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What does a Green Card look like?

The US Green Card has been re-designed. For the first time since 1959, the Green Card is green once more. It has security features that allow for more security against fraud, identity theft and tampering. It also allows a more efficient retrieval of the personal records of the cardholder upon presentation at any US port of entry.

What security features are present in the re-designed cards?

  1. The new Green Cards have a photo of the cardholder on both sides.
  2. They have an image of the Statue of Liberty.
  3. They have embedded holographic images.


What features are no longer present in the new re-designed Green Cards?

The new redesigned Green Cards will no longer have an optical stripe on the back and it will no longer display the signature of the card holder.


How do these new design Green Cards protect the information of the cardholder?

  1. These new cards have RFID chips embedded into the cards.
  2. The fingerprint of the cardholder is laser engraved.
  3. The borders are tamper-resistant (it will be obvious to the naked eye if alterations have been attempted).
  4. The ink used shifts in color.
  5. There are high resolution pictures of state flags and presidents.


When will these new Green Cards be issued?

The new design Green Cards will be issued as soon as the stocks of present Green Cards run out.


Do I have to surrender my Green Card to get a new re-designed Green Card?

No. The Green Card issued to you will be valid until the expiry date appearing on the card. You will get a new re-designed Green Card with the enhanced security features when you apply for a renewal of your Green Card.


What if the Green Card I have is one of the older generation ones that have no expiry date?

The older Green Cards without an expiry date remain valid, however, these do not have security features that the new designs have. It would be best to obtain a replacement Green Card.

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