San Diego Begins Mass Immigration Hearings with “Operation Streamline”

Immigration cases were light for the first few months of the year in the Southern District of California. There were no illegal-entry cases in February, only four in March and 16 in April, according to the clerk’s office. But when zero tolerance took full effect, the caseload skyrocketed to 513 in May and 821 in June.

Group hearings have now taken place in San Diego as part of Operation Streamline, an attempt by the court to curb the time it takes to process misdemeanor cases. The ACLU says prosecuting this type of minor offense is creating havoc in the judicial system.

Carol Lam, the U.S. attorney in San Diego when Streamline began until 2007, said zero-tolerance programs are “ultimately ineffective,” saying they boost conviction numbers but don’t have a proportionate impact on reducing crime.

Contra Costa County Cuts Ties with ICE, Ending Contract for Jailing Immigrant Detainees

Contra Costa County is ending its contract to detain immigrants at a jail in Richmond, becoming the third California jurisdiction since last year to cut such ties with the federal government.

Sheriff David Livingston said he’d asked Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials to begin the process of removing detainees from the West County Detention Facility. The contract requires a 120-day notice of termination

Obviously, this action […] does not address the larger and more complex issue of federal immigration enforcement,” he said at a news conference this week. “Most of us have compassion for those who come here seeking a better life, but we are a nation of laws.”