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People facing deportation proceedings need legal representation in immigration court in Los Angeles. In these cases, the help of an experienced immigration lawyer may be the last ticket to stay in the United States.

Lluis Law immigration attorneys in Los Angeles are accredited professionals with more than 50 years of experience representing immigrants in the courts of California. If you or a loved one require legal representation to avoid deportation or for some reason of inadmissibility, we can help you.

Statistics indicate that the chances of winning a case without the help of a lawyer are very low. More than 75% of detainees who go to the Immigration Court without a lawyer are deported. In contrast, people who have good legal representation generally manage to stay in the US.

Deportations in the immigration court in Los Angeles

The deportation process begins when the Department of Homeland Security notifies the immigrant. The notification orders you to face an immigration judge on the date indicated.

This notification specifies the following:

  • The reason for the notification.
  • The accusation itself about how the immigrant violated the immigration law.
  • The foreigner’s right to hire an expert immigration lawyer.
  • The consequences of not facing the Immigration Court.

During the hearing at the Los Angeles Immigration Court, if the case is filed here, the judge can give the green light to the deportation order. But if the immigrant successfully defends himself against the charges against him, he could be acquitted.

Addresses of the Los Angeles Immigration Court

It is very important to know where immigration courts are located. For immigrants detained in the Los Angeles area, immigration courts are at the following address:

  • 12500 Rancho Road, Adelanto, CA 92301.

For detainees in Orange County, there are two addresses:

  • Theo Lacy, 501 The City Drive, Orange, CA
  • Musick Detention Center, Irvine, CA.

Los Angeles Immigration Courts

The courts are in the main Immigration building, the address is:

  • 300 North Los Angeles Street, 4th floor, Los Angeles, Ca 90012.

To go to the Clerk’s Office, take the elevator on the right to the fourth floor. The courts are located on the fourth and eighth floors.

For people who have not been arrested, the Court is in Los Angeles:

  • 606 South Olive Street, 15th. Piso, Los Angeles, Ca. 90014.
immigration court addresses in los angeles

There are currently more than 25 rooms for court hearings, which change continuously. If you have difficulty finding a room or need information about your case, you can go to the Clerk’s Office on the 15th floor. Some Secretaries speak Spanish and can help you.

The cuts with letters are found on various floors of the building which it reaches only if you take the elevator to the right:

Floor 14: Hearing Rooms A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

Floor 16: Hearing Rooms H, I, J, K, L, M, N. O and P.

Floor 17: Hearing Rooms Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X and Y.

18th floor: Courtroom Z.

Hearing Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are on the fifth floor (Floor 5). To reach them, you need to take the elevator that is on the left.

Tips to go to immigration court

If this is your first appearance in Court, it is important to take into account the following tips:

  1. Arrive to the court early, at least one hour before if possible so you have time to find the room where you should be.
  2. In the morning, the building opens at 7:30, and you will usually see a waiting line that will add an additional half an hour for you to enter the building.
  3. Upon arrival you will have to form another security inspection line that will take you to the floor of your Courtroom.
  4. You should not bring food, drinks or knives.
  5. Try to wear clothes that allow you to run smoothly through metal detectors. If you wear belts or shoes with metal parts and jewelry, this will cause more delay because you have to remove them.

It is very important that an accredited immigration lawyer accompany you at your first hearing. The same judge will surely recommend that you bring one, due to the complexity of immigration matters.

The importance of having legal representation in the Court

Those who face a deportation process depend on a good lawyer with experience and knowledge of the Law to get out of the immigration court. The immigration lawyer not only seeks the most appropriate route for cancellation of deportation, but prepares a solid defense for your case.

Your job is to provide advice and accompany you at each hearing in the Immigration Court. The deportation process is usually long, complicated and distressing for the migrant and his family. Hence, knowing in depth immigration laws and having won similar cases to yours, is an advantage.

This is achieved by choosing the best immigration lawyer in Los Angeles, a professional who knows the legal process and knows how to deal with the judges. If you were notified of a deportation order against you, we can help you reopen your case through an immigration appeal process.

Legal representation services facing the Immigration Court in Los Angeles

The Lluis Law experts are experienced lawyers in immigration bonds, cancellation of deportation and DUI cases in Los Angeles . We also help Latino and other national immigrants with the consular process. We process all types of American visas and help you on how to get a Green Card.

Other specialized services we offer facing the Los Angeles Immigration Court are:

  • Requests for a waiver of inadmissibility in the immigration court, in cases of inadmissibility for serious crimes since we are also criminal lawyers.
  • Cancellation of removal for permanent residents accused of committing certain crimes that make them susceptible to deportation.
  • Cancellation of deportation for non-residents without legal immigration status, who have lived in the US for more than 10 years and have US relatives.
  • Application for political asylum for people persecuted in their countries of origin.
  • Adjustment of status to apply for the Permanent Residence Card or Green Card.
  • NACARA request to prevent the deportation of citizens from Nicaragua, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador and other countries of Central America.
  • Procedure or renewal of TPS (Temporary Protection Status) for immigrants from countries that enjoy this resource.
  • Immigration appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals or Office of Administrative Appeals for your case to be reviewed.
  • Motions to reopen your case and appeal a deportation order.

If you or a loved one needs representation facing the Immigration Court in Los Angeles or any other immigration related issue, we can help you.