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Sex crimes are those acts which are punished under Chapter 1 Title 9 of the California Penal Code. They are crimes against a person involving sexual assault, rape, abduction, carnal abuse of Children and Seduction.

What do sex crimes have in common?

Sex crimes punish behavior that involve coerced or illegal sexual conduct. Victims of sex crimes may file a complaint, and when this results in a finding of guilt, penalties of imprisonment and registration as a sexual offender may be imposed on the accused.

Why are sex crimes penalized?

Unlawful intercourse results in outrage to the person and feelings of the victim of the sex crime. Thus, any sexual penetration, no matter how slight is penalized. In cases of rape, there need not be full penetration for the crime to be completely committed (Section 263).

What kinds of acts are prohibited and punished under the category of sex crimes?

The following acts may fall under the classification of sex crimes:

  1. Those were the offender bared their genitalia in public
  2. Those where the offender engaged in sexual acts in exchange for money.
  3. Those where the offender engaged in sexual conduct or had sexual intercourse with a minor child.
  4. Those where the offender engaged in sexual conduct with a woman against her will and without her consent.
  5. Those were the offender engaged in any behavior that constituted unwanted sexual touching.
  6. Those where the offender engaged in violence or used force during a sexual act.

What is the difference between sexual abuse, sexual assault and rape?

All these crimes involve sexual violence against both males and females, and the acts are committed without the consent of the victim. These acts are penalized because they are harmful to the victim who experiences fear, anger, stress and trauma.

The victim in sexual abuse is always a minor child while in sexual assault and rape, the victim may be a minor, an adult, or an adult with developmental, physical or mental disabilities. In sexual abuse, the courts presume that the child cannot give consent to any sexual act because of the child’s minority.

Rape is the crime committed when there is a penetration of the victim’s vagina or anus using any part of the body or any object. It may also include oral penetration by a sex organ of the person. Both males and females may be victims of rape.

Sexual assault describes a range of actions, behavior and contact of a sexual nature. It may include unwanted kissing, touching, rubbing, groping, forcing the victim to touch the perpetrator.