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Types of injuries in work accidents

If you need assistance or help in a matter of workers’ compensation for work injuries, Lluis Law’s lawyers can help you in whatever you need. Whatever your needs in workers’ compensation, Lluis Law’s work injury lawyers have more than 40 years of experience representing workers in the Los Angeles area.

Work injuries can occur in any type of job, they do not necessarily have to happen in a building under construction or in a textile factory. In an office, in a bar or in a store, workers can also be exposed to an accident at work that cause serious injuries and require compensation to treat wounds and ailments.

There are different types of injuries that a worker can experience in their workplace. Here are some of the most common:

1. Traumatic injuries

Trauma is among the most common injuries in people’s lives but also in workplaces. The jobs in which there is a higher incidence of this type of injuries are in the construction industry, in mining and in the factories of manufactures.

Trauma injuries are caused by blows from heavy objects that fall from the heights or hit some part of the body of the worker. These types of injuries are usually severe and sometimes disabling and require expensive medical treatments for worker rehabilitation.

2. Repetitive movements injuries

Repetitive movements also cause very serious long-term injuries to workers. These injuries are very frequent in office workers and all employees who require working long hours with their hands executing an activity. Also workers in the manufacturing industry, cleaning workers and handicraftsmen are exposed to this type of injury.

Operating machinery or performing repetitive tasks over and over again, causes wear and tear on joints and damages muscles and bones. A typical disease of repetitive work, is the carpal tunnel syndrome, which, besides being very painful, its cure requires a long period of rehabilitation therapy.

3. Injuries in traffic accidents

Workers who are employed as drivers in the transport sector or drive for a company, are other candidates to be injured at some point in their working life. Injuries caused by traffic accidents can also be serious and disabling and their treatment necessarily requires obtaining compensation from the employer or the responsible person.

4. Injuries from the use of machinery and equipment

Injuries from the use of machines and equipment are quite frequent in the manufacturing industry and in the construction sector. Often the injuries caused by these accidents that occur in the workplace are cuts, lacerations, broken bones and amputations in any part of the body. They are generally serious and painful injuries that can incapacitate the worker or cause death.

5. Slip and fall injuries

While slips and falls are not exclusive work accidents because they can suffer anyone anywhere, if they are among the causes of many injuries to workers. When the floors and staircases are not properly maintained in the company, they can be dangerous for employees who walk through these spaces on a daily basis.

The injuries that can cause slips and falls are multiple: head injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones (legs, arms, hands), strains and sprains. These accidents are also closely related to the negligence of employers and owners of premises not to properly maintain their work sites.

6. Overexertion

Too much work to exhaustion every day can lead to severe injuries and even death. Excessive effort is considered one of the main causes of injury to workers when loading, lifting, pushing or pulling heavy equipment or objects.

The most frequent injuries due to overexertion are sprains and distensions, as well as musculoskeletal disorders in the back. Likewise, excessive intellectual work can lead to extreme exhaustion of the person and eventually cause a serious illness.

7. Other injuries / illnesses

In addition to the aforementioned injuries, in the workplace and depending on the type of employment, the worker may suffer from blindness, respiratory diseases (chemical industry, asthma, deafness and dermatitis, among others).

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