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Latino attorneys in California who speak English and Spanish

Criminal, Immigration And Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles

Law firm servicing Los Angeles with specialization in Criminal Defense, Immigration and Worker’s Compensation. The immigration attorneys of Lluis Law have provided immigration representation in Los Angeles as well as globally for over 40 years.

We have experience in defending clients in complex criminally related immigration cases. We are also experienced car accident and injury lawyers protecting the rights of workers in the Los Angeles area.

Trusted Criminal Defense, Immigration And Car Accident Attorneys In Southern California

Lluis Law is one of the older hispanic run law firms in Los Angeles. For over 40 years, Lluis Law has been providing the latino community of Los Angeles with attorneys who speak their native language.

While the law firm started as a defense to the rights of the hispanic community in matters such as immigration, criminal defense, and for injuries sustained in auto accidents and at work, the firm has expanded to represent immigrants from around the world as well as native Angelenos.

50 Years Servicing Los Angeles

Lluis Law has over 50 years of combined experience serving the Los Angeles community in criminal, immigration and civil law. Since its inception, Lluis Law has maintained the same office location for over 40 years.

We are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients to the fullest extent of the law and providing the last line of defense.

The interest of our clients is our priority and we are there when needed.

Practice Areas

We have been serving the Southern California area in Criminal, Immigration and Civil Matters for decades. Our two lawyers, Ramiro J. Lluis and David A. Lluis have experience in representing their clients professionally and compassionately.



We provide representation in all immigration matters. From removal and deportation defense. Family, investment and business visas, permanent residence and naturalization. We assist as well with immigration waivers and consular processing and matters.

personal injury lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers

We help you in workers’ compensation matters such as work accidents or automobile accidents. Lluis Law’s attorneys have more than 40 years of experience representing victims of personal injury in the Los Angeles area.


Car Accidents

If you are involved in a car accident in Los Angeles and require assistance in filing a claim or lawsuit against the person responsible for recovering damages, do not hesitate to contact our car accident and personal injury attorneys at Lluis Law.

criminal defense

Criminal Defense

We provide full representation and defense in criminal matters. From bond, arraignment to pre-trial and trial, we defend clients in Southern California in all types of crimes such as drug crimes, crimes of violence, sex crimes, theft crimes, vehicular crimes, fraud, and many more.

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Attorneys Team

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Ramiro J. Lluis


For over 40 years, Ramiro J. Lluis has exercised criminal defense, immigration laws, personal injury and workers’ compensation.

attorney david a lluis

David A. Lluis


For over 15 years, David has been practicing criminal defense, immigration laws, personal injuries and workers’ compensation.

Why Choose Our Firm

The firm has been providing services in the Criminal, Immigration and Civil areas of the law.  The office has been downtown and near the main court houses in the same location for those same 40 years.

Lluis Law a professional corporation

Over 50 years of combined experience at the service of Los Angeles CA, thousands of cases resolved successfully and the respect of our clients and the community behind us.

Experienced Attorneys

We are not only a law firm with many flight hours, but we offer a friendly and quality service to our clients, which you will check in the first consultation.

Personalized Attention

When we take a case, our lawyers do not delegate it to others but instead deal personally with aggressively fighting to win it. We are always available for our clients to answer their questions or inform them about the progress of the judicial process.

Professional Consultation

During the consultation we strive so that our clients can have a complete understanding of the law. We explain step by step the process and how we work each case. We also tell you honestly what are the real chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

What Our Clients Say

Lluis Law has been defending the hispanic community in Los Angeles for over 40 years with:


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