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Have you been involved in a bus accident? You probably need trustable bus accident lawyers near you.

Lluis Law Los Angeles injury lawyers have been dealing with these types of cases for more than 40 years. We have helped thousands of clients win against some of the strongest bus companies in the country.

The best bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles, California, near you

Buses along with trucks are vehicles whose driving involves a greater degree of responsibility. The driver is aware of this and the owner companies must offer safety measures to the passengers. Also to other drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians of the road.

Due to the large number of cars that occupy the streets of Los Angeles it is impossible to avoid traffic accidents. Here Lluis Law bus accident lawyers come into play. With 50 years of combined experience, David and Ramiro offer a friendly and professional treatment.

We fight against the main bus companies in the country:

If you have suffered an accident involving any of these or other companies, contact us.

Los Angeles truck accident lawyers

We are specialized in different areas. We are also Los Angeles truck accident lawyers. Visit our dedicated page for more information.

Causes of bus accidents

Unfortunately, to a large extent, many bus accidents are caused by the negligence of the driver or the bus company. Among these are the following:

Common causes for driver negligence:

  • Inappropriate or aggressive driving by the bus driver.
  • Driver fatigue.
  • Distraction or lack of driver attention.
  • Speeding.
  • Driving under the influence of a substance. We discuss this issue in our section about “ DUI Lawyers”.
causes of bus accidents

Common causes for negligence of the bus company:

  • Mechanical failure of the bus.
  • Bus status with improper maintenance.
  • Inadequate security policies.
  • Inappropriate hiring practices.
  • Required inspections not performed.

Frequent injuries in bus accidents

Many of the injuries can lead to medical problems of different degrees. In general terms we could divide these into two groups.

  • Minor injuries: Bumps, bruises and scratches.
  • More serious injuries: Internal injuries or broken bones.

In big bus crashes compared to smaller ones the consequences can be terrible. In the worst case leading even to death by accident.

Any victim who has suffered an accident with or without a bus rollover should receive immediate medical attention. Remember that it is important to review the potential danger of injuries since not every injury is visible immediately.

In our article “When to visit a doctor after an accident” we review the importance of this factor.

Hire Lluis Law lawyers with experience in bus accidents

Without the help of good car accident lawyers in Los Angeles the client is at the mercy of the bus company. These companies will do everything possible to defend themselves. They will invest thousands of dollars and effort in their defense destroying the crucial evidence for the case.

While recovering from the damage, let our lawyers deal with these companies once again.

In Lluis Law we will defend your rights.

We will investigate the case thoroughly by visiting the accident scene.

Also, we will make sure to preserve the evidence.

No win no fee, that simple.

When working with contingency rates you have the best bus accident lawyers from the start at 0 cost.

This will be of vital importance since the bus company will have its insurers and lawyers defending the company with nails and teeth. They will do everything possible to minimize your claims and even try to cancel them. They are likely to try to offer you a deal that won’t be fair to you at all.

Do not provide any information to the bus company until you have met with us.

Call us today and get fair compensation for your loss of salary, medical expenses, suffering and compensation. You can contact us 100% free. It does not force you to do anything beyond but this will allow us to evaluate your case and offer help from minute 1.

Types of bus accidents

There are different types of bus accidents as well as different services that these units provide. In California as in the rest of the country we can deal with bus accidents such as:

  • School bus.
  • Long distance commercials (Greyhound type).
  • Touristic bus.
  • Urban bus.
  • Private companies that transport personnel.
  • Army buses.

So the type of bus accident depends on the service provided by the transport unit and the owner. Likewise, the claim will also depend on the type of bus that caused the traffic accident.

types of bus accidents

Frequently asked questions about bus accidents

Below we answer the most recurring questions about bus accidents.

How can I protect my rights after being involved in an accident with a bus?

You need good bus accident lawyers. That means, professional people with experience in this type of case. Knowledge is key because they will fight against giants with unlimited resources.

How to act at the scene of a bus accident?

These are the steps to follow:

  • Please remain calm and stay in your vehicle unless it is dangerous to stay there.
  • Turn on the emergency lights.
  • Call 911.
  • Request medical attention for any injured person including yourself of course.
  • Do not move vehicles until the police arrives unless is really necessary.
  • Do not leave the accident scene.
  • Write down the phone number, name and address of the witnesses and everyone involved. Also the names of the police officers and their identification numbers.
  • Take photographs of the injuries suffered by you and others. Also of the affected vehicles.
  • Do not admit your guilt.
  • You must notify the accident to your insurance company.
  • You are not required to give a statement to anyone except the police and your insurance company. So please don’t talk about the accident with anyone else.

These would be the ideal steps. Still we are aware that in many cases it will be impossible. Don’t worry, our lawyers are here to help you.

How to act in the days after the accident?

  • At the outset, obtain the police report of the accident.
  • Contact your insurance company and get a property damage assessment.
  • Monitor and record all visits with doctors in addition to the pain you suffer. It is important that you keep medical evidence and any relevant treatment.
  • Keep track of expenses as well as lost working days. Also of activities that could not be done due to the damage suffered.
  • Never accept an offer from an insurer without consulting your lawyer.

If the bus company calls me what should I do?

  • Do not sign any form sent by the bus insurance company or the company itself.
  • Do not accept a recorded statement.
  • Contact our lawyers immediately.

Is a lawyer advisable for a class action suit?

This is a very frequent question as several people are usually injured. Even so it is convenient to hire an independent lawyer to handle the case individually. This way you can ensure that the personal interests of the victim will be truly defended. This also avoids clashes of interest among injured passengers. The lawyer for professional ethics cannot accept a case where there are conflicting interests among his clients.

bus accidentes in Los Angeles

Differences between a bus and car accident

Size :

  • The bus can destroy a small vehicle and annihilate a body.
  • Many buses do not have seat belts. This increases the risk of injury in a crash.

Responsibility :

  • In a car accident, drivers are responsible for the injuries.
  • In cases of public transport buses, the state is responsible for the injuries.

What damages can I recover from a bus accident claim?

In general terms, compensation must ensure that you can pay bills and recover expenses and losses. You must also obtain additional compensation for what you have suffered. In Lluis Law we will calculate your losses and claim for:

  • Any medical expenses from the ambulance to the hospital, medications and any kind of care you need.
  • Loss of income for lost days and injuries. Also the decrease in possible future income related to disability.
  • Vehicle damage. Repair and replacement. That means, any type of property damage.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Pain and suffering, emotional pain is included here.
  • Loss of consortium.

Damages in compensation for wrongful death in a traffic accident are to compensate immediate family members. There is no compensation worth the loss of a loved one but it is fair to get it. This includes funeral expenses, burial and emotional losses and future income for the family.

In our article on public transport accident claims can read more information about claims and compensation in urban public transport buses.

If you wish to receive personalized assistance on your case, we are at your service. Our bus accident attorneys will assist you personally. Request your free consultation and get fair compensation for your case.