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The immigration attorneys of Lluis Law have experience in defending immigrants in deportation and removal proceedings.  The goal of the Immigration Defense Team is to defend against deportation and removal charges and if that is not possible, then qualify the client for the relief available so that they can attain a legal status and stay in the United States. The immigration lawyers provide representation in deportation and removal defense, in addition, they represent detained and non-detained matters from Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Adelanto Detention Center, Orange County Detention Facilities, San Diego and San Diego Detention Facilities.

In the non-detained setting, the Lluis Law immigration lawyers provide full representation in the Los Angeles Immigration Court based at 606 S. Olive St. Los Angeles, California 90014.  The representation can consist of the defense of deportation charges for Lawful Permanent Residents, Removal Proceedings for inadmissible aliens and judicial review of Credible Fear Interviews, USCIS decisions.  The immigration lawyers assist and provide in all matters addressed in the immigration courts.

In detained matters, the immigration attorneys provide representation from Bond Hearings to complete defense of deportation charges and removal charges. Representation in The Los Angeles detained docket at 300 North Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, California 90012 as wells as the Adelanto Detention Facility and the Otay Mesa Detention Facility in San Diego.  In addition, our immigration lawyers provide representation at Mesa Verde Detention Center in Bakersfield, California.

The Immigration Lawyers at Lluis Law can assist in not only defending and contesting against the charges placed, but identifying and applying for the relief available to their clients.  Relief such as Cancellation of Removal for lawful Permanent Residents, 212(c) relief, Cancellation of Removal for non-permanent residents, NACARA, TPS, Suspension of Deportation, Asylum, Withholding of Removal and Convention against Torture as well as Adjustment of Status and Re-Adjustment of Status.

In addition to experience in immigration matters, the attorneys at Lluis Law have experience in criminal defense and are knowledgeable in the cross over area of criminal law and immigration law.  For those that have prior criminal histories that are or may affect them in the future, the Lluis Law attorneys can assist you in identifying complications or even remedying those convictions.  If you have a sensitive immigration status and are facing criminal charges, the Lluis Law firm can represent you or provide professional guidance as to how to handle the matter.

If you are looking for seasoned immigration attorneys with experience in removal and deportation defense, schedule a free consultation with the immigration attorneys of Lluis Law.