Criminal lawyers in Los Angeles

Ramiro J. Lluis and David A. Lluis are criminal lawyers in Los Angeles who help in the defense of all criminal matters. The Lluis Law law office can represent from the beginning of the criminal investigation until the end in the reopening and annulment of a case or conviction.

More than 50 years of professional practice and hundreds of cases resolved, are the best guarantee of our responsible and professional work.

50 years of experience for the best criminal lawyers in Los Angeles

Our criminal defense attorneys can help you preserve your rights in matters such as drug convictions, theft, driving under the influence of alcohol, crimes of violence, domestic violence, white collar crimes and many other matters.

Our criminal lawyers have practical experience in all criminal courts in the state of California. Our goal is to do everything possible to protect the rights and interests of our clients. These are some of the reasons why our clients prefer us:

Criminal lawyers with experience and a top quality service

We are certified lawyers in the criminal law with more than 50 years of litigation in almost every California court, but especially in the Los Angeles courts. We are not only a law firm with many hours of successful work, but we offer a friendly and quality service to our clients, which you can check in our private consultation.

We are also bilingual lawyers (in English and Spanish) for your convenience. All our extensive experience and knowledge of criminal law are put at the service of the client in each case. This perfect combination is an advantage over other Los Angeles law firms, which our clients verify with satisfactory results.

lawyers specialized in criminal defense

Apart from California criminal lawyers we are also workers compensation lawyers in Los Angeles and expert car accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Do not hesitate to contact us to receive personalized attention on your case.

Personalized attention

When we take a case, our lawyers do not delegate it to others, but instead personally deal with passion to win it. We are always available to answer your questions or to inform you about the progress of the judicial process. We offer our clients personalized and timely attention when they need it most with real access to the lawyer in charge of the case.

Respected Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers

Lluis Law is one of the most recognized law firms in Los Angeles in criminal defense, personal injury and immigration cases. Our prestige derives from the number of cases we have won by protecting the rights of our clients with tenacity and dedication and by obtaining millions in fair compensation for our clients.

Private consultation

As California criminal lawyers we offer a private consultation for you or your loved one to present your case. During the consultation we strive so that our clients can have a complete understanding of the criminal law. We explain step by step the criminal process and how we work as specialists in criminal law. We also tell you honestly what are the real possibilities of obtaining a favorable result.

An aggressive and proactive approach

At Lluis Law, we believe that the best defense is to attack the case early and not wait to see what happens. When we attend our first court date with our client, we are prepared for everything. Therefore, our criminal lawyers investigate the case in advance, without waiting until the police report is received. Every day counts to solve a case and if we can find judgments in the judicial process to challenge the case, it is even better.

The most critical part of the judicial process may be the first days after the client’s arrest. When it is possible to find evidence that favors the client and the witnesses who testify in their favor, our criminal defense lawyers obtain an advantage to avoid charges or for the judge to dismiss.

Immigration criminal lawyers

Lluis Law has another advantage that benefits immigrants accused of complex criminal offenses. The professional certification and experience of our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles working on immigration cases related to criminal law and personal injury is an additional point to keep in mind that we put at the service of the client.

We focus on representing our clients in an effort to avoid complications with immigration issues for those who are not nationalized. To defend an immigrant accused of criminal offenses, it is not enough to know the criminal law, it is also necessary to be an immigration law specialist.

Whether you want to obtain US citizenship , American residence by family based immigration or visa information for the United States we are at your service.

Certain criminal offenses have very serious implications on the immigration status of foreigners. Therefore, if the defense lawyer is not aware of this matter, the foreign client can get rid of a conviction but may not avoid his expulsion from the country. Lluis Law’s lawyers are specialists in both areas of practice: criminal law and immigration.

If you or a family member decides to hire our services, you can be guaranteed that we will fully defend your rights and help you preserve your freedom or obtain certain procedural benefits.

Most common types of cases we defend

These are some of the types of cases in which our Los Angeles criminal lawyers can help you. This does not mean that we cannot act in any other criminal defense case, no matter how difficult the case could be.

Criminal proceedings:

  • Accusation.
  • Deposit.
  • Previous Hearing.
  • Judgment.
  • Alternatives after sentencing.
  • Appeals.
  • Motions for annulment.
  • Elimination of criminal records.
  • Elimination of a criminal record.
  • Search warrant.
  • Court order.

Types of crimes:

  1. Drug crimes:
    • Possession of a controlled substance.
    • Manufacture of controlled substances.
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol.
  2. Violence crimes.
  3. Domestic violence.
  4. Cyber ​​crimes.
  5. Sexual crimes.
  6. Crimes of theft.
  7. Charges for weapons.
  8. Concealment.
  9. Support or incitement.
  10. Animal abuse.

Contact us now whatever your legal needs are, Lluis Law criminal lawyers in Los Angeles can help you. Call today to request a review of your case.

Below we detail some of the functions performed by a criminal lawyer, the definition and other aspects to consider after hiring one.

What does a criminal lawyer do?

Criminal lawyers specialize in the legal representation of persons accused of a criminal offense and are responsible for defending and representing their clients in a court. There are two ways to hire criminal defense lawyers: directly by the defendant or through the court that assigned the case.

There are criminal lawyers who act as public defenders and are paid by the state (office of the public defender) and there are private litigating lawyers who work in law firms such as Lluis Law, specialized in the defense of various types of crimes and with extensive experience in the courts of California and in the Los Angeles area.

criminal law

Private lawyers strive to serve their clients because their interests are the same as those of their defendants. In addition, the hiring of a lawyer specialized in criminal defense guarantees that the case will be pending daily, while for the public defender the case may be just one more.

Post-hiring process of the criminal lawyer

Once the services of the criminal lawyer are hired, a process consisting of the following steps begins:

Case investigation

The lawyer will ask the defendant the pertinent questions to know details of the case and to be able to determine if he is able to take charge of his case and analyze the possible strategies to follow that are more appropriate to solve it.

In this part, the lawyer usually meets with the police to know first hand the police procedures used in the case, the evidence they may have against the client and the crime for which he is specifically accused. This part of the investigation also includes witnesses that can be a fundamental element in obtaining details.

As irrelevant as it may seem at first glance, information obtained through witnesses, the police, relatives of the victims, experts should not be ruled out, because it can help build the defense argument for the case.

The defense lawyer has full right to review the prosecutor’s case against his client, before he is presented facing the jury. The objective is to find failures in the procedures applied against the defendant and any evidence that can be used to refute the prosecutor’s arguments, through independent experts or contracted laboratories.

Evidence Analysis

This is a very important part, during the process of preparing a criminal case. Existing evidence against the client must be analyzed in order to draw an adequate line of work and a defense strategy. The lawyer can promote various tests independently to defend his client.

Permanent communication with the client

The private criminal lawyer has the obligation to keep his client informed about the judicial process and the development of the case. For this, it is essential to hire dynamic and reputable lawyers, who do not leave the case to the detriment of the client.

Good and permanent attorney-client communication is essential to win a case. Not to mention the necessary confidentiality that the conversations must have and the timely communication of the possible consequences of an action for the client.

Jury Selection

The criminal defense lawyer must also be present during the selection process of the jurors. This allows you to verify if any of the jurors has prejudices or preconceived ideas against the defendant that may harm the case.


It is common for a criminal defense lawyer to discuss the case during a trial and negotiate with the victims or the prosecution a possible agreement in favor of their defendant. Negotiations or agreements allow a reduction in charges or punishment for the accused.

Active participation in the tests

During the trial, the criminal defense lawyer should do his best to ensure that his client obtains the greatest possible benefits or his acquittal during the trial. This work includes, in addition to the investigation, the administrative proceedings in the court and the study of the evidence, examining the prosecutor’s witnesses and promoting their own witnesses. The purpose is to convince the jury about the innocence of the client and refute the charges raised by the prosecution.


At the time the judge gives judgment, the defense attorney could also represent the client if he or she is physically or emotionally prevented from being present in the courtroom. In this phase, the lawyer could help his client trying to convince the jury or the judge to reduce prison time or seek alternatives to avoid imprisonment.

For more information, clarify doubts, or a consultation with our criminal lawyer about the charges you or a loved one faces, contact our Los Angeles criminal law firm now.