the patient’s medical history, habits, types of work, symptoms, respiratory tests, and through the use of images (x-rays).

Then the treatment begins itself with respiratory therapies and medications. Sometimes when there is severe obstruction the patient receives an endotracheal intubation (installation in the trachea of ​​a special air tube to supply oxygen directly to the lungs without risk).

The recovery period for people with severe respiratory tract conditions or injuries is usually long, so the worker may require workers’ compensation benefits or extra income to treat these injuries.

What to do in case of a lung injury?

When there is a serious injury or illness of the respiratory tract, easily identifiable symptoms immediately appear such as pain, cough, dizziness, secretions, breathing difficulties, fever and others. In such a situation, the worker must report it immediately to his employer as required by law and seek medical help as soon as possible.

Any other person who has suffered a trauma should call 911 for first aid and be taken immediately to an emergency room, because time counts in these cases. It is not advisable to wait when there are obvious signs of an injury, since the symptoms usually get worse and sometimes it could be too late.

Recovery of damages

In cases where a person injures its lungs, contracts lung disease at work and has difficulty obtaining workers’ compensation benefits; or maybe you suspect that the injuries were caused by negligence of third parties or companies, should immediately seek legal help.

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