Trump Picks Immigration Hardliner Tom Homan as ICE Director

President Donald Trump on Tuesday named immigration hardliner Tom Homan, who has served nearly 10 months as acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to run ICE on a permanent basis. The White House announced the nomination in a formal notice that Trump was sending Homan’s name to the Senate.

He has said repeatedly that when it comes to enforcement, “No one is off the table” — a far harsher approach than ICE took during the Obama era, when Saldaña, under the president’s direction, put a priority on finding and deporting immigrants who had committed crimes other than entering the country illegally.


Activists Demand Cicero to Pass a Welcoming Ordinance to Protect Immigrants

Immigration activists on Tuesday called on Cicero officials to pass an ordinance protecting undocumented immigrants from deportation, but local officials said state law already provides the safeguards they want.

“We need an ordinance, and we need Larry Dominick to join leaders in other suburbs,” said Irene Romulo, with Organized Communities Against Deportations. Romulo said the activists are bringing the fight to several suburban communities.


ICE board recommends approval for Waukesha Co. after sheriff asked for immigration enforcement authority

The Program Advisory Board at the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has recommended approval for Waukesha County in obtaining 287(g) authority.

Final approval is pending with the director if ICE and is expected to take up to four weeks, according to a press release from sheriff’s officials.



Trump Administration Targets and then Mocks Immigrant with Prosthetic Leg

Felipe Abonza-Lopez of San Marcos, Texas–detained by Customs and Border Protection agents on October 11 as part of a human smuggling investigation, an immigrant advocacy group says. This would be the second disabled undocumented immigrant in less than a month to be detained by federal immigration agents

The first internationally-publicized case involved 10-year-old Rosa Maria Hernandez, who was detained on October 24 en route to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi from her home in Laredo, Texas, for emergency gallbladder surgery.


U.S. Bishops to Issue Forthcoming ‘Presidential Statement’ on Immigration

After a long debate, the U.S. bishops decided against issuing a special message on immigration.

With a formal update from the bishops’ working group on immigration issues, which was established last December after the election of Trump, the session engaged in almost an hour of open discussion, with nearly twenty bishops rising to speak on the matter.


ASU Student Inspires others to Rethink Immigration

Judith Perera, a PhD candidate studying the history of immigrant detention in the U.S. in Arizona State University’s School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, realized the way immigration is taught. She has created a project for her students to break down their ideas of immigration by applying their own family to the narrative. The topic of immigration is important to Perera as she is an immigrant herself.

Perera decided to have her students take on a project called “Our Stories,” in which students found their immigration story within their families. They traced back to when their families came to America and have put together posters for an exhibit in Hayden Library.


Nation’s 1st Public Defender System for Immigrants Facing Deportation Shows Results

Omar Siagha, 53, came to the United States from Colombia with his family when he was just eight months old. But in 2011, he found himself confronting the possibility of being deported there.

Siagha was arrested after a family argument over a pet lizard. The tank allegedly broke by accident and cut his stepdaughter. His former partner subsequently wrote the immigration court a letter that he was never violent, but Siagha still faced charges.

Later, he was presented with lawyers from Brooklyn Defender Services. The New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP) is the nation’s first public defender system for immigrants like Siagha facing deportation, an ongoing effort to guarantee legal representation. He said if it weren’t for his immigration attorney, he probably would have been deported.

The Vera Institute of Justice hopes to support NYIFUP with their Safety and Fairness For Everyone (SAFE) Cities Network initiative, which seeks to provide publicly funded legal representation to immigrants facing deportation in 11 jurisdictions across the country.

Georgia Immigration Enforcement Board Weighs Hiring Outside Help

Georgia’s Immigration Enforcement Review Board is considering hiring a private investigator or a paralegal to help it get through a backlog of complaints, most of them filed by longtime anti-illegal immigration activist D.A. King.

Georgia legislators created the board in 2011 to help ensure state and local officials enforce immigration-related laws. The board members serve two-year terms and are not paid for their work, though they can be reimbursed for investigative-related expenses.

“It is just really an opportunity to get some administrative support on the investigation side to help refine our process a little, get these complaints kind of moving along to the next phase and so forth,” board chairman Shawn Hanley said.