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Ramiro J. Lluis and David A. Lluis are criminal lawyers in Los Angeles who help in the defense of all types of criminal matters. 

We offer comprehensive and quality legal representation. From the beginning of the criminal investigation to the trial or annulment of a case or conviction.

More than 50 years of professional practice and hundreds of solved cases are the best guarantee of our responsible and professional work

50 years of experience for the best criminal lawyers in Los Angeles

The criminal lawyers at Lluis Law have practiced law in all criminal courts in the state of California. In our work, we always try to protect the constitutional rights and interests of the client. 

theft lawyers

Theft crimes

If you have been charged with any property crime such as: burglary, petty theft or robbery, California grand theft, identity theft, and violent vehicle theft among others, we can assist and represent you. 

violent crimes lawyer

Violent crimes

The California Penal Code includes more than 20 crimes classified as violent. These crimes include: battery, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, murder, and domestic violence, among others. We can review your case and offer you the best options.

los angeles sex crime attorney

Sexual offenses

Throughout our professional activity, we have successfully defended people who have faced charges for sex crimes. For example, rape, prostitution, sexual assault, lewd acts with a minor or not registering as a sex offender.

Los Angeles drug crimes lawyer

Drug crimes

Drug possession, possession for sale, trafficking, transportation, and manufacturing charges, as well as prescription drug fraud, are serious. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the law, we are able to offer effective defense strategies.   

vehicular crimes

Vehicle-related crimes

If you are involved in any of these crimes – hit and run, DUI, driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, reckless driving, or vehicular manslaughter, you can entrust your case to us. We know how to defend you against these charges.

how to clean a criminal record

Cleaning your criminal record

It is possible to legally clear your criminal record completely. Let us know your specific case to offer you the best alternatives. This is one of the most common inquiries and services at our California criminal defense firm.

The California Penal Code contemplates a multitude of crimes for which you can find support at our firm.

Criminal lawyers with experience and a top quality service

We are certified criminal attorneys with over 50 years litigating in almost every court in California. But, especially, in the Los Angeles courts where we have practiced law with satisfactory results for our clients. 

lawyers specialized in criminal defense

In addition to having a high record of winning cases, we offer a comprehensive and friendly service to each of our clients. You will check it during the first private consultation and without obligation with us.

These are some of the reasons why our clients prefer us:

Trained bilingual attorneys

  • We speak English and Spanish: Our firm is made up of latino bilingual lawyers with extensive knowledge in each area of ​​law practice.
  • 50 years of combined experience: We put all of our extensive experience in solving the most complex cases at your disposal. Those in which other lawyers dare not.
  • Experts in other practice areas: We are also workers compensation lawyers and experienced car accident lawyers in Los Angeles.

This perfect combination of experience and knowledge of the law is a great advantage over other Los Angeles law firms. 

Personalized attention

  • When we take a case we commit ourselves to the client to assist him at all times. 
  • We do not delegate our services to other less experienced attorneys. We personally take it upon ourselves to passionately fight to win every case.
  • We are always available to answer your questions or to report on the progress of the court process.
  • We offer our clients timely care when they need it most, with real access to the attorney handling the case.

Respected Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers

Lluis Law is one of the most recognized law firms in Los Angeles in criminal defense, personal injury and immigration cases. Our prestige is derived from the number of cases we have won.

We protect the rights of our clients with tenacity and dedication. In addition, to obtain millions in fair compensation for our clients.

Private consultation 

We offer a confidential consultation for you or your loved one to present your case, whatever it may be. During the first consultation, we strive to make our clients understand the law and the options available. 

We explain step by step the criminal process and how we work as specialists in criminal law. We also tell you honestly what are the real chances of obtaining a favorable result.

An aggressive and proactive approach

At Lluis Law, we believe the best defense is to attack the case early. Thus:

  • When we attend the presentation hearing with our client, we are prepared to go on the offensive, if necessary.
  • Our criminal lawyers investigate the case beforehand, without waiting for the police report to be received. 
  • Every day counts to solve a case, that is why we look for flaws in the judicial process to challenge the case.
  • If we find evidence that favors the client and witnesses testifying on their behalf, we act immediately. The idea is to avoid charges or get the judge to dismiss them.

The most critical part of the judicial process may be during the first few days after the client’s arrest. 

Criminal immigration attorneys

Lluis Law has other advantages that benefit immigrants accused of complex criminal offenses: 

  • We combine criminal law with immigration law. Our criminal attorneys are also certified immigration attorneys in Los Angeles
  • Given our experience in both branches of law, it is often possible to avoid subsequent damages and effects. Remember that serious criminal offenses have negative implications for obtaining immigration benefits.  
  • We try by all means to avoid our foreign clients complications with immigration matters. The defense of an immigrant accused of criminal offenses requires lawyers who specialize in criminal law and immigration.
  • When the defense attorney is unaware of these matters, the foreign client service will be incomplete. Maybe you could get rid of a criminal conviction, but it probably won’t prevent your removal from the country. 

Whether you want to obtain US citizenship , American residence for family based petition or information about types of American visas we are at your service.

If you or a member of your family decides to hire our services, we guarantee an aggressive defense of your rights. We will help you preserve your freedom or obtain certain procedural benefits, as appropriate.

Types of cases and stages of the judicial process

criminal law

Here are the stages of the court process in which our Los Angeles criminal lawyers can help you. 

Criminal proceedings

  • Investigation.
  • Accusation.
  • Reading of charges. 
  • Preliminary hearing.
  • Judgment.
  • Alternatives after sentencing.
  • Appeals.
  • Motions for annulment.
  • Elimination of criminal records.
  • Elimination of a criminal file.
  • Search warrant.
  • Court order.

Most common types of crimes in which we act

  • Drug offenses.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Crimes of violence.
  • Domestic violence
  • Cyber ​​crimes.
  • Sex crimes.
  • Theft crimes.
  • Weapons charges.
  • Concealment.
  • Support or incitement.
  • Animal abuse.

This does not mean that we cannot act in any other criminal defense case, however difficult it may be.

Contact us now whatever your legal needs, the criminal lawyers at Lluis law can help you. Call now to request a review of your case.

Here are some of the functions performed by a criminal lawyer. As well as its definition and other aspects to consider after you hire their services.

What does a criminal lawyer do?

Criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles specialize in the legal representation of people accused of a criminal offense. They are in charge of defending and representing their clients before a court during a judicial process. 

There are two ways to hire criminal defense attorneys:

  1. Directly by the accused himself; or 
  2. By assigning a public defender by the court.

There are criminal lawyers who act as public defenders and are paid by the state (public defender’s office). But there are also private trial attorneys like those at Lluis Law who work for the client. 

Of course, private lawyers serve the interests of whoever hires them. That is why they are more ingrained with cases and strive to win them. While for the public defender the client can be just one more.

What happens after you hire the criminal lawyer?

Once the services of the criminal lawyer have been hired, a process that consists of the following steps begins:

1. Investigation of the case:

  • Ask the relevant questions of the accused to learn details of the case. In this way you can determine if you are qualified to take charge of the judicial process. 
  • Analyze the most appropriate strategies to solve the case. No case is similar to another, therefore, it requires appropriate strategies according to the charges.
  • Interview the police to learn first-hand about the police procedures used in the procedure. Likewise, know the evidence collected by the police against the client and the charges brought against him.
  • In this part of the investigation, witnesses are also included, who are an essential element to obtain details. 
  • Incorporate evidence and useful information obtained through witnesses, the police, relatives of the victims or experts. As irrelevant as it may seem, it could help build the case’s defense argument.

The defense attorney has the full right to review the prosecution’s case against his client. Even before it is presented to the jury. The objective is to find errors in the judicial procedures and later refute the arguments of the prosecution.

2. Analysis of the evidence

This is a very important part of the criminal case preparation process. The lawyer proceeds to:

  • Analyze the evidence against the client. This allows you to draw a suitable line of work and defense strategy. 
  • Promote various tests independently to defend the accused, through experts and witnesses.

3. Permanent communication with the client

The private criminal lawyer has the obligation to keep his client informed about the judicial process and the development of the case. Consequently, dynamic and reputable lawyers should be hired, who do not let the case drift.

Good and ongoing attorney-client communication is essential to winning a case. Along with the confidential nature of the attorney-client conversations. In addition to the timely communication of the possible consequences of an action for the defendant.

4. Selection of the jury

The criminal defense attorney must also be present during the jury selection process. 

This allows to verify if any of the members of the jury have prejudices or preconceptions against the accused that could harm the case.

5. Negotiation

It is common for the criminal defense attorney to discuss the case with the prosecution during a trial. As well as negotiating with the alleged victims a possible agreement in favor of the client. 

Negotiations or agreements allow for a reduction in charges or punishment for the accused.

6. Active participation in tests

During the trial, the criminal defense attorney must do his best to get his client released. If it is not possible due to the evidence against you, then fight for procedural benefits.

This work includes, in addition to private research:

  • Carry out administrative proceedings in court.
  • Study in depth the evidence presented by the prosecution.
  • Examine the prosecution’s witnesses and promote your own witnesses. 

The purpose is to convince the jury of the client’s innocence and reject the charges brought by the prosecution.

7. Judgment

At the time the judge passes judgment, the defense attorney could also represent the client, if the client is physically or emotionally impeded from being present in the courtroom. 

In this phase, the lawyer could help his client in several ways:

  • Try to convince the jury or judge to lower the prison sentence; or 
  • Present alternatives to sentencing to avoid incarceration.

For more information, questions, or a private consultation with our Los Angeles criminal lawyers about the charges you or a loved one are facing, contact our criminal defense firm in California.