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If you are involved in vehicle related crimes we can help you. In Los Angeles and the rest of California there are many cases of so-called “vehicular crimes”. There are also many common car accident injuries. In the worst case, leading to the the death of the victims.

At Lluis law, in addition to car accident lawyers in Los Angeles we are criminal lawyers. In our private consultation we can review your case.

Our practice areas for vehicular crimes

With over 40 years experience in these cases we have touched absolutely all branches of this subcategory of criminal law. These are some of our areas of legal practice:

There are hundreds of vehicle related crimes in the California Penal Code. Here we have only included some of the most frequent ones. Whatever your case is, please don’t hesitate to contact our firm. 

Experienced attorneys in traffic offenses and crimes

Vehicular crimes can be much more serious than speeding tickets. A fatal driver error driving a large or high-speed motor vehicle can lead to jail.

If you are charged with any vehicle-related crime, an experienced vehicle crime attorney will be your best option. 

At Lluis Law we will fight to protect your rights as we try to reduce or dismiss your case.