Rollovers of vehicles

If you have suffered a vehicle rollover accident in Los Angeles and need medical treatment and recover damages, do not hesitate to contact our expert traffic accident attorneys at Lluís Law. We have been dealing with this type of events for more than 50 years and helping victims obtain justice.

Los Angeles County is among the most dangerous in the country to drive due to the alarming rates of car accidents with dead and injured people. Hence, the cases of automobile accidents are part of the landscape of the city, because they occur daily with an unusual frequency.

Traffic accidents are traumatic events that often prevent the victims from being able to act consciously at the moment, due to the injuries suffered or the psychological trauma they leave behind. After an accident, people look disoriented, in pain and often do not remember the most important details of the accident, so they need medical and legal help.

When it comes to a vehicle rollover case, the situation can be worse. Because it is an accident of great magnitude, generally very tragic with several injured or dead, if in the vehicle several passengers or other vehicles are involved in the accident. The rollover of the vehicle can cause very serious injuries to the occupants, such as head injuries or injuries to the neck and back.

A rollover accident is when the vehicle overturns on its side or receives a strong impact on the roof when it is fully overturned. Due to its design and height, some vehicles are more prone to have this type of accidents. Although it is assumed that all vehicles should have an adequate design to avoid these rollovers in certain circumstances.

High mortality rate of the Rollovers

Sports cars, buses, rustics and jeeps are among the cars most likely to suffer an accident of this type. The explanation of why SUVs are often the vehicles that experience the most rollovers, is because they are higher than the rest. As the center of gravity is higher, its stability is lower than that of sedans.

Other cars prone to rollover are bus and vans, precisely because they have a higher elevation than other cars. The mortality rate of the rollovers is also higher than that of any other automobile accident. Victims often suffer very serious injuries, often incapacitating.

Although only 3% of car accidents with injuries are rollovers of vehicles, statistics also show that more than 30% of deaths in car accidents are caused by rollovers. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) points out that the rollover mortality rate is higher than any other car accident.

The people who die in these accidents are usually because they do not have their safety belts on and they shoot out of the vehicle or hit harder when they are not restrained. Data provided by the NHTSA of 2010, indicate that some 7600 people died in rollover accidents throughout the country, of which almost 70% were not wearing seat belts.

Most frequent injuries in Rollovers of vehicles

These are some of the most frequent and serious injuries that cause rollover accidents:

– Injury to the neck, back and spinal cord, when there is a sudden movement of the vehicle when overturning.

– Lacerations, traumatisms on the face and other open wounds, when the windows of the vehicle are broken.

– Injuries to the head and even crushing when the car is turned over and all the weight falls on the roof causing it to give way.

– Generalized injuries when passengers are expelled from the vehicle due to not wearing a seatbelt.

When SUV vehicles do not have an adequate design and the roof yields easily, the risk of more serious injuries increases. Sometimes, due to the loss of fuel due to tank rupture, large fires can start, which can explode the vehicle.

The cost of these injuries in a rollover accident is very high due to its severity, even more so when there are dead people. Consequently, the collection of compensation for personal injuries and other damages, if an accident was caused by a negligent driver, can be raised as well.

Why is it necessary to have a good lawyer?

An experienced Los Angeles rollover accident lawyer can help victims of a rollover accident recover damages by claiming against the insurance company of the responsible party. Also in these cases it is possible to try a claim for damages when the person in charge refuses to pay or it is suspected that the accident was intentional.

Our expert auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles have a lot of experience in handling these cases and know how to achieve the best possible compensation in the recovery of damages. They prepare the case, document it with police and medical reports, testimonies of witnesses, videos and photographs and opinions of experts and then present it.

After assessing the damages, the client can have a fairly clear idea of the chances of success of the case and the sum of money that it is possible to recover in damages. The compensation will depend on the severity of the injuries, the percentage of responsibility that the victim could have in the accident and the damage to the vehicle and other properties.

Damages that can be recovered

The attorneys at Luís Law’s law firm can help you recover a variety of damages, including:

– Medical bills (medicines, treatment, therapies, hospitalization, exams and surgeries).

– Compensation for pain and suffering.

– Loss of wages.

– Loss of social life and company.

– Loss of capacity to generate income.

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