What is carjacking

In this article we talk about violent vehicle theft in California. Here we explain the elements that constitute this crime, the sanctions, the possible defenses and offer some examples.  At Lluis…

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Vehicular manslaughter in California

Have you been charged with vehicular manslaughter in California? Our Los Angeles Lluis Law car accident lawyers can help.  We have more than 40 years of legal practice defending people accused of this and…

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Reckless driving in California

If you have been arrested for reckless driving in California, Lluis Law auto accident lawyers can help you. We have been defending people accused of this crime for over 40 years with favorable results…

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Assault with a deadly weapon

In this article we cover everything related to assault with a deadly weapon, which is another of the violent crimes. California Penal Code 245 defines it as the attempt to intentionally…

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What is assault

In this article, we explain in detail what assault is, a violent crime that is severely punished in California. Assault is the attempt to intentionally cause physical harm or threaten to…

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