The importance of obtaining medical treatment after a car accident

If you have had a car accident in Los Angeles and need medical treatment and recover damages, do not hesitate to contact our expert traffic accident attorneys at Lluis Law. We have been dealing with this type of events for more than 50 years and helping victims obtain justice.

The state of California shows very high statistics of automobile accidents with fatalities or some type of injuries every year. In 2017 alone, there were 3,651 fatal accidents on state roads and an increasing number of injured people, which represents a public health problem.

The first thing to do after suffering a car accident in Los Angeles is that you should seek appropriate medical treatment for two basic reasons. One is to recover your health and the other to collect the damage of the accident to the responsible driver or your insurance company.

Whether the injury caused by the accident is obvious and produces pain or there are no apparent injuries at the time, seek medical help at a nearby hospital. Because it can happen that due to the stress generated by the accident, the person at the moment does not have symptoms but hours or days later they may appear.

In fact, the pains that appear a few days later, could be an indicator of a more serious bodily injury and when these injuries are not attended to in time the health and life of the person can be put in serious danger.

After treating the injuries left by the accident, it is convenient to consult the case with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who is an expert in car accidents. The lawyer will know what is best for you, if you file a claim only in the meantime with the insurance company of the person responsible or initiate a civil action for damages and injuries.

In order to claim damages it is necessary to have been previously evaluated by a doctor, who prepares a report detailing the severity of the injuries and recommends the victim to follow a medical recovery treatment, including medicines and rehabilitation therapies.

These medical records are vital in the claim or demand process that continues after the accident. In order to demand any type of compensation, first the responsibility of the other driver that caused the accident must be proved.

Likewise, it is necessary to prove with the documents issued by the attending physician that the damages suffered are real (physical injuries, psychological damage, material damage).

Most frequent injuries after an accident

Those who go to a hospital in search of medical treatment after a car accident, always have a medical condition or injury. The most frequent injuries after a car accident are the following:


Cranio-encephalic trauma (Brain and cranial injuries)

Broken bones

Spine fracture and damage to the spinal cord

Internal injuries

Several of these injuries can become fatal, for example, head trauma or spinal cord damage and leave the person with some type of temporary or permanent disability. By getting immediate medical attention, the person is protecting their health and personal assets.

How does the case affect waiting a long time for medical treatment?

It is important to know in advance how the delay in seeking medical treatment may affect the legal case of a person who wishes to file a claim or a claim for damages. As already explained above, it is crucial to receive medical attention to evidence the injuries suffered and their nature.

In order to demand compensation from the party responsible for the personal injuries, the required documentation must be presented. After the claim is filed with the insurance company of the responsible party, the claimant will be asked to present the medical records to legally verify the accuracy of the injuries.

Then the insurance company will discuss the case with the victim, trying to reach an agreement while, at the same time, carrying out its own investigation into the responsibility of the accident. The insurance adjuster in this case will also determine the severity of the injuries to according to this value establish the compensation offer that the insurance will make to the person.

Negotiating a compensation agreement without due legal advice can be counterproductive to the victim of the automobile accident for the purposes of receiving the requested medical treatment and recovering damages. The insurance adjuster and the insurance company’s lawyers know how to do their job, so facing only such negotiation is not advisable.

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